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How much space do you need to live comfortably? Have you ever asked yourself this question? For homeowner Lyndsey Lewis, building an environmentally responsible small house was the best option for her. With less than 900 square feet, this small house seems to have space for everything and its low maintenance is a big plus for those who prefer spending less time cleaning.

When asked if building this small house was about space or environmental responsibility, Lyndsey has the right answer:  ” When it comes to environmental responsibility, I believe in living with what you actually need, not what people think you should have. I wouldn’t consider myself to be an extremist by any means, but I do think it’s important to be responsible.”

The house measures less than 900 square feet, has two small bedrooms, a loft and almost all the amenities we expect to see in a bigger house.


This foyer is small but has a lot to offer! The reclaimed panelling brings a rustic feel, while the Anthropologie wallpaper adds some charm.

It’s All Here

With unfinished oak floors and wood-beams, this space not only offers coziness, but also interesting architectural details. The loft above the main area is used for overnight guests.


The cottage’s decor comes from flea markets and from the homeowner’s collection.

Breakfast Area

The eating area is great! Having a banquette saves you space and it also offers extra storage.


Isn’t it the cutest cottage kitchen ever? I love the hardware.

Granite countertops were salvaged from a building being renovated.


The island is mobile.


I love the colors and the open shelves.

Bitter Sweet

Oh, I just got hungry! 😉

Night Night

This bed offers storage and it’s perfect for a small space. I love the light fixture and the green ceiling.

Chicka Chicken 

Say “hello” to Mary Jean and Viginia! 🙂

The patio area leads to a detached garage.


What do you think of this cottage? Would you be able to live in less than 900 square feet?

Not sure if living in a small house is for you? Well, this might convince you: the homeowner says she pays only $56 for her monthly electric bill!


Share your thoughts on this one! I like knowing your opinion.


Wishing you all a great day!


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Source: At Home in Arkansas

Builder: Bret Franks Home Construction

25 Comments to 'Cottage of the Week: Small Space Ideas'

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  1. i could! i could!

    hope you can stop by when you have a free moment to take a peek at my giveaway:

    have a beautiful day!


  2. What I think is that its picture perfect….beautiful thigns do come in small spaces indeed. So well done!!

  3. Jeff said,

    FANTASTIC House! LOVE small houses! Besides the cheap utilities, it takes no time to clean! Also promotes less consumerism. (Stop buying stuff! Spend the money seeing the world!)
    There is an architect in the Pacific Northwest (Ross Chapin) who is designing small livable houses similar to this and championing the idea of Pocket neighborhoods… (and all the houses have big front porches!) His site has floor-plans and all…
    (I personally love the Lisette Cottage. Just 635sf! Most people think I’m NUTS but as a single man, it’s perfect for me! In the Puget Sound area, the Lisette was built and sold for almost $300K! Yeaks! But I still love it!)

  4. It is cute as a button and you wouldn’t need to buy much.

  5. Luciane,
    I have always believed we could all live with less but it’s a challenge getting there. We lived in Texas for two years, in a fairly spacious home. When we returned to California (home) we bought a home almost half the size. I still feel like we have a bit too much stuff!

  6. This house truly makes my heart pitter-patter! I am so envious of having a space that is just what you need – no more – no less! I may have to re-think my retirement ideas.

  7. It’s absolutely AMAZING! So cute – I’d whittle down all my stuff to live in a place like that! Green ceiling in the bedroom is wonderful.
    Great cottage Luciane – you just made my day!

  8. Karen said,

    yeah, this place was made for Ed and me! xoxo

  9. Kristin said,

    Hi!!! It is always such an inspiration to come by here!!!Hope you have a wonderful July! And Have a GREAT day!

    summerhugs, Kristin

  10. Carolyn said,

    Adorable. But I’d need places for books and I’d worry about kids falling out of the loft (not to mention I avoid ladders now).

  11. Manderley said,

    So cute!!!! Gorgeous, fun, with lots of color and light.

    Have a good week!

  12. Steph said,

    Is there a floor plan floating around anywhere? I’d be interested to see how the spaces play together.

  13. Monique said,

    Thanks for showcasing a smaller home and I hope you highlight other small homes. I love this house and how it’s organized. I live in a smaller home and there are a few ideas that I can use as well. Beautiful home.

  14. Carolynne said,

    I am in love with every inch & style of this cottage. I would prefer to live smaller and am working towards downsizing & simplifying. Can you tell me where the bed is from? Super job!

  15. Hi Carolynne.

    Thank you for your kind words. I believe this particular bed was custom made, but Pottery Barn has similar ones.



  16. Linda said,

    I love this and am in process of remodling a cottage 21 x 34 ft. Can you tell me dimensions of this cottage please

  17. Jessica said,

    what an adorable cottage! so cozy and full of light!
    do you happen to know what the names of the exterior colors are? i love the shade of the house and front door

  18. Shennon said,

    This looks lovely. A floor plan and some photos of the bath are really necessary for people to understand how this is a livable space not just a pretty picture.

  19. Hello Shennon.

    Feel free to contact the builder for further information about the floor plan: Bret Franks Home Construction.


  20. Vikki said,

    What type of electric is she using for heat? I am planning this house (Tumbleweed.com) but we are not sure how to heat it.

  21. Hello Vikki,

    I recommend you to contact the builder to have further information about the heater: http://www.bretfranks.com/


  22. Suzanne Grace said,

    Love your home. I lived in a 900 sq. foot apt. for a while and it was all I needed. I would get claustrophobic I think in a smaller space. It is wise to downsize as we get older and we need to protect the spreading over our land. I live in prime farmland country and we need more farmland preservation to be a priority.
    I wanted to see your bath room. Three things I want in any space are a fireplace, a convection oven and a big bathtub. If a view was possible add that! LOL! Your place is wonderful!!!.

  23. Terese said,

    This is a nice, economical, beautiful home. I would like to know what is the name and brand of the exterior of the home paint colors?

  24. BeeGee said,

    I lived in a tiny house once. I pray that I never ever have to do it again. Of course,some folks think that 1800 sq ft is a tiny house- THAT size home I could live in. But 1000 feet or less- NO!
    These are all very pretty pictures but don’t expect me to actually agree that it is any way to live.

  25. connie said,

    Absolutely lovely, charming and adorable home! Beautiful! Well done!

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