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As you probably know, I’m passionate about cottages and that’s why I feature a cottage every Tuesday, and I have to say that every time I choose a cottage to be posted here, I feel the need of having my own cottage some day.

This country cottage in Spain reminded me of when I was a child and we had our farm in Brazil. The house itself was quite different indoors, but the veranda was practically the same. I used to go to the farm with my grandparents at least twice a week and my grandparents would put several hammocks on the porch and we’d spend the afternoon there, talking and enjoying the warm breeze. Those were moments of happiness that I’ll always keep in my heart and I see cottages as the perfect place for us to build beautiful memories.

Lorena, the homeowner of this country cottage in Spain, had always dreamed of having her own cottage also and even though she wasn’t really looking to buy one, she simply couldn’t resist when she, accidentally, found this cottage for sale. She immediately felt this cottage was meant to be hers and soon made an offer.

Living away from where the cottage was located, she enlisted the help of builder José Luis Tirador to renovate the entire cottage and interior designer Ana Delgado, whom helped select the furniture and accessories, creating the place Lorena always dreamed of having.

Life  somehow seems to be uncomplicated and a little calmer here.


Country Cottage in Spain

The cottage is surrounded by nature and it feels just like a movie-set.


Garden + Tea = Heaven

Can you picture yourself relaxing here and forgetting the time? Table and chairs from Verdecora. Tablecloth from La Rústica.


Living Room

Warm and inviting! Sofa and chair are Ektorp from Ikea. Coffee table is from Almazen and ottoman is from Grupo 13.

Quiet Time

That chair is perfect to relax, read or simply stay quiet and hear your own thoughts. I love the painted beams. Built-in by José Antonio Posadas and dresser is by Natalia Parladé.


The built-in sofa is a great place to curl-up and enjoy the view. Pillows by Gastón y Daniela.

A Touch of Pink

Very sweet and feminine.

Dining Room

The dining room connects to the small kitchen. Light fixture is from Ikea.


DIY Decor: Make your own decor with paper, sticks and a piece of wire. Cute, affordable and special.

Cottage Kitchen

Perfect size for a cottage! I love the color of the cabinets and the stove by Fagor. Very charming.


Bunk Beds

Isn’t it a very darling room? Bunk beds by José Antonio Posadas, desk by Ikea and bedding set by Becara. Wallpaper is by Casa & Jardín.



You can’t help but feel romantic with a bedroom like this. Wallpaper is by Casa & Jardín, bedding is by Zara Home.


This is what country cottages are all about.


Beauty is found within your reach.

Dreamy Country Table

Always prepare the best you can for yourself and your loved ones.

Chirp Chirp

Show you care. It’s so good to feel loved and cared, isn’t it? Make people feel that way when they’re with you.

Stone Walls

A great place to chat and enjoy the country views.

Kids’ House

The homeowner built this small house for her daughters and they helped her paint it.


Lovely Little Neighbor

It’s never too soon or too late to start building your dream.

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 I hope you take a minute today to ask yourself if you’re in the right path to achieve your biggest goals in life.

Life sometimes change and the dreams we once had seems to almost disappear. They get dusty, rusty and we often forget to look at them because they seem to be so distant, so “impossible”, so far from the reality. Remember to let the voice inside of your heart speak. Listen to what it’s saying. Sometimes we need to stop hearing all the voices around us to be able to hear our own.

I want you to be able to hear your voice, to know even more who you are.

Find your purpose and don’t stop dreaming and working for it. It’s never easy, but we need to keep building the life we deserve to have.

  with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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 Sources: El Mueble.

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  1. This is so charming. The magic and beauty of this home is in the details.

  2. Leslie said,

    this is such a gorgeous home and sitting in the most beautiful spot. the kitchen has such a warm casual feel.. love the floor:) and the fm room is wonderful.. spacious, cozy, love all the softness and warmth.


  3. Carolyn said,

    Love this!

  4. Claire Ray said,

    This cottage is absolutely stunning!! is it for rental? x

  5. Robyn said,

    Heavenly! I needed this breath of fresh air today. Thank you.

  6. Karen said,

    Simply lovely!

  7. Manderley said,

    Ohhhh it’s lovely! Beautiful home, romantic, femenine…so nice. Thanks for show us.


  8. Leila said,

    Every single thing in this cottage is like a dream, with all that colors and stunning design and landscapes, love it all.. thank you !

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