Thatched Cottage


This traditional thatched cottage is so enchanting that it seems that came out of a fairy-tale.

Located in an olde-world village in the Cotswold, Birlingham, Worcestershire, UK, this rental English thatched cottage is perfect for families or couples looking for a romantic place to stay.

The interiors are as charming as the exterior, with antique furniture, traditional beamed ceilings and rustic plank wood floors. The attention to detail is also evident outdoors, with enchanting gardens where one can find beautiful pink lupins, hollyhocks, foxgloves, apple trees, pear trees and not to mention a candy-coloured playhouse.

Let’s dream away!


English Thatched Cottage

Anyone can feel enchanted by the beauty found in this thatched Cottage in England.

Dining Room

The country-style dining room has beautiful furniture and plenty of natural light.


Adding beautiful food and flowers at the table is an easy way to make everyone feel welcomed.

Play by the Fire

Imagine spending cozy nights playing games by the woodburner.


The entryway has a beautiful antique piece.

English Kitchen

Beautiful country-style kitchen with creamy white cabinets.


I love this “Aga” stove.

 Cottage-y Kitchen

This small cottage kitchen is full of charm and beauty. I honestly adore it!

Bedroom Design

The bedroom is also very charming and cozy. I especially love its architecture and the brass bed.

With Love

Breakfast in bed? Why not?!

Bathroom Design

This bathroom feels rustic and very charming at the same time. A claw-tub is always appealing.

French Chaise

A French chaise can be found in the bathroom. A nice touch!

Kids’ Bedroom

Cozy and cute.



For the Girls

Great antique beds and playful dresser.

Cottage Sweet Cottage

An ample view of the cottage and the playhouse.


Every child’s dream!


Enchanting gardens with lupins, hollyhocks and foxgloves.


Pollyanna Cottage in Birlingham, Worcestershire, UK.


This is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Old Mangle

Interesting antiques can be found in this cottage.

English Beauty


            Thatched Cottage

This cottage can inspire a novel.


The beautiful Pollyanna thatched cottage in the Cotswolds.

Be Romantic

 Twinkly al fresco dining is always romantic.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful cottage. Isn’t it dreamy?


You can read more about this cottage here.


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  1. Manderley said,

    Ohhh it’s a beautiful cottage!! I love it! ….. and the scones… yum!


  2. Luciane,
    Where do I sign? I love the location and the charming home.

  3. Kathy said,

    I would pin everyone of these if I knew how…have you seen ~house of turquoise~? she has a little P in the corner of her pictures so that you just have to hit that and you can pin it….sorry I’m challenged in this whole tech stuff..

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  5. catherine copestake said,

    Love everything about this cottage ! Magical !

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