Restored Spanish Cottage

A Restored Dream In Spain

This cottage is located in Ampurdán, a historic region of Gerona, Spain and it was totally abandoned when the new owners decided to leave it to interior designer Eva Martínez and had her transform it into a stylish place.

The designer had to restore the entire cottage but also wanted to keep the architectural style intact. She painted the walls in a natural tone, used concrete on the floors and opened a wall in the living room to add more natural light to the house.  When the time came to furnish the cottage, Eva opted for a “shabby chic” style, using simple furniture, some antiques and contemporary art pieces. All of those elements make this place very desirable and inspiring.

A Room with Personality

Nothing compares to a place that has beautiful architecture. That’s the beginning of all, so whenever you look for a place to buy, remember that! 😉

The Vision

That couch is so unique with the pillows. All the colors and furnishings blend well with the cottage and create a beautiful flow.

Come & Dine

This table was designed by Eva Martínez. I love the metal used all around it and the gorgeous benches.


With the original walls, this European kitchen has all the charm. It’s also very useful with all the necessary appliances hidden by the black cabinets. The counters are made of concrete.

Mix- Mix

Yet another design by Eva. She designed this table made of steel. A great choice for this place.


Rustic and modern.

Pardon Moi

I hope you can focus on the architecture and not on that picture! 🙂  The ceilings are original and common in the region. It was painted white to have a good flow with the rest of the room.


It can be a little cold but any kid would love sleeping here. Eva also designed the concrete bunk beds.

Tv Room

This is a little corner for the family and kids to relax, read a book, watch tv or take a little nap.


With the hot temperatures of Spain, you’re sure to appreciate a covered patio like this one. The furniture is gorgeous, and I also love the idea of having the mural and the curtains.

The Table

I want it! Eva used old zinc and salvage wood to create this outdoor table.

This is a place that anyone would love to spend some days, weeks or a lifetime in. I sure would love to!

Tell me what you think about this cottage and why do you think so many people are fascinated with cottages abroad?


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Photos: Nuevo Estilo.

Designer: Eva Martinez:  Spain: (Tel.: 600 424 983)

16 Comments to 'Restored Spanish Cottage'

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  1. Tereza said,


    que casa linda, adorei as cores e a varanda é especial.
    Parece uma caverna chiquérrima.
    Lindo post.
    Tenha uma boa semana.

  2. Love it!

  3. quintessence said,

    Luciane – what a spectacular home – i think it’s also especially appealing because it’s like nothing you would ever see here – really fabulous!! I was trying to single out one room to focus on in my comment – but I can’t – love them all!!

  4. Hello ” Quintessence”

    You’ve said everything; it’s nothing you’d even see here”. That’s what attracts me to research (virtually) abroad. I love finding little cottage in Italy, Spain. There’s so much to learn and see.


    Luciane at

  5. Slim Paley said,

    I love the colour palette and the ceilings, especially in the kitchen, although I can almost feel catching my hip on the corner of those cabinet handles.
    Also not sure if I’d want to be on the lower bunk of concrete bunk beds but I
    love the mural outside – that’s really fab and very unique.

  6. Slim,

    Oh, what a pleasure! But you know that already, don’t you? 🙂

    I agree with you, that mural is really unique. I thought it was a fantastic idea, especially if you have an ugly, boring wall and not much of a backyard… it balances the place and makes it so stylish.


    Luciane at

  7. I love it! Except I could do without the naked chick in the bedroom. I don’t need my husband or myself to be comparing my wobbly bits to THAT! 🙂

  8. Nichole,

    I am with you about that picture. I wouldn’t have a PERFECTION right there to be compared with.. LOL… I love myself too much to do such a thing. LOL


    Luciane at

  9. beautiful house! I like the living room, and the outdoors, and the kitchen and … and 🙂


  10. Maria,

    It’s always so nice to have you here! I am glad you like it.


    Luciane at

  11. Donnie said,

    I love the lines of the home but that kitchen is beautiful and looks very functional.

  12. Donnie!

    I totally agree. What a beautiful kitchen, eh? I love the mix of the old walls and the contemporary cabinets.


    Luciane at

  13. Oh my…. what a house!! I love cottage and I love love this one with neutral colors; stunning!

  14. My nephews would go crazy over those bunks! I love the outdoor room bestest. ;*}

  15. I really love the ue of art in the house. Okay, I was a little bit distracted by some of it….but over all, I really liked all the art….and the house too, of course.


  16. Greet said,

    Hi Luciane,
    This cottage is beautiful! Unusual but wonderful! The designer has done a good job! I love everything! And especially the bedrooms! This kind of bunkbeds I have never seen.
    Thank you for sharing!

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