The changing price of gadgets in the home
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Hi everyone, I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far. Here’s a guest post by Castle Cover about gadgets. Can anyone live without with them these days? I hope you find this article useful!


Our homes are filled with products that we couldn’t imagine living without, from mobile phones and televisions to the humble vacuum cleaner, and with technology advancing all the time, the cost of buying and replacing these items is always changing. This Product Price Index by insurance policy provider Castle Cover reveals just how much we used to pay for a high-quality version of these everyday items, which were once considered novelties, and how much we expect them to cost today:

The Changing Prices of Products in the UK from 1950 to the Present Day:

Television – £6,400/$10,000 (1950s equivalent price) to £1,200/$1,900 (2010)

From the tiny black-and-white screens of the 1950s to the high-definition behemoths of today, the TV is one of the most recognisable barometers of how far home entertainment has come in the last 60 years. Despite the huge advances in the overall experience they deliver, TVs have fallen sharply in price thanks to their enormous popularity.

Camera – £780/$1,230 (1950s) to £308/$488 (2010)

The switch from traditional film to digital media was a huge game-changer for handheld cameras, which resulted in a price spike in the 1990s. Now, though, nearly every mobile phone comes equipped with a digital camera, and prices for standalones have dropped considerably to stay competitive.

Games console – £7,500/$11,800 (1950s) to £240/$380 (2010)

Computer hardware is getting smaller all the time – in price as well as size – and today’s consoles are a fraction of the cost of the first gaming systems introduced in the 50s and 60s. While the Atari 2600 and ZX Spectrum are widely considered the first popular home consoles, the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972 represented the first dramatic fall in the cost of the technology.

Mobile phone – £5,500/$8,700 (1950s) to £499/$790 (2010)

The now-derided “bricks” of the 1980s were in their time the preserve of only the richest businessmen, but now it’s rare to meet anyone who doesn’t own a mobile. The Bellsouth/IBM Simon Personal Communicator from 1992 is credited as the first “smartphone”, combining telephone, pager, fax and PDA capabilities into one device.

Personal stereo – £460/$730 (1950s) to £254/$402 (2010)

Compact stereos haven’t moved a great deal in price over the decades, partly because the format has changed so frequently – from transistor radios, to cassette tapes, to the CD and short-lived minidisc format, and finally to present-day MP3 players, new ways of listening to music have to be introduced at a similar price to their predecessors to attract followers.

Vacuum cleaner – £540/$855 (1950s) to £499/$790 (2010)

Another familiar device that hasn’t shifted much in price, the vacuum cleaner has been around in various forms for over 150 years. Daniel Hess, who invented a vacuum-powered carpet sweeper in 1860, would have been stunned to learn his idea would evolve into the autonomous Roomba cleaners of today.

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 Thank you, Castle Cover for the interesting article!


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