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Home-Bunch-Founder-Luciane Born in Brazil, Luciane, lived there until she moved to Canada in 2000. After completing her studies, she met her husband and this is where they live and raise their beautiful family.

Luciane is the Founder & Editor of the blog, Home Bunch, which features beautiful interiors, luxury estates, celebrity homes and a vibrant design community. Luciane shares not only one of her biggest passions, which is Interior Design, but also blogs to learn from readers.  “I see this as a strong relationship where we share each day by having a couple of minutes dreaming and talking about our homes and life. Over the years, Home Bunch became more than a blog, it became a community.”

When not busy with her family, Luciane is a regular featured writer for Houzz and a thought-after interior designer.




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  1. Cynthia said,

    Parabéns pelo site! Hoje em dia buscamos praticidade, beleza e conforto, nas sugestões apresentadas no site “Home Bunch” encontramos tudo isso e muito mais. Aproveitando a oportunidade gostaria de sugestões para tapete na sala de jantar. Parede gelo e branca com grafiato e a mesa com as cadeiras são de madeira avermelhada, que cor devo usar para o tapete?

  2. admin said,

    Eu acabei de fazer um “post” sobre tapetes. Espero que voce goste e encontre um que de certo para o seu novo apto!

    Stylish Rugs For Any Kind of Style

    Luciane C.

  3. Thank you for the encouraging words on my blog. Your site is FABULOUS! What a treat!

  4. hallie said,

    love your blog! its beautiful and clean and well written. I love the layout and your content is fantastic! Welcome to the blogging world! It’s a trip and you are going to love it!


  5. Luciane C. said,

    Hi, Hallie!

    Wow! Thank you so much! I am addicted to my site! 😉 LOL I am loving having a site. It’s hard work (lots of research) but really fun. I am enjoying every minute of it!

    Thank you for the kind words!


  6. Carla Aston said,

    Hi Luciane, I have enjoyed your site. Very well organized and full of beautiful photos! Welcome to the blog world. It is truly addictive!

  7. Soraya said,

    Parabéns!!!! Esse site é mto legal eu amo casa e td relacionado a decoração…
    Espero poder contar c/ a sua ajuda.

    Um abraço,

  8. Luciane C. said,


    Pode ter certeza que voce sempre podera contar com a minha ajuda! 🙂


  9. Karen said,

    I am reqlly enjoying your site, and take time to see your new posts as they come up….your backyard is an amazing retreat!

  10. Yvonne L. said,

    I’m happy to have found your blog and look forward to spending time searching through it. Just want to mention that I see “dining room” misspelled quite often… All the best 🙂

  11. Finally made it over here for a visit, and very glad that I did. I love house porn and can’t get enough of it!

  12. Beate from *sunday in bed* said,

    Dear Luciane,
    this is my second try to leave a comment…I hope, I can remind of all this what I wrote…I guess, I made a mistake by “submitting the comment”!
    So…first of all thank you for your sweet comment on my blogsite! 🙂
    It`s always an adventure finding out who this new wonderful person is, which found it`s way to my little virtual world! I love the thought that somebody from very far away is sending me a note, a thought, something to laugh about….so nice!So…thank you very much for that!
    As I was reading your text about yourself, I thougth, we are just alike in so many things.
    Well, I would be glad to hear from you again and I really like your website! 🙂
    Have a wonderful last week in this november!
    Beate 🙂 XOXO

    PS: Please excuse my english, if I made mistakes. It is not my mother tongue, unfortunately…

  13. Dear Beate,

    I am so glad you figured out how send me a comment, because you’ve made my day with your words. I must say that there’s no other reason to me to do this blog besides meeting people like you, people that are here to have fun and to get to know each other.

    By the way, English isn’t my first language neither and I do make mistakes but I am doing my best right now, and guess what, even writers make mistakes (they have editors to help them), and not having a perfect English will not stop me to express myself and be out there to meet people like you. Am I wrong?

    Thank you so much for coming here and we’ll keep in touch, ok?


