White Kitchens

White kitchens are here to stay. Just take a good look at this post and you’ll understand why. Its classic lines and color can easily adapt to any style or budget. Having a white kitchen became an obsession for so many people (including myself) that I’ve decided to share some unforgettable ones here.

To make a white kitchen stand out, you really need to give an extra attention to the details, because it seems that everything shows even more when we’re designing this kind of kitchen. Look around, take notes and be inspired.

Talking about white, what’s your favorite white paint? I’ve always being a fan of “super white” by Benjamin Moore. What about you? Please, share.


I’m in love with this kitchen from Tar paper crane.

A Friend’s Kitchen

I’m sure many of you have seen Tina’s kitchen from “The Enchanted Home”, right?  This is a dream kitchen for so many of us in blogland!


Tina is in  process of moving still but everything is already looking so perfect. She has an impeccable taste!


This is “Teddy”, the cutest dog on the net. 🙂 He seem to be such a good puppy. Look at his eyes.. oh…

Integrated Perfection

Everything was carefully selected by Tina. The result? A timeless kitchen.

In & Out

Stunning! Stunning! Stunning!


Everything white and shiny.


A totally uncomplicated kitchen.


This range is on my wish list for way too long. I’ll keep working on it though.

Light Light

The right light fixture can bring a kitchen to the next level.


Use a bench instead of stools if you have small children. They’re safer and oh, so comfy!


Here’s the “ingredients” for a perfect kitchen: white cabinets, white walls and brick flooring.


Exposed brick walls are great too!


Slate hides every little spills. Oh, well… it is a kitchen’s floor, right?


I really love seeing tables in a kitchen instead of islands. It creates so much personality.


The cabinets have a creamy white color. It feels warmer.

Look At You

This one have stolen my heart. Am I too sentimental today? 🙂


They’re using the family room as eating area.


I really like the design of the backsplash.


Great ceiling in semi-gloss.


A modern farmhouse kitchen.


This is a great “I- can-do-it” kind of kitchen.

Vitamin C

It’s always fun to add some strong colors to a white kitchen. They shine!

Mama Mia!

Pure perfection.

This & That

The perfect cottage kitchen.


Love the windows surrounding this kitchen.


From a chic doll house. I can see cupcakes being served here all the time. 🙂


White cabinets and beams make me smile.


A delicate touch.


Is there anything more beautiful in a white kitchen than marble countertops?


Notice the shelves and brackets.


I’m obsessed with this!

Melted Butter

This is what I call “melted butter kitchen”. Just the right amount of color.


The color on the cabinets look great with the countertops.


A sleek white kitchen.

White & Fire

This kitchen feels very European with the table and fireplace.

Where, When?

I need this pantry! Look how organized it is!


This is why we like beautiful kitchens, even the food seems to be more appealing. Don’t you think?


Wow! I’m ready to grab a bucket of paint and start transforming everything around here! Should I get a brush for you too?

So nice to have you here, friends. I know I keep saying the same thing all the time but I never get tired of thanking you for being here. It’s really great to see how many of you enjoy my work and I feel grateful for that.

Talking about work, I’m working so much lately and I do feel a bit tired sometimes, but it’s so rewarding to do what we love and especially when you feel people appreciate your efforts. I hope you get the same feeling with whatever you do. Feel fulfilled with our work isn’t always possible, but we should find passion in whatever we create. I believe we have to keep searching for what makes our soul grow and our spirit to thrive in this life.

Wishing you a bright day!


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