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You know that great feeling sometimes we have when we find something we really love? It can be a new outfit, a bag, that perfect pair of shoes. Well, I do like shopping, but I can get even more excited when I find amazing interiors. I know, you can call me a nerd for that one, but whenever I find something as beautiful as these places designed by the Spanish firm Lizarriturry Tuneu Architects, I simply want to immediately share them with you.

These places really don’t need much introduction.

A Dining Room

This is what I call: “Perfection!”


A mix of new and old.

Lunch Time

I adore the table and chairs.


Stunning architectural details.


Every detail counts.

The Stones

Useful stones. Fun idea!



Other View



Adding beauty.

A Bathroom

Simple and sophisticated.

A Place Called “Padrina”


 This is one of my favorite houses designed by Lizarriturry.


Isn’t that window charming?


Perfect for a chilly night.

Dining Room

Simply delightful.

Fresh Bread

One of my favorite things to eat!


A Polish tradition.




Great range.

From the Outside

Fantastic kitchen.




I love how rustic it feels.

A Place Called “Cyprus”

I’d say “yes” any day, any time to this place.


Gorgeous entrance.

Trees & Stones

Integrating architecture.


I’d love to own a country home like this one in Spain. Not only is the country gorgeous and the food amazing but also the people are so friendly.


This pool is so unique.

A Place Called “Duna”.

This place reminds so much of my grandparents farm back when I was a kid in Brazil.


The ideal spot for a siesta after a delicious paella.


I admire the simplicity of the Spanish architecture. It’s very appealing to me.

Living Room

This room is gorgeous in every direction.


See? Gorgeous in every direction, right?


Cooking would be fun in this kitchen.


Even the drapes are beautiful in this kitchen.


This is just paradisiacal.


It’s easy to imagine life in this place.

A Place Called “Ca La Paua”

This home is all about feeling the air…


Cute kitchen and marvelous bread. All this bread is making me hungry!


A large sink is always great in any kitchen. I despise the small ones that don’t fit anything. Aren’t they so annoying?

Eating Area

This table is just so perfect for this kitchen. The fridge brings extra charm.

A Bed

Comfy beds… we all need one!


I wish I was there!

A Place Called “Ses Oliveres”

The views!

A Best Friend

Wow! Now, this is a really stunning outdoor space!


Take all in. The views, the interior, the architecture, the furnishings…


Sleek, modern and truly beautiful. Take a look at the ceilings.


Refreshing in the afternoon.

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this one. I really loved these places and I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Let me know what you think of it, ok?

Enjoy your day and thank you for your daily visit! 

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Source: Lizarriturry Tuneu Architects

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What a beautiful way to start my morning. Love the character of the aged patinas – the hardware, the furniture the gorgeous beam…fabulous!!

yes please! wonderful selection, Luciane! The dining table on the 2nd image is such a beauty. warm hugs to you, Luciane

Hi Luciane! I could spend hours gazing at photos of interiors like these — Ahhh… so refreshing and easy on the eyes. I just bought the same farmhouse table in the first kitchen for a client! Thanks for sharing these – I really enjoyed! Hope you are having a GREAT week 😉 xo

Good day, I loved your blog! Wonderful post!
Congratulations on good taste.

OMG! what can I say? all these images are absolutely stunning! beijos

What great houses, unfortunately the last three images did not come through for me. I’ll design those myself! Take care.

Every image has something special about it. I’m a huge fan of white, neutral & pale colors, stones used in decor. So pretty.

Hope you’re doing weel, Lu. Thanks for your visit.

I like this firm’s work. I like rustic. Beautifully done here.

They are all beautiful, but I am DROOLING over the second image! LOVE IT!

It’s hard to choose but I like Ses Oliveres the best. What a lucky labrador!

The green chandelier that you asked about is $3395.00. I called there since I didn’t ask when I was there. It’s a one-of-a-kind Italian custom made chandelier.

the set table by the fireplace! let’s have dinner there, and i’ll bake you bread. i love it all. i really do. the ease. the simplicity and the undecorated feel. so zen.

keep finding these dreamy spaces, and i’ll keep eating them up.


Are you kidding? This is the stuff that dreams are made of…So glad I didn’t miss this post. Love it…love it all. thanks for sharing. Mona

I love this post…every kitchen, every beamed ceiling and fireplace. So beautiful.

Girlfriend you have out done yourself again….with every post comes the most unique awe inspiring eye candy…with so much on the internet how do you always have something I’ve never seen before? Great work you are doing here and I know how much time it must take…it is such a pleasure coming here every day..thank you!

My friend!! What a gorgeous discovery!! I LOVE THIS!!
Thank you so much for the link!!

Hi Luciene seems ages ! Ive had a house guest all week and next tuesday im off to Engand but ill do a couple od posts first LOVE the first 2 iMages of this post REALLYBEAUTIFUL thankyou sweet pie Hoope you are feeling well and have AGREAT WEEKEND kOVE FAY XX

Such beautiful architecture; simple; elegant with an homage to the history of the country…and so in tune with the landscape. I love seeing fine examples of design in other parts of the world. It is inspirational, and I thank you for sharing these wonderful images.


Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!


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