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Today’s “Cottage of the Week” feels totally fun and completely relaxed. I love the colors encountered on the furnishings, walls and tiles, but nothing beats having the beach just steps away.

The decor mixes art deco with cottage-y, which is very refreshing and unique. I, personally, like the light, summery colors you can find in almost every room.

I hope you feel inspired and relaxed with this post today.


The relaxed feel of this cottage embraces you.

Red Lips

Great way to give usage to the space under the stairs. I simply love the vintage furniture and bags. This space is full of personality!

Living Room

The living room is the only place of the cottage that feels more “serious”.


Colors are added with beautiful furnishings in the living room.


This kitchen has a retro vibe. Fun and perfect for a cottage by the beach.

Master Bedroom

The bed and the light fixtures are the show-stopper in this room. I’d like to make it feel more personal, cozier.


The master bedroom and its ensuite.

Other Side

The other side of the room reveals the sitting area and a balcony.

Guest Bedroom

Nothing is too serious in this bedroom and I like that.


This basic guest bedroom becomes more interesting with the bookshelves.

Best Friend

I love the mirrors on the wall! Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Family Bathroom

I wouldn’t be crazy about the tiles in this bathroom if this place was away from the water, but I think it’s fun for a cottage by the beach.


Is there anything better than go to a terrace and feel the ocean’s breeze?


I have a huge garden in my property, but I must admit, I wish I had something practical and low maintenance like this! You can see the detached studio from here.


This would be my favorite place in the cottage.


Please, tell if this isn’t the most perfect studio ever? I’d curl-up with a book and look at the ocean…


A more modern approach outside.


Just open the gate and go for a walk on the beach…

Who would you invite to spend a week in this cottage with you?

I love the ocean and I made the commitment to do my best to never live away from it. I feel reenergized whenever I see the waves, the endless water, the sand.

Talking about feeling reenergized, I certainly feel much better today. I laughed so hard yesterday with a comment I read here, saying that we can blame our bad mood on the hormones. Ha! I think that was my case too! 🙂 

Thank you all for your support and for making me laugh! Knowing I can open up and hear from you makes me feel happy and well, just normal, to be hormonal! 🙂


Have a really great day!!!


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6 Comments to 'Fabrics at Houzz & Cottage of the Week'

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  1. That studio is awesome! How i would love a little hidaway like that some days:) The fabrics are all winners, nice choices!

  2. Luuuuuuuu sua linda!! Que casa linda! que luz, que sol, que alto astral! amei!!!!

    Lu, sabe que eu não consigo imaginar como que você, com vários filhos, marido, casa e ainda blogger, interior designer tudo junto e misturado, consegue dar conta de tudo? Eu não tenho filhos e ando doida, menina. Saudades de você! Acho que, se vc morasse aqui em Sampa, a gente ia ser amiga grudada rsrs também adoro você! gozado isso, né? que coisa, a gente nem se conhece!! beijos amiga querida bjs

  3. I love that cottage! I appreicate the way they used the tight space in very small bedrooms – very stylish. Gives me lots of ides! Great green colors in the bedrooms.

  4. Beautiful rooms. Some of them really spoke to me, others not so much though 🙂

    I know what you mean by the ocean, I really really want to live nearer the coast, and I would happily sell my cottage and start over if I could find an afforadable cottage near the coast… but alas, I probably won’t…

  5. Just visited your Houzz article…great selection of fabrics.

  6. Judith Paton said,


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