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Hello my friends! It’s so great to have you here today. It really is! I hope you enjoy this Interior Design Ideas I prepared and I hope you can feel inspired by it.

The more I live, the more I know we should be grateful for what we have. I know we often want to have much more than what we actually have, I know that we see so many interiors in blogs and magazines and we often wish we had as much, as good as some people have. But I also know that we should look at what we have with more appreciation, more gratitude and perhaps we should learn how to make what we have work for us.

Don’t get me wrong! I see these interior design ideas and I dream with them too. I feel that they always teach me to wisely improve my own home. The truth is, even if you can’t afford the most expensive materials for your home, you still can get similar products for a better price. To have a beautiful and improved home you need to learn to compromise and, most importantly, you need to know your taste and that’s why I think it’s so important for us to see interiors, so we know what truly inspires us.

I hope you see today’s Interior Design Ideas with new eyes. Look at these pictures trying to learn from them. Look the combination of colors, the materials, the balance found in each space. Start improving your home by knowing what you love first.


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Scheinholtz Associates.


Scheinholtz Associates.


Scheinholtz Associates.

Sand & Blue

Scheinholtz Associates.


Robert Kelly.



Robert Kelly.


Counters & Hardware


Robert Kelly.


Robert Kelly.


Robert Kelly.


Robert Kelly.

Small Kitchen Design

Via Houzz.

Kitchen Design

John B Murray Architects.


John B Murray Architects.

To Want

John B Murray Architects.


John B Murray Architects.


John B Murray Architects.

Built To Inspired

Robert Kelly.


Via VT Interiors.


Via BHG.

White Heaven

Via VT Interiors.


James Michael Howard.

San Francisco

Kendall Wilkinson & Sutro Architects.


Joy Designs.


Via VT Interiors.

Big Family

John B Murray Architects.

Mirrored Wall

Michelle Morgan Harrison for New England Home.

Table & Chairs

Via Cote de Texas.

Inside & Out

Marie Laure Helmkampf.


Marie Laure Helmkampf.

Brazilian Beauty

Via Tempo da Delicadeza.


Geri Wiley Design Group.

Rustic Flair

WY. Architects Pearson Design Group.


Kathleen Hay.


Anne Hepfer Designs.


The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design.


NXG Studio.

Two Sinks

Robert Kelly.

Smart Designed


Unknown Source.

Dreamy Bathroom

Kate Coughlin Interiors.


Ann Hagerty Interiors.

Clean & Minimal

Eric Roth Photo.


Waterworks Sconce & Andrew Hicks Design.

Simple & Beautiful

Scheinholtz Associates.


Delicate Curves

Nightingale Design.


Paul Morrow.


ML Interior Design.

Small & Stylish

Anne Hepfer Designs.

Light Fixture

Kathleen Hay.

The One

Anne Hepfer Designs.


BAR Architects.

Black & White

John Tribout.


Unknown Source.

Outdoor Living

Southern Accents Showhome.


Marie Laure Helmkampf.

Where I Want to Be

BAR Architects.

Quiet Time

Via Sotheby’s.


Quote of the Week:


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This week was a little too busy for me. I feel I didn’t have a minute to relax, but I’ll do my best to enjoy my weekend with the kids, the hubby and hopefully I can also have some time for myself and read.

Do you have any plan for the weekend? I hope you have a safe and happy one!

With Love,

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 Sources: Robert Kelly Designs, Scheinholtz Associates, John B. Murray Architects, VT Interiors, Joy Tribout Interior Design

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    Thank you dear Luciane, I enjoyed very much seeing these interiors, very inspiring .. by the way, I am a great fan of your quotes of the week 😉

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