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Hello, everyone! How are you guys doing today? Well, before I start talking about this beautiful beach house, I want to tell you we had a great weekend. We just came back from a hockey game and the kids loved it. I always have fun watching any kind of sports. I might not understand much, but I have the best time of my life when I’m out with my family.

Now, let’s talk about this beach house, shall we? Located in the landmarked seaside district of East Hampton, this beach house went through a big renovation. The interior designer and architects had the goal to reinvent the beach house, while maintaining its original charm. They started by demolishing the interior walls, which made the spaces feel open and ready for a new design.

The result is a very bright beach house that feels welcoming and stylish with its white and soft furnishings.

I hope you enjoy it.


Beach House

You can’t help but feel embraced by all the natural light found in this house.

Living Room

A large sectional is great to accommodate family and friends.

Sofa Table

The finishing of this oak sofa table is perfect for a coastal home and it looks great with these table lamps.


You get a really good vibe from this room. It’s really sunny and bright, and the furnishings are incredible!

Home Sweet Home

You can see the kitchen and family room from this angle. Beautiful brick fireplace.


I’m in love with this kitchen! It’s big, yet not overwhelming. Notice the classic choices: white marble, dark hardwood flooring and beautiful architectural details.

 Eating Area

I love the look of these chairs with the light fixtures, but I’ll be very honest; I like comfortable and “warm” chairs. They added some chair pads for comfort, but I still prefer upholstered chairs. How about you?


Create the best home you can. Living somewhere you love makes life more pleasant.

Dining Room

A round table always brings people together and make any dinner feel cozier and more inviting.


I love the fireplace and the fabric on the chairs.

Light Fixture

A conversation piece.


Fabulous cabinet.


Dutch Door

Dutch doors add charm to any space. Notice the two dressers.

Home Office

If you don’t have an extra room for a home office, invest on a beautiful desk and bring it to the family room. It’s a great place to keep an eye on the kids and you can do it in a very stylish way.


The master bedroom is not huge, but it’s very well designed. I especially like the fireplace.


This bedroom is surrounded by windows.


The entire house has a very serene approach.


Isn’t it a dreamy backyard?


These outdoor daybeds are perfect! Notice the fire-pit and the sitting area around it. Fantastic!


 Back of the house. Gorgeous architecture.

I was just talking to my son and he was seeing me preparing this post. Actually, the kids are always around and telling me what they think about the houses I share here. After he saw this house, my son asked how many people will see it, then I told him how many people usually comes to my site, he turned around and said: ” Mama, how come I never knew you are so popular”! LOL I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh…. Not only because of what he said, but because he looked so puzzled. It was the cutest thing ever!

That made me think of how blessed I really am with my blog. I’ve being working on it for over two years and I never knew it would grow this much. I know it’s all thanks to you… each and everyone of you. I know I can sound a bit corny at times, but I believe we should be grateful for the blessings we receive and this is a big one for me.

Thank you for remembering to come here every day. Thank you for spending some minutes or even hours here. I feel honored for knowing you are here and even though I never think about numbers, I feel happy to know how many of you choose to be here.

Your loyalty, your presence and your words are always a gift for me.

Wishing you lots of health and happiness during this week!



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Sources: Chango & Co. via Nicety

15 Comments to 'Beach House'

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  1. Manderley said,

    Lovely house! The dinning room is wonderful for 10 persons.


  2. The enchanted home said,

    I will take it! I love it;…..love the bright, cheery interiors….all that white is perfect for a beach house. Beautiful Luciane, hope you had a fabulous weekend.

  3. ana maria said,

    Bom dia Luciane!
    que espetáculo de casa, amei ela assim clarinha, o exterior maravilhoso e que mais curti foi esta sala tão acolhedora, com todas estas grandes aberturas pra o exterior, dando esta super integração. Uma casa pra ser curtida com muitos amigos , com a família inteira, pois ela tem espaço pra todos estrem confortáveis.
    Estava com saudades de vc, do teu acolhimento tão gostoso aqui no blog.

    bjo grande

  4. ana maria said,

    Vim agradecer sua visitinha Luciane, deixei uma mensagem no formulário de contato do blog contando como vai a vida por aqui.

    Bjo grande

  5. Gorgeous! Love the big round table and the splashes of yellow!

  6. That light fixture is outta this world!!! Great house with some splendid unique features!

  7. sherri said,

    I’ve seen these metal, industrial chairs everywhere, which are very in style now. But like you, I think chairs should be comfortable. I also don’t understand the concept of a bench placed at dining tables ( another trend I’m seeing) because dinner guests should be encouraged to linger and linger.
    This is a lovely house.

  8. designchic said,

    I love it all, Luciane. The exterior is fabulous and the warm and cozy interior is so inviting…adore the kitchen and the cabinet…fabulous!!

  9. Charisse Andrews said,

    really like the interior, but the front elevation leaves me cold. I feel that the windows flanking the front door do not match the front door in weight, scale and style. It appears to me that it is begging for a covered front porch.

  10. Kathy said,

    Every minute here is our joy! Thank you !

  11. Sherry said,

    Beautiful home…inside and out!

  12. Cheryl said,

    Those windows, that cabinet, those daybeds by the pool… I love every bit of this place. Thank you for today’s eye candy and as always I enjoyed reading your sweet comments and thank you for letting us into your life.

  13. Erin said,

    WOW, this one took my breath away!!! So comfortable, fresh and inviting! I love all the white with the pops of color, great fabric and fun pattern. Pretty much just all my favorite things here, in my favorite location! (Ok maybe it could use a little turquoise, but I’d take care of that!)

    PS. We’re all thankful for YOU and the beauty and inspiration you share with us!!

  14. Ana Fonseca said,

    I love my actual home. But this one posted here suits my taste… mmm 100% ! I just would pack my clothes, my books and move in !

  15. Chay said,

    I adore this house & it is so exactly my taste, I want to steal a few ideas! If you happen to know the name of the fabric house that produced that geometric print on the cushions and ottomans, I would be so grateful if you could post it!

    Thanks for all your inspirational posts.


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