Pinterest Fuel: A New Series

I’m sure most of you know what Pinterest is by now and if you don’t, be aware: it’s addicting! Pinterest is a place where you can not only have all of your favorite images stored but also search for any image you want. What I have noticed is that many of you, the sweetest readers in blogland” love to “pin” many images from here and that lead me to the idea of making a “series” where I select what I’m loving lately and if you guys like it, you can share it with others on Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy this new series and have fun “pinning” around!



Cafe & Croissant

I really like the slate floors and the creamy white kitchen, which reminds me of butter.  🙂


Have you seen the new issue of House Beautiful? It’s all about green! This kitchen would be a perfect fit for the magazine.


Ready for spring? I’m so ready for it!


I love how happy the colors make this patio feels.


Dining al fresco with color.

Turquoise Walls

Paint can give such a big impact to a room. How do you feel about the color here?

Grey & Green

I’m loving seeing the grey with green. So fresh!


This is so delicate. Love the green ruffles.


I’m keeping this one in my files. I love this room!


A very interesting way to hang your pictures.


I’m loving strips on the wall lately. An affordable way to create such a impact.


A coastal touch.


I love the black & white… this room seems that came from heaven!


A French flair…


So lovely!

Mirror Mirror

Interesting application of mirror on the wall.


The architecture of this living room blows me away. It reminds me of an igloo.


I’m not sure how happy I’d wake up with all this light, but I know I’d love to look at the stars during the night.


A kitchen with character.


I really like the energy of this room.

Dining Room

Interesting mix.


This space is very simple created.


Just bring a book.


I love this “birdie” mirror!


This is not really my style, but there’s something in this room that makes me love it… I think it’s the courage of using the vibrant green chairs.


Very unique light fixture.


This feels like home…

Light Blue

It’s simple to add some color to any space.

Rainy Day


Little Treasure

Find beauty.




I love the hues found in this space.


This room feels feminine without being too delicate.


I adore the linen bed skirt and throw.


Compact and very useful. This is a great inspiration if you think your bathroom is too small. Any space can look great when well done. To maximize the space feel in this bathroom, they used the same stone on the floor and walls, which uniforms the space.


This kitchen is stunning and it gets many points for being original. I love the light fixtures.

Boutique Prive

This is your turn to dream. Can you picture this closet with all the clothing and shoes you deserve?


I love the arched ceiling of this kitchen. It would be fun to watch the news while having breakfast.

Food & Wood

A room made by talented people. Notice the beauty of the ceilings and the window seat on both sides of the room.


Very traditional. I like the vintage rug.


Use less accessories when you have a beautiful piece like this one. Showcase the piece itself.

Mix Not Match

You really don’t need to match everything in a kitchen, but you have to keep in mind that the materials have to balance each other.


Interesting architecture.

Fairy Tale 

This house is enchanting.

Between Friends

What a inviting patio!

Which one are you pinning today?

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I hope you guys enjoyed this new series! And I hope everything is great with you! 

Everything is almost okay here, just my kids (yes, the three of them!) are having a bad cold. And if you have kids, you know how hard it is to see your “babies” not feeling 100%. But I know they’ll feel better soon. 🙂

Have a great day, everyone!


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21 Comments to 'Pinterest Fuel: A New Series'

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  1. Amanda Eck said,

    What a great idea Luciane!! And yes pinterest is so VERY addicting!

  2. WOW…this post is AWESOME. I just started getting addicted to Pinterest and I have sense been pinning my little fingers off – good thing we’re not using real push pins otherwise my fingers would be bleeding.

    These are great photos and SO MUCH here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great idea, Luciane! It’s so much fun to see your picks… and yes, there’s one I’m about to pin 🙂

    Have a great day… and Spring is coming 🙂 🙂 🙂

    xo Sheila

  4. Great post, Luciane! I am a Pinterest addict… what did we do without it ? 🙂 Hope the kiddos are on the mend soon!

  5. Hey Lucianne, so many beautiful images!! Love the closet and that last outdoor setting, stunning. I do have a Pinterest acct. but so far am able to control myself:) Oh you poor thing with 3 sick kids, that is not easy, when they are not happy i know mommy is not happy either!! Hope they are all on the mend very soon and hope you are taking care of YOURSELF!!

