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Without the smallest hint of worry in the world, you wake up in the morning and start your day with a lovely breakfast with the family. You use the brand new coffee maker that promises to keep your coffee rich, a pancake presser making breakfast for the entire family a breeze, and the zesty scrambled egg recipe you received from your mother just a few days ago.

In just a few moments, the kids will be off the school and you’ll be off to work living this current day to the fullest. But, what really happens when everyone leaves the house on their own missions of the day? Did you remember to lock the front and back door, or were you even the last person out of the house? How about the stove? You kept some breakfast on the stove this morning to keep it enjoyably warm, but did you remember to turn it off? And the kids–did you watch them get on the bus?

Sometimes life moves so fast, it’s a blur. And, unfortunately, when we don’t have a hint of worry and the day is passing by, we forget about all the possible dangers that face us every second of our lives. Our homes, possessions, and family are constantly put at risk through some of the decisions we make on a daily basis. What all is exactly at risk and how can we slow down and face these dangers and prevent our homes and lives from taking a turn for the worse? Below are the risks in our lives and tips on how to face and prevent them.

Leaving the Home is an Open Invitation for Burglary

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Every time we leave our homes, we are leaving them vulnerable to the likelihood of robbery, and by the time we get wind of what’s happened, we are too late and often wonder if we could have seen it coming and possibly prevented it altogether.

The unfortunate news is that we cannot predict a robbery in our homes unless some of us have a sixth sense for that sort of thing. However, just because we cannot see a robbery coming does not mean we will always be down on our luck due to the random acts of crime, meaning there are steps we can take to prevent the likelihood of a burglary on our homes and our family. These steps hold significant importance when deterring intruders from our homes and include changing the way you present your home and talk about upcoming events, such as short/long travel dates and vacations.

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One of the steps to take for avoiding a burglary is to always let trusted family and friends know when you are away and ask them to watch and check on your house. This step is very important because if there is regular action at your home (i.e., someone walking in and out, driving by, walking around the house, etc.) burglars and intruders are less likely to engage.


Your Children’s Safety is of the Utmost Importance

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When your children ask you if they can play outside, you’re usually more than happy to let them, because inactive children, as we know, are not getting the amount of sunlight and exercise that they need.

While sunlight and exercise are fantastic for children, a turned head is not. When we are not watching our children, they are put at risk for a multitude of dangers which include falls, poisoning (plants, bugs, etc.), and even terrible dangers such as swimming pool accidents (i.e., drowning) and kidnapping. When we watch our children and something like poisoning happens, we are able to act quickly and treat the poisoning ourselves or take our children to the hospital for professional treatment.


What You Can Do to Have Peace of Mind

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If you feel you need to have eight eyeballs to monitor everything going around you, it’s a great idea to pursue other options that give you a trustworthy peace of mind such as home security. ADT Security Choice recommends the use of automated threat detection. Security companies like them offer families peace of mind through a variety of mechanisms, including window and door alarms, yard signs showing your home is protected, smoke detectors that sense fires and harmful gases like carbon monoxide, cameras to monitor all sides of your home (indoor and outdoor), and motion sensors to catch burglars and intruders.


When you take the appropriate precautions for keeping your home, your life, and your family safe, you can wake up in the morning without a hint of worry in your mind and start your day.


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 Wishing you all a healthy and happy day! We’ll talk again tomorrow!

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