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  14. Thanks for visiting my Blog. I supose you enjoyed with it. Yours is interesting. You really do what you like.

  15. Lori said,

    Hi, Luciane.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment… I am so glad you did because that is how I have found your blog. I have looked through several of your posts and I am seriously impressed. Your photos are beautiful and inspiring and your commentary is interesting and well thought out. As soon as I am done writing this comment, I am going to subscribe so I don’t miss a post! 🙂

  16. Hello Lori!

    I am so happy to hear you like my blog! That always put a smile on my face! That’s the reason I am here, working daily on it, to make sure I am doing a good job, but mostly important, to be in contact with other bloggers and my readers. I always try to do my best because you guys deserve it. 🙂

    See you soon! 🙂


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  17. Hi Luciane,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It is so great to meet a fellow Maritimer, indeed, and interesting that Canada is not my native country either (I was born in Northern Ireland). Your blog looks wonderful and I am enjoying poking around and reading some of your posts.
    Have a wonderful Christmas season,

  18. Great blog and content! Keep up with your great blog… Subscribed!

    The DLD Team

  19. Oi Luciane! menina, cheguei ao seu blog, visitei-o inteirinho e não sabia que você era brasileira, que incrível! Também sou blogueira e nem sei como conheci o HomeBunch. Já está no meu GoogleReader!
    Merry Chtistmas and Happy New Year.
    Kisses from Sao Paulo
    Carmen Martins
    Blog Achados de Decoração

  20. Naci Nogueira said,

    Oi Luciane, cheguei até você através do blog da Carmen Martins. Você tem muito estilo, menina! Visitarei seu blog todas as manhãs para ver como você vai me presentear no dia, porque tenho certeza que terá um mundo maravilhoso para apresentar.
    Muito sucesso para você!
    Feliz Natal
    Maci Nogueira

  21. Elaine C. Campos Lotfi said,

    Oi, Lú!!!!
    Estou surpresa e muito feliz por ver um trabalho tão lindo, feito com tanto amor. Feliz 2011, querida amiga, e muito, muito sucesso!!! Visitarei seu blog diariamente.

  22. Olá, Luciane.
    Estou visitando o blog pela primeira vez e adorando, vou inclui-lo nas minhas leituras diárias.
    Foi uma surpresa saber que você é brasileira.
    Eu sou aqui do sul do Brasil, Porto Alegre.
    Beijos e feliz 2011.
    Sílvia Gatti

  23. that table is too cool for me – I like modern but with warmth
    look at my web how: http://www.seatocanvas.com

  24. Karina said,

    Ola Luciane,
    Moro nos EUA e estou fazendo um curso de decoracao. Adorei o seu site. Abracos

  25. Dreamer said,

    very wonderful blog, of a thrue person. I appreciate very much your life style. I think to be a transparent person as you, but is always very difficul to leave in this way, in such as world…
    P.S. Wonderful beds! Especially Nest Italia!!!

  26. Grazie tanto, Dreamer!!!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  27. Sally said,

    Love your blog; I’m going to spend a lot of time here this morning looking around. 🙂

  28. Luciane,
    Thanks for stopping by. How did you come across my blog? I am always interested in finding out.
    Your blog is great too, I’ll be sure to take some time to look around.

  29. Minha nossa! VOCE E BRASILEIRA!!!! Ja adoro voce! Eu sou argentina, mais tuda a vida foi de ferias pra Brazil e AMO a terra do “Samba e Pandeiro”. Agora moro no Mexico mais so por um mes mais. Adorei a sua introduccao Luciane! Deus te proteja sempre, a voce e a sua familia e te de tudo o exito nesta vida. Um grande abraco e de seguro vou voltar mais seguido! XoXo

  30. Megan said,

    I came across your website and found it alluring and exciting. I am a big fan of architecture and design. I just had a couple of questions and if you could e-mail me back that would be great.
    I look forward to hearing back from you soon! Have a great day.

