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Swedish homes usually are full of style, and their simple way to decorate makes me dream every time. I admire how they know how to beautify any white room, transforming white wall into canvas to create inspiring interiors.

This 1870s house located in Båstad, one of the top locations in Sweden, was completely renovated in 2008, but its original beauty was kept in many rooms. The highlights of this property, besides the location itself, are the exposed ceiling beams, fireplaces, the brand new kitchen, patios and the secluded garden.

Can’t wait to know what you think of this one!

Living Room

It feels natural and airy.


I really like the color they chose for the cabinets. It complements the exposed ceiling and floors.

Office One

Very spacious and bright. I especially like the doors leading to the next room of the house.

Office Two

Which one would your choose?

Small Bedroom

This is a very simple, yet stylish bedroom.

Cozy Throw

I’d like to curl up on that throw and take a nap, which, by the way, is something impossible to do when you have three small children!  🙂

The Bathroom

Whoa! What a fun bathroom! Sexy and completely unexpected for this house.


I find courtyards so romantic and cozy. I always like them.


Adorable place for a coffee break, huh?

So, what are your thoughts on the house? Do you like Swedish homes and their interiors? I hope you take a minute to let me know your opinion on this one.

By the way, thank you very much for your daily visits. Having you here is a gift you give to me every day! 🙂

Have a wonderful day, my friends!


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7 Comments to 'Historic Home in Sweden'

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  1. What a charmer, love all the natural light. Wonderful home…have a good day Luciane.

  2. Lynda said,

    Totally charming, I love it!

  3. how can old look so clean? the Swedes know how to do it! I love this place! Though I do wonder where the shower in the bathroom is located – one of those wall-less affairs?

  4. Very charming. I’m not so sure about the crazy blue tiled bathroom however. Think it might make me dizzy.

    I especially love the courtyard!!

  5. Manderley said,

    Hi Luciane!!! I’m back after a break surfer! Oh yes, I needed to rest.
    This is my home cool and comfortable, very nice all in white, I think I’ll paint my house too white, I’m tired of the color on the walls. I like the big bathroom and courtyard, similar andaluz!

    Kisses for you and your family!

  6. HI-I saw a beautiful Dining Room on Piterest that I clicked on that brought me to this page. Is the dining room with the round table part of this home? If so, do you know where the dining table and chairs came from or where similar can be purchased? It is hard to find a round table for 6!
    This home is beautiful!!!!!

  7. Lana Waller said,

    HI Luciane,
    I really love the courtyard, the living room and the bedrooms. I also am wondering where the shower is in the bathroom. The 2 offices are a bit too modern looking for me, but they look really clean and organized.

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