  6. Manderley said,

    Hi dear Luciane!! It’s a wonderful post!! I’m addicted to pinterest, you know? And now I’m going to pin it almost all the images because other I have in my pinterest, haha…

    xoxo and have a good weekend!

  7. So sorry to hear your kids are sick – and the baby too! That is so hard 🙁
    LOVE pinterest for the wealth of inspiration and the ability to organize images and ideas. You have some great ones here (and so many!). Like the new series! xo

  8. I love your pins! No surprise there 🙂

  9. And lots of love to the kids!

  10. hope those sweet little ones feel better soon! i do not plan on joining the pinterest gang as i know it would be more distraction (however lovely!) than i have time for.

    gorgeous images!


  11. Love pinterest! Yes I have many boards and images stored in that interest thingy.
    I pinned a couple of images here, Luciane.
    Happy Friday.

  12. Gloria said,

    I am addicted to Pinterest, but I have never pinned anything from anyone’s blog. I feel that one should ask permission first, and I am usually too lazy to do so. 🙂
    BUT, since you are giving us permission right now, I just pinned that closet! Gorgeous!!!!!!!
    P.S. Hope your kids feel better!

  13. Ines said,

    Hi, Dear-

    it´s a long time ago, that I´ve been here. My computer didn´t work and I only had the littel netbook from my daugther- too small for my eyes and it worked slowley- now we have a new one and I can visit you again…

    I love that traditional dining room and the kitchen before- really romantic- yes- traditional- I love such dark wood- it´s warm and comfy- but the beginning is great, too- that green kitchen- wonderful. And that white dining room- loveley…

    I hope, you feel good- enjoy your weekend- my twins have their birthday- so- a lot to do for mummy 🙂

    a big hug – Ines♥

  14. Greet said,

    Hi Luciane,
    Good idea to post some of your favorite Pinterest images! It is incredible what one can find there!! I love it! I think many among us are addicted to Pinterest! I love the ‘Simplicity’ image!
    Happy weekend!

  15. Kathy said,

    Ok girl you have OUTDONE yourself this time….Wowzer!!!! I am probably going to pin them all, just have to figure out how to do that…my dil will show me cause this post has got them all…our tastes are so much alike that it thrills me everyday to read your posts, but this one is at the top of my list for eye candy….ok that bunk, that kitchen that coastal stair….I’ve gotta go back and see it all again!

  16. Kathy said,

    p.s. so sorry about the wee little ones…:(

  17. Fabulous collection of photos! I too love that one with the bunk beds! The wall colour is cozy, the bed nooks are fabulous and are those navy chairs I spy?

  18. KATHYSUE said,

    So many pretty images and thank you so much for gathering them all up for us. I did pin a few on my pinboards!! Love pinterest and Yes indeed it is my guilty pleasure/addiction!! Happy Weekend sweetie, hope the kiddos feel better soon, Take care,

  19. ana maria said,

    Luciane, que show de imagens. Ainda tenho que me inteirar melhor da novidade, sou bem lentinha com as novidades, rs.

    bjo grande

  20. Hey, I’m glad you liked my striped wall! Could you please link it back to my blog? I was enjoying your post and all the photos, but was so disappointed none of the photos were credited or linked. And of course I was surprised to see my own wall in your post! That is part of the deal and the fun of Pinterest, you need to link back so people can find the original source and give credit (not to Pinterest, but to where the photos originally came from). My link is here:


  21. Hi Melissa,

    I did link to your blog (please, see “source”). But I’m also linking it to you under your photo. You said you were disapointed none of the photos were credited, I’m sorry, but I would never do this on my blog. I credit the photos at the end of every post. I’d encourage anyone to please, let me know if I miss any source and I’d grandly add it to “sources”.

    Thank you,


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