  31. Margaret C said,

    Adoro o seu blog! I lived in Brazil for 6 years and LOVED it! Sao Paulo and Brazilia. I still miss it… *Saudades* Still influences everything in my life. I am an art director and a DIY dabbler, mama to three, they motivate me to be more creative! I will continue to follow your blog. Your blog is very well designed, informative and easy to navigate.

  32. You have a great eye for design, and I would consult with you on any designs if i were near you. I know you have a great future. I will be checking your blog daily.

  33. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane

    Adorei saber mais sobre você!!!
    na verdade via teu blog na pagina da Carmen, depois vi também no blog da Flavinha, O casinha encantada e um dia entrei através do blog da Flavinha e vi aquela postagem da fazenda no espirito Santo . Deixei recado, vc me visitou e agora estou aqui desfrutando da tua companhia tão bacana. Que continues assim tão firme e ao mesmo tempo serena.Gosto de pessoas que transparentes, que não estão na blogosfera pra fazer média..rs

    bjus pra vc e sua família amiga!
    muito amor , paz e saúde pra vcs!

  34. Lovely to meet ya! Its always nice to come across a fellow Canadian blogging design 🙂

  35. I’m so happy to find your blog through Tina’s guest post today!


  36. Luciane,
    I simple don’t know how you do it!! When my kiddos were at your stage the thought of blogging did not even cross my mind. Frankly, even organizing guest bloggers is a task! Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with you!!! Happy New Year, friend!! M.

  37. Hi Luciane,

    I just found your blog via your comment at Design Mom, and I’m so happy to have stumbled upon it. I look forward to reading more and following along.

    Have a nice day,

  38. Cassia said,

    Ola Luciane, Eu vi seu blog inteirinho, pagina por pagina, adorei e so no finalzinho descobri que voce tambem era brasielira. Parabens pelo lindo trabalho, sou me tornar sua seguidora!!
    Como voce, tambem nasci e cresci no Brasil. Estou morando nos Estados Unidos ha 14 anos, viemos pra ca com uma oferta de emprego para o meu marido. Na epoca eramos eu, ele e cinco filhos. Hoje os rapazes ja sao adultos e independentes e so estamos com a nossa filha Anna, que em Marco completa 15 anos.
    Somos de Sao Paulo e atualmente moramos no Estado da Georgia, proximo de Atlanta.
    Vou continuar visitando seu blog, que alias visitei por intermedio do blog da Carmem Martins, que eu adoro tambme.
    Boa sorte, porque talento voce tem!!!

  39. Donna said,

    Hi, Luciane,

    I just found your lovely blog via Home Stories A2Z, and so happy I did! Looking forward to spening more time on here!


  40. Lana Waller said,

    I live in Canada as well. I love all the beautiful homes you feature in your blog. Very beautiful and lots of inspiration.

  41. Dear Luciane,

    We could not find an email that goes directly to you, so we will try to contact you here. : ) We wanted to let you know that we re-posted one of your beautiful photos on our new blog. Proper credit is given below the photo, and clicking on the photo takes the viewer directly to your inspiring blog.
    : )



    Kristen and Jamie
    Feather & Nest

  42. Gigi said,

    Ola Luciane,

    I like your site and actually came back to look for bathroom ideas but Im totally puzzled by how your ‘search’ box works. I typed in ‘bathroom ideas’ and got kitchen stuff. Then tried ‘bathroom’ and got entrances and gates. What am i missing here????
    Frustrated in Toronto

  43. Hello Gigi!

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling frustrated. Sometimes, the searching bar grabs the categories. For example, when you searched for “bathroom ideas”, the first post that came had pictures of kitchens and also bathrooms (at the end).

    Please, try to see my archives. I’m sure you’ll find lots of inspiration there.



    Also, try to see my board on Pinterest. When you click on the picture, it sends you directly to its post:


    Have a great day!


  44. Cynthia said,

    Olá Luciane, o seu blog esta cada vez melhor!!! Entro sempre quando tenho alguma duvida sobre qual tapete comprar, qual vaso, qual luminaria! Vejo as tendencias e acabo encontrando uma releitura do que vi no seu blog. Obrigada pela ajuda!

