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Cream and pink nursery features a turquoise art piece over a Dwell Studio Mid Century French White Crib facing a window dressed in pink flower drapes. A three drawer cream dresser as changing table topped with a changing tray situated below a an "Everyday I Love You" sign and brass mirror illuminated by an antique brass Hicks Pendant. Meg Lonergan.


Every time a toxic cleaner is used, there is a heavy impact on the environment. It matters little whether the cleaners are spayed, washed, rinsed, poured or dumped; the effects are all the same. When these products are used, toxins are dispersed to the air, water and eventually come back to us. If you are unsure of what cleaning agents you are using, take a look at the ingredients that are used to manufacture them. You will be surprised to by what you find. It is always advisable to go for products that are certified. It is always advisable you to go for products that have the green seal of approval from organizations like Green Seal or those that possess ISO certification.

The carpet is one of the most used items in the home. If it’s not the baby sitting on them, pets will be lounging on them during their leisure time. That said it is of utmost importance to ensure that there are no toxic chemicals that have been embedded on the fibers of the carpet. These chemicals can cause skin rashes, allergies, and even respiratory problems more so for asthmatic and babies with bronchitis. It is advisable to go for products from companies that go to extreme lengths to ensure that the green carpet cleaning products they offer will not cause harm to your baby, pets and even yourself.

Dangers of Using Non Organic Carpet Cleaners

Baby girl's nursery features corner nursing area boasting an ivory chair adorned with a blush pink monogram pillow facing a pink linen tufted pouf ottoman beside a marble and brass accent table, Astre Antique Gold Leaf Star Shaped Table, topped with an orchid placed under windows dressed in pink flower curtains.  Meg Lonergan.

Eco friendly carpet cleaning forms the best way to avoid exposing your home to toxic fumes that will hang around your home and may end up causing harm to your baby by unexplained illnesses that manifest themselves every time your carpet is chemically cleaned. Some of the harmful ingredients that may be found in carpet cleaners include disinfectants, fragrances, Lye, Formaldehyde and acids. These substances have been known to cause hormonal imbalance, endocrine issues and in some cases infertility.

There are a number of dangerous chemicals that have been found when carpet emission tests have been performed namely: benzene, caprolactam, styrene, acetone, xylenes, hexane, vinyl cyclohexene, formaldehyde and p-dichlorobenzene. These chemicals are known to have carcinogenic properties. It goes without saying that if carpets are emitting these chemicals then individuals are surely ingesting them. The dangers they present are fatal.

Most carpets are made of synthetic fibers which are then retreated with chemicals, some of which are toxic and your baby, pets and even yourself. These carpets are a health risk to individuals who have them installed as well as those who are responsible for installing them. Infants, toddlers and pets are at a higher health risk because they spend most of their time on carpets.


Benefits of Using Nontoxic Carpet Cleaners

Ivory and pink girl's nursery features corner nursing area boasting an ivory chair adorned with a blush pink monogram pillow facing a pink linen tufted pouf ottoman situated under stacked clear bookshelves beside a marble and brass accent table, Astre Antique Gold Leaf Star Shaped Table, topped with an orchid placed under windows dressed in pink flower curtains. Meg Lonergan.

There are a number of reasons why it is advisable for individuals to use natural  cleaning as opposed to chemical cleaning of carpet. For starters, organically cleaned carpets do not release noxious fumes from synthetic fibers, chemicals used in their manufacture and the chemicals used to clean them. These are known to cause allergies reactions in babies, pets and grownups.

One of the single greatest benefit of using organic carpet cleaning solutions  is the fact that they do not pollute the air and are healthier not only for the environment but for the individual as well. Noxious fumes in enclosed rooms are known to cause sneezing, coughing, congestion, nausea, headaches, irritation to the lungs, eyes and nose, fatigue and a myriad other symptoms. These can be fatal to your baby.

When you use safe carpet cleaners, the potential for mold growth is reduced if not totally eliminated. This is because organic cleaners are dry thus depriving mold spores of the right environment to sprout and flourish. It is also cost effective because once mold manifests itself on your carpet, it is nearly impossible to eliminate and you may end up replacing it altogether.

It is of utmost importance to remember that there are some harmful chemicals that are found in commercially manufactured carpet cleaners and thus it is very important for the sake of your baby, pets and yourself. There exist alternatives that you can take into consideration for instance buying a natural made wool rug .


What to Consider When Cleaning Carpet

Purple and gray nursery features walls painted cool grey lined with an abstract art piece over a white crib accented with white bumpers with rope ties alongside a black kid's bentwood chair accented with a purple chevron cushion atop a seagrass rug. Chic girl's nursery boasts a white slipcovered chair with rolled-arms adorned with a purple chevron pillow next to a round metal accent table topped with a gold bunny lamp placed under a purple and pink abstract art piece a windows dressed in white and pink curtains.

When cleaning a carpet you should make sure that the cleaners that you use are organic, bio degradable and nontoxic. Additionally, you should also ensure that the product packaging is made from 100% recyclable material.


If you want your carpet to be professionally cleaned, go for companies that offer green   cleaning of even the dirtiest of carpets. Additionally go for organic carpet cleaning companies that have a proven track record of offering organic cleaning services over the years. This way you cannot go wrong!


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Sources: Meg Lonergan.

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