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When you purchase a new home, one of the first things you need to add before you move in is some type of home security system. If you are having the home built, you should have that security system included as a part of the design, along with water purification, and other things that are awkward to add after the fact.

What you should never do is abstain from a security system because it might clash with the decor of your home. You know what else clashes with the decor? Smashed doors and windows, missing family jewels, and the empty wall where the big screen TV used to be. Ugh!

Basic setups like the systems you get for $36 may not meet all of your aesthetic needs. Then again, depending of your home, you are probably not getting the entry-level system with maximum utility in mind. You are looking at something a bit more customized to satisfy both utility and aesthetics. It might surprise you how easy it is to have both in a system designed largely for utility. Here are a few tips to keep you both secure and stylish:

Go Wireless

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Remember all those TV dramas where the burglar defeats a security system just by cutting the right wires? One snip, and everything is rendered useless. That’s not very secure. It is also a bit of an eye-soar. No matter how hard you try to hide the wires, whether for security systems or cable TV, you can never be completely successful. Also, with wired devices, there will always be some limitations on where you can place them.

Fortunately, home security systems have advanced beyond the one’s in those 80s movies and TV shows. We can now go wireless. Many ADT home security packages have wireless options. There are no wires for burglars to cut, or for visitors to see. There are also no limitations on where you can hide the components of your system. High security does not have to mean high visibility.


Hide in Plain Sight

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Let’s face it: Surveillance cameras are ugly. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were designed that way on purpose. Just seeing a security camera might serve as a deterrent for some would-be thieves. However, a prominent security camera will do bad things to the look of a classic home.

Remaining insecure is not a good option. If you are a crafty type of person, there are relatively simple ways to camouflage your security cameras so that they don’t stand out. They may not disappear altogether. But they won’t be the center of focus, either. Here is a link to a do-it-yourself project that seems to have done the trick. It can be easily modified to suit your circumstances. You don’t have to be without security. With just a little ingenuity, you can hide it in plain sight.


007 Time

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If the previous suggestions are not enough, it may be time for you to ask yourself, what would James Bond do. I’m pretty sure his security cameras would not look like security cameras at all, but like fire-suppressing sprinklers, or garden lights, or like house plants.

Fortunately, these spy goodies are not just available to super spies, fictional movie characters. With just a few clicks on the Internet, you can enjoy all the protection that these wireless, heat and motion sensing, automatic recording these devices provide. Security with style is not just for Bond, James Bond. It’s for everyone.


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Adding security does not automatically mean reducing the beauty of your home. Having both is well within your reach.


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