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Are you one of those people that can’t get rid of anything in your house? If you go to the basement you  probably will find the gum wrapping paper that your first “love” gave to you in 1985? If you like to “collect” every piece of “junk” you find around, you’ll probably will love this Chelsea, New York apartment.

The first time I saw this place I tried to understand why someone would want to live with all of this on top of them (see the bedroom!), but the more I saw of this apartment, the less I tried to comprehend. It simply makes me dizzy!

But taste is something very personal, what can be “hell” for my eyes can easily be “heaven” for others. If this is your kind of thing you could own it. It’s on the market for $1,750,000.

Take a look and tell me if this is “Cool or Fool” for you.



If you take off all the “stuff”, you actually have a very cool industrial kitchen.

You Are Where You Live

It’s so interesting how much we can tell about a person when we see their homes. What does this place tell you about its owner?

Exposed… What?

This is the room that I tried to understand… What are they trying to do here? Pretend to have insulation exposed? What about the faux foliage hung on the ceiling? Ok.. I need to close my eyes for a minute!


This bathroom is worse than a gas station’s! It seems that it just came from a horror movie. You know those freaky cabins they show, right? Take a look at the rusty saw and tools (can you hear that squeaky sound of someone walking by the door?) And, yes… we can’t miss the “dirty” toilet and what about the “sink”? Genuine parts? Really? Great words for a bathroom!


Not even the shower escapes! Sit on a mushroom while you shower. Interesting… Interesting… (in a sarcastic way. 😉 )

Where is the Junk?

Something uncluttered, finally.

One thing I’ll say about this place that I find to be cool; the owner is living the way he/she wants to. And even though it can be ugly for certain people, what really matters is to feel that your home belongs to you.

How would you describe this place if you were realtor? Poor people… they need to get creative when they find places like this.

Can’t wait to know if you think this place is Cool or Fool!


What are your plans for the weekend? I’m not sure if we’re going to do anything because the kids still have a bad cold and it’s freezing here lately. My older kids usually go ice skating in our backyard with daddy, but they can’t the way they’re feeling. I really can’t wait for spring and be able to go for walks. Thinking about that, it will be so great when the weather is better so we can go to parks and show everything around to Matthew. It’s so wonderful to see him discovering the world around him. He’s reaching for toys now and it always amazes me to see his little fingers trying to grab a toy. It makes me smile every time. Yes, I’m paying attention to everything that’s surrounding me and the more I look, the more often I see things that make life more beautiful.

I think we only find happiness if we’re able to see life in a poetic matter.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!


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* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

15 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Treasuring Trash in New York'

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  1. OMG, How does anyone live in that! I think it just needs to be demolished… I might be a little harsh here, but that is a fool!

  2. This house is hilarious! It made me laugh out loud! And that mushroom in the shower stall… hmmm… phallus?
    Great post!

  3. I’ve seen this house and didn’t care for it the first time and still don’t. I know this place is up for sell but I hope the owner doesn’t plan on selling quickly. This house is to design specific and only another hoarder will love it. YIKES!


  4. Megan said,

    I really can’t say cool or fool-I’m kinda on the fence- here’s why! At first glance you think WHAT! But after I really looked I think what the owner is going for is a cross between SteamPunk and Jules Verne Chic!! I know it is very design specific and this may be a hard sell to the general public. Hopefully the owner will find someone who appreciates this very different home.

  5. So bizarre, fool for me persoanlly but to each his own, if it makes the owner happy or future owner then so be it. Very odd, I like neat fresh feeling interiors and this is about as opposite as it can get, no thank you! Lucianne, hope the kiddso are feeling better? We have a function to attend but otherwise are expecting some snow, so perfect excuse to stay in…..yay!

  6. You really live in the moment, Luciane…that is sooo great! You inspire me.
    It would be fun to go to a cocktail party here with music and candles.

  7. I think it’s pretty cool! Would I want to live there? No. But for them it is very neat. I agree, I would definitely love to visit it. It seems to have a “steam-punk” style to it.

  8. Alyssa said,

    Fool, for sure. Looks like where you might reside if you survive the apocalypse and are forced to decorate with whatever hasn’t been destroyed by the meteor! Ha ha! Thanks for your blog…i love it!

  9. The bedroom would be the worse for me. I would never sleep in that room. Sorry, it is fool for me.
    These are my favorite posts from you. I try not to
    miss them ’cause I’m always curious what you find.

  10. designchic said,

    You know how I love clean, neutral palettes…think I would be claustrophobic…fool for me. Happy weekend, my friend!!

  11. Jcorn said,

    We live in a home with great bones but which was very cluttered when shown. We got it at a bargain price. Once the “stuff” was moved the home was a gem in the rough. But that place should NOT be shown “as is”. Or the price needs to be reduced.

  12. Anaid said,

    Truly a space for the non-conforming convention of adopting other views of ‘how to live’. From a real estate sales perspective: Agree, their personalization of the space limits their prospective buyer market. The owners aren’t in a hurry to sell, I’ll guess, hoping their financials pick up and they can stay. From a design perspective: Kudos for living in the moment and truly for themselves. Sarah@housecrazy was spot on with the mushroom reference. If you notice, each room, cleverly speaks it’s function: bathroom; plumbing, kitchen; gear central/helm of the ship the department where lofty and imaginative inventive concoctions of food are possible and the bedroom … stay with me ladies …. the bedroom; the inner sanctum/the nerve/brain and heart center of the relationship. Happy couple happy family. It’s not my style by any means, however, I do appreciate their open life book design. A fine example of kinetic art.

  13. Anaid,

    I really like your comment. You made some great points!

    Have a great weekend.


  14. Seriously? Makes my little OCD heart break. Ew.

  15. ana maria said,

    Luciane, eu gosto de velho, do desgastado apenas em parte ou uma peça do ambiente, uma parede, sei lá, parece tudo sujo assim, meu marido iria ter um ataque, rs!


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