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Farrow and Ball Pavilion Grey. Farrow and Ball Pavilion Grey. Farrow and Ball Pavilion Grey. Farrow and Ball Pavilion Grey #FarrowandBallPavilionGrey

Perceptions of electric heating have long been poor, and for good reason. Homeowners have struggled with the inefficiency and expense of night storage heaters since their introduction back in the 1950’s. Since then we’ve seen some minor improvements in terms of control and aesthetics, but the basic problems remain.

Electric Heating is Raising its Game

Traditional Foyer. Traditional Foyer Railing. Traditional Foyer Stairway. Traditional Foyer railing design ideas. Philip Ivory Architects

Heat energy simply cannot be stored indefinitely. As anyone who has used storage heaters will know, they begin to release the stored heat very quickly – heating the home in the night while you’re asleep, and then over the following day when you’re out at work, or when the weather is actually mild. By the evening, when you really need that warmth, the heat is spent.


How to hide radiators. How to hide radiators in kitchen breakfast nook. Paint Color: Farrow & Ball Farrow's Cream (upper walls), Farrow & Ball Skylight (ceiling). Gary Brewer Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

{Paint Color: Farrow & Ball Farrow’s Cream (upper walls), Farrow & Ball Skylight (ceiling).}


The low-rate electricity that has long been available late at night to “charge” storage heaters is usually supplied alongside a much higher rate as part of a tariff that is aimed specifically at those who use storage heaters. The higher rate that is applied to all daytime hours of energy usage can cost twice as much as a standard single-rate tariff. This premium rate applies to the lighting, refrigeration, cooker, TV, washing machine – everything in fact. Whilst continuing to use night storage heaters, there is no escaping this.

The energy tariff, the lack of control and the inefficiency of storage heaters aren’t the only issues that have given them a poor reputation over the years. With a number of heat-retaining bricks inside them, storage heaters they are pretty bulky. Visually, they can seem rather dated and obtrusive – especially in a modern home.

White opulence OC-69 - Benjamin Moore. White opulence OC-69 - Benjamin Moore. White opulence OC-69 - Benjamin Moore. White opulence OC-69 - Benjamin Moore. Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

{Paint Color: White opulence OC-69 – Benjamin Moore.}


In terms of longevity, we see water-filled cast iron, steel and aluminum radiators that are still perfectly serviceable after many years, yet electric heaters often look tired, dated, and yellowed. Electric heating has improved in this aspect. Advances in manufacturing processes now mean that electric heaters can also look fresh for many years. The use of powder-coating for instance, makes the finish extremely durable.

With the introduction of new direct-acting electric heating technologies, even the most modern-looking electric night-storage heaters have clearly had their day.

Modern direct-acting electric heating systems are now installed in homes by landlords and homeowners alike as an efficient alternative to night storage heaters. There has been an increase in commercial installations too, with offices, hotels and public buildings taking new electric heating systems into consideration when planning refurbishments.


 Revere Pewter BM. Su Architects

{Paint Color: BM Revere Pewter.}


Tony Renshaw, Director of an internet-based heater business commented: “Recently our electric radiators have been installed in offices and new-build student accommodation blocks. The feedback has been excellent. With energy-saving features such as open window sensors, energy monitors and accurate proportional thermostats, facilities managers can keep a check on waste, even when others don’t.”

“Our products are supported by warranty periods of up to 30-years, and with reduced running costs and minimal installation requirements, they are not only a modern upgrade from storage heaters, but also a viable alternative to oil and gas-fired systems. “

In assessing whether electric heating is right for you, there are a number of things to take into account. The initial purchase cost, installation requirement, running cost, and longevity are key considerations.

Patio Ceiling Heater. Burnham Design.

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