Cottage – A Coastal Store Giveaway!
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As you probably remember, we just started our “Tuesday’s Cottage of the Week ” on Home Bunch (which I’ll be featuring tomorrow). I teamed up with Kim from an amazing online retailer called Cottage Coastal Store to introduce our first giveaway. We want to make your summer more fun and more relaxed with a cottage-y feel.

I always wanted to give a special giveaway to my readers and I chose Cottage Coastal Store to be the first one because I have huge admiration and respect for what they stand for at their store. They love the cottage lifestyle and they love the ocean, but most importantly, they feel concerned about maintaining and improving the environment. They’re always looking to source items that are made of recycled materials and/or handcrafted. Most of their items are made in the USA.

The Giveaway: Cottage Coastal Store is giving one lucky reader a pillow of their choice!

To Enter: It’s very simple! Visit Cottage Coastal Store here and come back to leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite.

For Additional Entries: Become a fan of Cottage Coastal Store on Facebook:

Or Follow Cottage Coastal Store on Twitter:!/cottagecoastal

And Follow HomeBunch on Twitter: Twitter/HomeBunch.

Lead time do apply on the pillow of your choice.
(I apologize, but this giveaway is valid only for USA and Canada residents only. Thank you.)

I’ll announce the winner here on HomeBunch on Tuesday, July 26th 2011.

Now, take a look on what you could win!

Now, just leave a comment and Good Luck!

Visit Cottage Coastal Store for gorgeous shopping!


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67 Comments to 'Cottage – A Coastal Store Giveaway!'

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  1. Awesome giveaway, love all the pillows….fabulous looking. Love any of the “sayings” pillow, I really like how one or two of those looks in a room, and is a great conversation piece! Thanks Luciane- count me in!

  2. Oh my! It’s like a long menu at a fabulous restaurant… too many great choices! I love the double starfish in pool, the turtles, the crabs, and all of those adorable kid pillows… happy camper, sunshine, whale… Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  3. Cheryl said,

    That was harder than I thought – lots of beautiful pillows to choose from. I think my favourite is Coral pillow in turquoise teal. Now, I have to get back to their website and check everything else out! Next up is wall decor. Thanks for the link!

  4. Tereza said,

    Luciane, uma pena esta loja estar tão longe de onde moro, eu literalmente, mergulharia nas compras.
    As almofadas são lindas e uma paixão minha.

  5. what incredible pillows! i choose la mer – coral field in oatmeal. so gorgeously understated and sophisticated.

    hope i win!


  6. Timothy said,

    My favorite is Birds #1. Also love the elephants, turtles, fish, crabs, and lobsters, You Are My Sunshine, and the Cottage Coastal Kids series.

    These pillows look very cozy and hopefully can be used by people and not be prohibited from being touched like the throw pillows in my mom’s home are.

    If I ever make a lot of money I would commission some cat pillows!

  7. Jennifer J said,

    Cool give-away!

  8. Laura said,

    The highlight of my morning routine includes a stop to your blog. Love it love it! And love that you post so early in the morning… stopping by here is such a great way to start my day. And Ive been meaning to tell you that for some time now. Sorry its taken me so long 🙂 Keep up the good work… youre posts inspire me everyday and I need inspiration as I am in the midst of a very big renovation! I love the sailing terms pillows and the sailboat pillow… saw them a while ago on Cottage Coastal and thought they would be great for my renovation since my house is near the beach and I met my wonderful husband on a race course in the middle of The Raritan Bay…

  9. Sharon said,

    I love all the pillow designs/shapes, but find the most appealing to me is the La Mer – Coral Field – Red and Oatmeal.

  10. Linda in AZ * said,

    * How totally WONDERFUL, Luciane! And how GENEROUS, too!!!

    You know me, the biiiig animal lover, but of all those choices I found too delightful, I DID have a special lil’ “thing” in my heart for the delightful WHALE pillow, tho… it’s just so, well, sweet!!!

    Hoping your 4th was terriffic!

    Warmest wishes,
    Linda in AZ *

  11. Debra C said,

    This is a hard decision! Love the Navy Starfish pillow and the Red, White and Blue Sailboat pillow cover!!

