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Maintaining your house is more than cleaning it weekly. If you want to live in a healthy house you should invest your time in learning how to properly take care of every part that requires attention.

When we bought our first house, my husband and I were very young and we both didn’t have any idea of how the mechanical parts of a house worked and little did we knew how to maintain it. But three houses after, I must say that we’ve learned a lot, but it seems that we still have to keep on learning.

We live in our current house for almost five years now and we love our area, but being so close to the ocean, we find that we need to be extra careful with the maintenance of our house, especially when it comes to the water system. Our house is fairly new, but I started seeing difference in the water soon after we moved here. I felt my skin drier and I noticed those annoying spots on glass every time I used the dishwasher. I wasn’t aware of a common problem that many houses have: hard water.

Hard water is typically defined by possessing a high level of dissolved mineral content, specifically calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). This is the result of a natural process as water transports through soil and rock, dissolving small amounts of minerals and suspends them in solution. Calcium and magnesium are the most common minerals that result in water becoming “hard” and the level of hardness becomes greater as the mineral content increases.

Hard water is simple to distinguish as it does not produce lather when in contact with soap, shampoo or washing liquids. The implication of this is the inability to wash properly, whether that may be washing the skin or kitchenware. At high temperatures, the magnesium and calcium react, producing a hard slimy white substance commonly known as ‘lime scale’. This is particularly bad for appliances.

I never knew this, but the difference between hard water and soft water is a big one and it can even make you spend more money, not only when in need of replacing your appliances, which are never cheap, but it also damages pipes and anything else that comes in contact with water in your home.

The importance of having a water softer, such as Harvey Water Softeners is greater than I ever knew because soft water is not better for your skin, but it also makes the household chores a little easier and can even lower the energy bills because appliances don’t need to work as hard as it does with hard water.

Well, who knew that something so simple can make such big difference? I sure did not! The good thing is that we only learn how to take better care of our own home when we pay close attention to what’s happening with it. And, by learning how to take good care of it we’re learning how to live in a better and healthier home.



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 Sources: Harvey Water Softeners

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