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This privately gated, exquisite French Manor is for sale for $7,780,000, but it’s worth every penny. All masonry construction was built by Nance and designed by Mark Candelaria.  Every detail and finish of this manor for sale was completed with ultimate quality. Imported tile roof from France, beautiful millwork, plastered walls, authentic French stone and wood flooring, custom French doors and 10 fireplaces. This house also has an incredible kitchen that includes an indoor grill, miele steamer, french stove and built-in espresso maker.

This manor for sale has about 12,419 Sq. Ft., 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a separate guest house.

Timeless and elegant.


Manor For Sale

This manor for sale is pure elegance in every detail.


I’d probably change the furnishings because the architecture is so beautiful in this place and you don’t want to overdo it with furnishings. Notice the stunning staircase, fireplace and floors.

Formal Living Room

This is a formal living room with attitude! I’m in love with the hues found in this room, and  also with the doors.

Dining Room

Intimate and very elegant.


Lots of attention to detail was given to this hallway. Beautiful floors, paneled walls and arches. I also love the light fixtures.

Family Room

 Lovely beams and fireplace.


There’s nothing I don’t like in this kitchen. Everything was perfectly designed.


This is an amazing kitchen! I’m very inspired by it! Notice the beams, the layout and the furniture-like cabinet on the left.

Beams & Island

Practical grill and stunning details.

Eating Area

The neutral colors and materials chosen here are perfect for the style of this home.

TV Room

A chic and stylish space. The mirror hides the TV and such.


The steel and glass doors are incredible!




Who wouldn’t feel inspired to work in a space like this?

Master Bedroom

I love the arched wall and the furniture.




At Night

This home is beautiful, inside-out.


Do you like French-inspired homes? I’m really liking the timeless architecture and decor found in this place. I think French interiors are quite tricky to get it right. We often see some overly done spaces and many times, they loose their appeal to me. This home is the opposite of that; this is the kind of home you want keep seeing more and more.


Did you guys have a good weekend? I worked a lot and barely slept. It’s being busy lately, but I feel happy and grateful, because I’m busy with things I love: my family, my work, projects. 

Talking about being busy, are you getting ready for Christmas yet? Every Christmas I like to buy some special gifts and send to my family. I can’t wait to start shopping! I love receiving gifts, but I have even more fun when I give them…

I hope you find reasons to celebrate life. I hope you find reasons to feel positive today and find strength within your layers.

You’re more than you can comprehend.

Keep believing in yourself. You have many great reasons for that.

Have a blessed week,

with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: Ellie Shapiro via Pricey Pads.

10 Comments to 'Manor For Sale'

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  1. Monica said,

    Loved all the photos and the colors are what I wished my home was in…never to late to start painting. Those glass framed doors are so beautiful.

  2. Linda in AZ * said,

    “… TO… DIE.. FOR … WONDERFUL”, that’s for sure!!! The warm spaces & UNcluttered look is always “MY thing”, soooo, so is this!!! That kitchen???~~~ TOOOOO YUMMY!!!

    MANNNNY thanks for sharing this! I’m in the process of designed a SMALL house for us in the mountains, to get away from the summer heat here, & I got lots of FAB ideas… will just have to “DOWNSIZE” them, of course!!! (Grins!!!)~~~

    Warmest n’ best,
    Linda in AZ *

  3. Greet said,

    This manor is heavenly! Love the way it is decorated! The owners have a great taste!! And the paneling of the hallway is gorgeous!

  4. Kathy said,

    That kitchen is perfection…love, love,love the floors!

  5. This house is just GORGEOUS!! I love it!! The colour of the living room is almost heavenly – I hear the angels singing!!


  6. Luciane, I really love this house! I love the exterior and that the interiors, although they match the style of the home, aren’t too stuffy. Great design elements that make it fresh, inviting and stylish. Love, love, love it! I’ll take it for my birthday please. 🙂

  7. Manderley said,

    Lovely Menor, It’s gorgeous, elegant, comfortable. I love it, but I’m sorry, I can’t buy now 😉


    Have a good week!

  8. Phyllis said,

    Where is this located?

  9. oh my, oh my! can’t believe how many rooms it has or that anyone would even need.
    but, the decor is in such good taste
    my best

  10. This is one stunning house, there is not one thing I dislike about it. Ok when am I moving in lol.

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