  12. Jano said,

    I have enough favorites to fill a couch and then some. The Elephant with Hat charmed me the most.

  13. Debra C said,

    “Liked” Cottage Coastal Store on Facebook.

  14. Love all of these pillows, but I am pretty sentimental at heart. I would say that I would really enjoy the “New England” pillow. It is where I am from and I miss it. I relocated from Massachusetts to Washington state 7 years ago when I got married.

  15. Tina said,

    What a feast on the eyes! So many beautiful pillows. I’ve also seen them featured in Coastal Living magazine and now after looking at the whole collection think the Double Starfish from the Marine collection is my favourite.

  16. Andra Stephens said,

    So hard to pick!! I love the turtles! We visit Jekyll Island it brings back memories! but I love the Star Fish ones too!

  17. hj said,

    So many awesome designs! I love the elephant and apple pillow, also the la mer coral field red is stunning!
    hmcnaron at gmail

  18. hj said,

    I like coastal cottage store on facebook. My fb name is A marie hj saver. thanks!

  19. hj said,

    I follow @homebunch on twitter @creep4ward

  20. sydney85 said,

    All the pillows were fabulous but as soon as I spotted the green turtles I stopped. My daughter is leaving for grad school and has been collecting turtles (ceramic) for a few years. The green turtle pillow would definitely be a keeper for her.

  21. Deana Tribble said,

    It has to be the starfish as the favorite, but loved so many of them.

  22. FUn Luciane! I love the blue with the two starfish.
    I tell my daughter stories every night and her favorite is one I made up about Lulu and Gigi the two starfish who are best friends!!

  23. Beverly said,

    Starfish or “My sweet darling” Love them all!

  24. Laurie Sullivan-Clasen said,

    ooo much talent and so much creativity..but above all,…so much love. I have written Kim previously…I have a whale collection. The whale is one of only a few that will take another anothers baby as their own in a tragic event and become the parent life-long. Being adopted, this feels so perfect, they way love should be. The whale pillow “spoke ” to me. Very few pieces actually move my soul! That speaks volumes about you all. <3 Laurie

  25. Erin said,

    What a generous giveaway!! I love the Cottage Coastal Store…and Kim too!! If I won, I’d choose the Coral Pillow in turquoise of course!

  26. designchic said,

    How exciting…definitely loving the turtle pillow for my grandson’s playroom (due in Sept). Can hardly wait to hear what you are having…going on the record saying it’s a girl…know it will be hard for you to sleep tonight!!

  27. Nancy said,

    My favorites are a tie between the round trellis pillow in green and the hand stamped red lobster pillow! Both are the essence of summer: one refined, one rustic.

  28. Judy said,

    I love their pillows. To pick one favorite, I would go with Coral Pillow in Turquoise Teal.

  29. Judy said,

    I like the Cottage Coastal Store on facebook

  30. Judy said,

    I already follow CottageCoastal on twitter

  31. It’s a toss between the first one and the one that says SEASIDE RETREAT. Great store!

  32. vanessa m said,

    My mom and I both love the first one with the hearts!! it is very sweet. love the link to that website epsecially where i live by the beach 🙂

  33. It was an instant choice for me. I like the “My whole heart for my whole life” pillow. Great giveaway.

  34. Elaine said,

    Oi, Lú!!!! Saudade!!! Tudo bem?
    … lindas almofadas…
    Imagino sua ansiedade…. ainda aposto em um menininho… Bjs!!!
    Fiquem com Deus!!!

  35. Hi Luciene ita 4am AGAIN and my choice is the last one sweet dreams Fay xxx

  36. Kathy said,

    Ok I would take anyone of these, they are stunning, but the You are my Sunshine is my favorite not only is it the right color but my Grandpa used to sing it to me everytime I was with him….

  37. Kathy said,

    I love their site, thanks for bringing it to my attention, I am following them on facebook..

  38. Kathy said,

    I am a fan of theirs now..wish I knew about tweeting so I could follow you that way too

  39. Kathy said,

    I love the pilloows, especially the blue corral and “You are my sunshine”. I used to sing that to my babies.

