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Bedroom. Blue Bedroom. Blue Bedroom Paint Color #BlueBedroom #PaintColor  Kara Cox Interiors.


Being a mother of three is truly wonderful but I have to say that it took me a long time to have a full night of sleep without any interruptions. Now that the kids are bigger, I am much better but my body was used to waking up during the night and it took a long time for me to be able to sleep normally again.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re there, in bed, looking up to the ceiling and although you’re exhausted and know you need your rest, your sleep is simply gone. So, what to do when it seems that nothing is helping you have a normal night of sleep?

Being an interior designer I have had many clients come to me to design their bedrooms with the intention of updating the decor, but what they often don’t expect is getting not only a beautiful room but also a more sleep-friendly bedroom. I’ll now share my 10 tips on how to design a bedroom that will help you sleep through the entire night, from choosing the right bedding to making some small personal changes.

1 – Choose The Right Paint Color for Your Bedroom

Westerly Wind by Glidden. Soft Blue Paint Color. The soft blue paint color is Westerly Wind by Glidden. Light blue bedroom paint color. Westerly Wind by Glidden. #WesterlyWind #Glidden

{Bedroom paint color is Westerly Wind by Glidden.}

Keep things serene in the bedroom with pale, neutral hues and cool colors such as blues, violets and white. Studies says that people tend to sleep better and longer in blue bedrooms. If this is a color you like, why not spend the weekend repainting your walls?


2 – Use Calming Bedroom Decor

Coastal Bedroom. Coastal bedroom features art over a cane bed dressed in white bedding and aqua and purple ikat pillows next to a white bamboo nightstand with cane shelves topped with a recycled glass lamp. #Bedroom #CoastalBedroom Meredith McBrearty

 Decor is something very personal and we should allow our personality to show in every room of our house, including the bedroom. To decorate a bedroom that is sleep-friendly, you need to bring decorative elements that are calming and soothing. Think coastal decor with soft colors such as aqua, seafoam and light blues.


3 – Bedrooms are Made to Sleep

French Bedroom. French Bedroom Furniture. French Bedroom Furniture Layout. French Bedroom Furniture Layout Ideas #FrenchBedroom #FrenchBedroomFurniture #FrenchBedroomFurnitureLayout   Meredith McBrearty

As boring as it can sound, the bedroom is not a space where you should multitask. You can cuddle, be with your loved one but avoid using your bedroom as home office space, workout area or family play area. If you spend too much time in your bedroom, chances are your body will get bored of the space and your sleep will suffer.


4 – Bedroom Layout

Neutral Bedroom with Floor Mirror. Neutral bedroom bedroom features antique lantern over gray velvet tufted sleigh bed dressed in white linen bedding over white sheepskin rug. Beachy bedroom with beadboard paneled barrel ceiling accented with light gray curtains behind headboard as well as carved wood floor mirror.  #NeutralBedroom #Bedroom Romair Homes.

Many times we move into our home, place the bed by a wall, the nightstands on each side, with maybe some chairs and everything tends to stay there for years without crossing our mind that this might not be the ideal layout for the space.

Even in a small bedroom, consider making small changes such as moving the bed away from an air vent or moving that huge mirror by your bed that is always reflecting light and waking you up every morning. Look around and make changes that will create a more peaceful space for you and your partner.


5 – Change Your Mattress and Pillows

 Intellectual Gray Sherwin Williams SW 7045. Gray Paint Color.  Intellectual Gray Sherwin Williams SW 7045. #SherwinWilliamsIntellectualGray #SherwinWilliamsSW7045 #SherwinWilliamsPaintColors #SherwinWilliamsGrayPaintColor

{Paint color is Intellectual Gray by Sherwin Williams SW 7045.}

I know you have heard this one before but have you done anything about it? Pillows and mattress are not cheap, not the good ones at least, but often enough you pay for what you get.

Search about the ideal mattress and pillow for you, look around and don’t buy in the first place you walk into. Educate yourself, wait, try them and buy a mattress or pillow that will not only be more comfortable, but will also make you a healthier person. After all, the less we sleep the more chances we have to see our doctor. So, a good mattress and pillow is a good investment, right?