  45. Just found you through friend! Lovely site with TONS of inspiration! xo

  46. Luciane, Que lindo site! Fiquei surpresa e feliz por encontrar alguém como eu, brasileira em outro país – eu estou em Portugal – e a fazer o mesmo tipo de trabalho. Amei sua linha editorial. Por favor faça-me uma visita. Continuarei a visitar vosso site e caso tenha interesse, gostara de adicioná-la ao meu blogrol.
    Todo sucesso para si e seu excelente trabalho.

  47. Lauren Q said,

    I was on Pinterest and stumbled upon your website, and let me tell you, I absolutely love it! So much inspiration and great ideas! There are so many beautiful homes decorated perfectly inside and out! I love interior design and this website really makes me want to pursue a career in it!

  48. Faye said,

    Hello from the UK!

    I have recently stumbled upon your site and I am enjoying your posts very much. We moved into our cottage 18 months ago and we are slowly doing it up.

    It is great to have some inspiration from your pages and posts and even greater to see all the beautiful properties and interiors far and beyond my shores.

    Hope to see more cottage posts soon.

    Faye x

  49. Devaux said,

    Hello Luciane ,
    I’m living in Paris , France , born in Argentina and I love your blog ! Bravo ! It’s my favorite promenade !
    Thank you so much !


  50. karen downes said,

    I LOVE THIS BLOG! This website is so full of beautiful stuff and so elegant but usable I just assumed “Homebunch” was a lot of people colaberating. I was so surprised that there is just one tiny, adorable Luciane by herself. I am so impressed.

  51. Hayden said,

    Luciane, this blog is outstanding. I totally got lost looking through your most popular posts. It gave me a lot of great ideas, now if only I had the money! Lots of inspiration here for an interior designer or home builder. Keep up the great work!

  52. Kristín said,

    Luciane, you have a Beautiful pictures on your well-written blog, amazing and beautiful stuff you have on your page ♥ love it !

  53. Sonia said,

    Luciane, I love a pic you posted recently about olive green bedding, please please please tell me where the bedding set is from?

  54. gail said,

    Such a beautiful room. Can you tell me what fabric the bed is upholstered in?

  55. Barbara said,

    Defintely the best blog! You Make me dream everytime I recieve the newsletter, such an ispiration for me and my home!

  56. Jane Johnson said,

    Great blog, Luciane!! Keep up the good work!

  57. Maira said,

    Dear Luciane! Achei o teu website, estava procurando ideias para uma decoracao provençal, e qual foi minha surpresa em saber que a editora do website é brasileira.
    Parabéns pelo teu trabalho. Sucesso!!!

  58. Mihai Elis said,

    Hello from the Romania

    Your site is great.A lot of ideea for inspiration.Thank you.

  59. Monica said,

    Are the homes you feature on your blog just homes you find online or homes you have actually visited?

  60. Jennifer said,

    I am curious if you can tell me where you got that cute kitchen nook table? Wooden top and wrought iron legs.

  61. Simone said,

    Hi Luciane! Eu moro nos EUA mas sou brasileira, passo horas olhando as casas featured no HomeBunch. So hoje vi seu nome no site e pensei na hora: Sera que ela eh brasileira??Bom agora ja sei. Parabens pelo blog, amo todos os detalhes e desde o inicio pensei, que maravilha, todas as informacoes, sources, wall colors, very helpful! Obrigada!

  62. Oi Simone,

    Que bom ouvir isso! Muito obrigada!

    Mantenha contato, ta?


  63. Simone said,

    Greetings from Connecticut!

  64. Esther said,

    You are a very talented designer! I absolutely love your work. I have a few questions about my kitchen remodel and want to be inspired by the one you did for Banks Design Associates, LTD & Simply Home- called Heavenly Kitchen. Please what is the colour of the cabints and kitchen walls an drapes? Thank you very much!

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