  40. Greet said,

    Dear Luciane,
    The pilows are all just beautiful! It was hard to choose, but one of my favorites is the “coral freeship” pillow!! Oh what a nice give away! I cross my fingers!
    And I am looking forward to hear of your baby is a girl or a boy! Wouw! so excited my dear!!

  41. Karen T. said,

    Hi! I like the pillows with the sayings best.

  42. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I love all, but my fave is the Marine-Coral(blue).

  43. kathysue said,

    Wow!! What a great and generous giveaway. I love the round trellis in navy, it would be perfect on my patio!!!! Fun pillows it was really hard to just choose one, Kathysue

  44. Brenda said,

    Hi Luciane,
    These pillows are absolutely gorgeous. I think my favorite is the green turtle one, although if offered, any one would do! Have a great day.

  45. Kelly said,

    I love the You Are My Sunshine pillow the best. We used to sing that song to my now 15-year old son when he was 2.5 lbs in a hospital nursery. It’s a family theme song now!

  46. Caroline said,

    My favorite pillow is the sugarboo one that starts with “sweet darling”. Today we received news of a friends poor prognosis with breast cancer. It makes you stop and think of all that we think but never remember to say to those we love. Life is short. I’m going to go home tonight and hug my husband and kids extra tight tonight.

  47. Alana Puleo said,

    Coral Field in Oatmeal! Fantastic pillows!

  48. Amanda Eck said,

    WoW! those are all so lovely! I am going to have to spend some time looking through all of them! What a fun giveway!

  49. Cindi said,

    Beautiful!! I would love anyone off these great pillows…but the star fish seems special.

  50. Ruth Bertges said,

    I would love to win one of the elephant pillows the hat elephants pillow is my favorite along with the all my hearts pillow. Do not twitter.

  51. Kimberly said,

    I like the “To Carry All of My Love” and “Life is Beauty Full” pillows.

  52. Luciane, I love each and every pillow. Since I am trying to add a little coastal flair to our home I would choose the Coral pillow in aqua. Gorgeous!

  53. Luciane, what a fantastic give-away! I’m torn between the La Mer- Coral Field in cream & navy, the Coral pillow in turquoise teal, and the Sugarboo Sweet Darling linen… but if I really had to pick I think it would be the Coral in turquoise teal… For me anything to do with the beach, or the ocean and I’m in 🙂
    xo Sheila

  54. Would be hard to choose!! I’m definitely loving the seaside retreat!! Awesome giveaway!!!

  55. Islandlife4us said,

    Their all really cute but love love love the blue with 2 starfish!!

  56. Kristen said,

    Wow! Have to say I am pumped about this giveaway! There are SO many awesome choices. I guess if I had to narrow it down I’d pick the La Mer Sea Star. I seriously want to find a place for all of them in my home!!

  57. Joyce said,

    Fantastic giveaway! Love all the pillows. The designs are very rwfreshing and depict the sea and the life within it beautifully. My fav is the Seahorse on blue. Love anything the is made with the good of our environment in mind. Thank you very much for this chance to win!

  58. Kim said,

    I absolutely LOVE the coral patterns, especially the blue and tan ones….and the Turtle Pillow is so unique! Love the colors….

  59. Susan said,

    Fabulous pillows! I have to say though, that I absolutely love the “You are my Sunshine” linen pillow. When I was growing up- many years ago- my dad always used to sing this sweet song. This pillow makes me think of him….

  60. Leah said,

    LOVE these pillows! If we ever redo our lake house, I’ll definitely be visiting this store! My favorite is the “Life is Beauty Full” pillow. With so many cheery color options, this one is more plain, but I absolutely love the phrase.

  61. Love the Seaside Retreat pillow!
    This is a great giveaway, Luciane!

  62. Pepe said,

    I can’t decide! I need a big house! Sansaar Pillow! I love all the colorways and it is reversable

  63. Grace said,

    I like the elephant with “life is beautiful” quote. So cute

  64. Elaine said,

    Fantastic pillows. My favorite is the “Sweet Darling” pillow. Letter writing is so beautiful and personal. Awesome sentiment.

  65. Monique said,

    Hmmm…so much to choose from. One of my favorites is the Bermuda floral scroll. Thanks for this giveaway!

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