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It’s no secret I’m terribly missing summer. Canada, as you probably know, is a very cold place to live during the winter months, unless you’re in the Okanagan, where I believe to have one of the best weather in the country. We lived in Kelowna for a long time and this is the time of the year that I miss Kelowna the most, especially because winters where we currently live can be very tiring.

With warm temperatures in mind, I want to share this fantastic lakehouse home with you. The house was designed to maximize the stunning views of the Okanagan Lake, which can be enjoyed by the main rooms.

This Kelowna lakehouse has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a very inspiring kitchen and even four car garage with a guest suite above.

Seeing this home makes me remember about wonderful days we spent by this beautiful lake with the kids.



The water is always warm during summer. I miss swimming here.


This house is currently on the market and it’s not overly decorated. Some rooms deserve some extra attention, such as the foyer, but many rooms were perfectly done. If this was my house, I’d add a runner on the stairs and a more interesting mirror.

Dining Room

A rug is missing, but I love these floors.

For 8

Beautiful space.

Family Room

I really love the fact you can entirely open the doors and feel the breeze from the lake.


This is probably my favorite room of the house.


The kitchen has a very manageable square footage and it’s well-designed. I love the washed wood ceilings.

Warm Hues

Warm hues are found in this kitchen.


Gorgeous range and cabinets.


I know you won’t need to wash dishes by hand here, but I wouldn’t mind if I had to. Look at that view!

Eating Area

This is also another part of the house that I love. This feels very coastal and stylish.


All right… this is a real home and it wasn’t staged, but someone should’ve done the bed properly. Am I being too picky? LOL Okay.. let’s look at that view and forget about the bed. 🙂


I’d like to add a small tub side table here. We can accessorize this space to make it feel a little more inviting. Having said that, I love the choices for this space, especially the tub itself.

Guest Bathroom

This is fantastic! From the window to the marble vanity and breadboard walls.


Great outdoor space. Notice the built-in above the fireplace for the TV.

Living The Good Life

Can you picture yourself here?


Very spacious.


Let the kids run and have fun!

Sandy Beach

I don’t sunbathe often, but I know I’d enjoy this sandy beach on every sunny day.


Transforming an ordinary day into a special one.

For Three

Who needs a vacation?


Have you noticed that all the rooms in this house are beautifully proportioned? I like seeing big homes, but I know that I’d rather live in a smaller, cozier home. How about you?

More about this lakehouse here.


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Today will be a busy day, but I’m planning on relax tonight. I hope I can spend some time with my husband, watch a movie and eat some popcorn.

Have you seen any good movie lately? Share if you had and I hope you can take some time for yourself too.

with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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 Sources: Jane Hoffman.

4 Comments to 'Lakehouse'

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  1. designchic said,

    It’s stunning, Luciane – love the chandeliers over the island in the kitchen…fabulous!! Hope you and the family are all doing well ~

  2. I could live outside!! What gorgeous views..looks so restful and serene. Love it!

  3. Leslie said,

    What a view from the kitchen! Gorgeous home.

  4. Manderley said,

    Hi Luciane!!
    Nice cottage, and I agree with you, someone should have made ​​your bed, or perhaps the owner had just woken up?
    Yes, I need a vacation, now!
    My daughter has been ill with kidney and we had it rough, we had to go to the hospital emergency room, so please, yes, a relaxing vacation is what I need!


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