6 – Uncluter your Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture. Bedroom Furniture. White Bedroom Furniture. #Bedroom #Furniture #WhiteBedroomFurniture Meredith McBrearty

Please don’t call your mess, an “organized mess”. I see many people leaving anything on their nightstands from old tickets to messy jewelry, to old kleenexes even when it’s not flu season (yes, really!). A clean and uncluttered bedroom eases the mind. Buy furniture with extra storage space to put your things away and try your best to keep everything organized. Your mind will thank you.


7 –  Take Dust Under Control

Seafoam Bedroom Decor. Bedroom Decor. Coastal Bedroom Decor. Coastal Bedroom Fabric. Seafoam Coastal Bedroom. Meredith McBrearty.

I am sure many of us never thought that dust could be affecting the quality of our sleep, but it can. Dust mites, which are microscopic pests that live in soft surfaces like bedding, cause problems especially for  people who have asthma. So keep your bedroom clean: dust surfaces, wash your bedding weekly (own at least two good bedding sets), vacuum the mattress surface periodically and vacuum regularly under the bed.


8 – Bedroom Window Treatment

Bedroom. Master Bedroom Paint color, master bedoom lighting, master bedroom bed, master bedroom bench, master bedroom furniture, master bedroom layout. #MasterBedroom Sims Hilditch

I know that some people like to have some light coming into the bedroom whereas others prefer it to be completely dark. I often take my clients’ preferences into consideration when decorating their bedrooms and often I meet married couples where one prefers it dark while the other prefers it light. When this is the case, you can layer the windows with draperies of different fabrics and add shades as well. The trick is filtering the light in a way that makes everyone comfortable.

Master Bedroom Draperies. Ideas for master bedroom window draperies. #Draperies #MasterBedroom Sims Hilditch


9 – Shower (or Take a Bath) Before Going To Bed

Bathroom. Bath  bathroom  bathroom curtains  bathroom table  chandelier  chandeliers  console tables  curtains  freestanding bath  his and her  Lead lined windows  leaded glass windows  roll top bath  wall lights  white bathroom  wide oak floorboards  wood panelling #Bathroom

 You might agree that this has nothing to do with my design skills, but I do recommend anyone who wants to have a better night of sleep to take a warm shower before going to bed. By taking a relaxing shower before, you allow your mind to start to calm down, your muscles to relax and your body to get to a comfortable temperature.

Use the best towels and pajamas you can buy. Go to bed soon after that with a good book and leave any electronics far away from your nightstand table.


10 – Luxurious Bedding

Bedroom Bedding Ideas. White Bedroom Bedding. Layering Bedroom Bedding. #Bedroom #Bedding Mark Ashbee Photography

Now that you took a shower and put your comfy pajamas on, you need to lay on the most comfortable bedding you can afford. We spend money on clothing, shoes, you name it, but many times we forget that we need to invest in good sheets. Why is that? Bedding is extremely important and it’s in contact with your skin for a very long period of time. You wouldn’t wear fabric that would make your skin itchy all day long, right? So, why would you sleep on something that is less than what you deserve? I always recommend my clients to buy luxurious bedding because I know they won’t regret it. They get into their bed, they feel the softness of the fabric and they feel happy to be in bed. And let’s be honest, isn’t being happy to be in bed the best way to start your night of sleep?

  I hope you are able to make some of these few adjustments in your bedroom and they help you transform sleepless nights into sweet dreams.


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I hope you’re having a lovely day, my friends.

I’m off now to workout… oh, this is another thing that always help me to sleep well during the night!

Thank you for being today and we’ll talk again very soon!

with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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  1. carol said,

    I truly love all the wonderful decorating ideas and beautiful photos you give us everyday. Gorgeous bedrooms. But wow. The prices on the Frette bedding and towels. I wish I could afford beautiful bedding like this. Not many of us can spend $6000 on a blanket. Ridiculous.

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