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Hello! How are you doing today? Do you feel this week went by way too fast? It’s was a “run-run” kind of week for me, but I feel grateful because even though my to-do list seems to never end, I know I’ve accomplished so much.

Talking about accomplishing, I hope you enjoy this Pinterest Fuel. I’ve selected some pictures of interiors and exteriors that caught my eye during this week. There’s some amazing kitchens, some extraordinary architecture and some clean-lined interiors. It’s truly a mix today and I hope you guys like seeing these different spaces.

Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. I have mine in hand!

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Doesn’t it make you dream?


Let’s spend some quiet time in the country.


How sweet is this house? I adore it!

Yellow & Blue



This view takes your breath away.


The landscaping is simply perfect for this house.

Red Flowers

I don’t know how much time you have to spend to have a garden like this, but this is so beautiful!


Home Sweet Home

Doesn’t it feel just like a sweet place to live?


We should spend more days outside, feeling the warm sun, breathing fresh air, forgetting the time and turning off the cell phone.


When was the last time you looked at your house and felt grateful for having it?


Oh, we need to take a minute here and enjoy the architectural details of this place. Imagine how much work was put into it.

Grey Skies

This is one of those big houses we see but we know it feels homey and cozy inside.


Beautiful driveway and lush gardens.

Any Time

I can picture a fun party by this amazing pool.


Wouldn’t it be nice to call it “home”?


The back is also beautiful.


I really like this house.


It’s truly impressive.

Bricks & Stones

I always love seeing the mix of bricks and stones. Timeless materials.


The backyard is done to perfection.


The pool and the jacuzzi have a natural feel and blends in perfectly with the landscaping.


Nice, huh?


Bringing outdoor space to the next level!


This kitchen seems that has been here for generations. This is the beauty of using timeless materials and classic lines. It will look great for many years to come.


This cabinet comes handy with a small sink.

You & Me

This is what I want to see: originality! How great is this kitchen?! We’re not using upper cabinets, instead, we’re loading this kitchen with windows. This is the best kitchen I’ve seen in a while.

Just Look

Unique and fabulous!


 The sink and marble add some softness to this kitchen.


 A very rustic Italian kitchen. Che bella!

A Favorite

I will never get tired of seeing Tina’s kitchen! Look at the stunning idea of adding ginger jars on the island. Tina has a new fabulous online store and I’ve found a ginger jar for you guys, in case you want to have this look in your kitchen:

Click here to see this ginger jar and others.


This kitchen feels “quiet”, peaceful. I really like the cabinets.


Exposed yet neat!


Very sweet and very cottage-y.


My beloved Scandinavian look!


I really like the clean lines in this kitchen.


The vintage cans above the cabinets bring some minimal color to the space.


I love the windows.

Subtle Light

Fabulous chandelier, table and chairs. What about the stunning paneled wall?


I love every detail of this picture, but I hope that’s a faux fur. I just prefer animals alive and at the zoo, not on my couch. 🙂


This is the proof that brown still “in” if you know how to use it. By the way, nothing looks better with brown than its “best friend” Mr. Blue.


Dear readers, this is how you should place books on coffee tables, sofa tables, etc. Make it look (almost) natural, yet neat.

Look Down 

So beautiful!

Living Room

I’ve posted this room before (not the same picture) and I simply cannot get enough of that view!


How many of us are adding this to our “wish list”?


Beautiful! The pool overlooks the canal.


Imagine sitting on one of those chairs and enjoy the ocean’s breeze and hear the weaves…

Which one are you pinning today?

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I hope you could relax with this post!

Today is going to be a fun day, I’m going downtown and whenever I’m there I need to stop by my favorite French Boulangerie and buy some croissants. I know, I know… they’re not what I need right now, after all summer is getting close and I want to look good, but who can resist to a really good croissant and some amazing coffee, right? 🙂 

Actually, this is something I love doing with my husband. You guys know we have three kids and it’s always hard to have some time for ourselves, especially now with a baby. But whenever we go to this bakery, which is also the best cafe in town, we have a wonderful time together.

I think we really should try to spend time with people that are important to us. Life is busy, I know. Actually, aren’t we all tired of saying and feeling this way? We’re all tired of being tired, of being always way too busy for anything and anyone. But, taking some time to show that we care, that we want to be alone with that person can transform an “average” and tiring relationship to a healthy one. I’m not saying my marriage is perfect because I go to a cafe and order a croissant. All I’m saying is that, sharing a meal with my husband is special for the two of us because is something we do together, without being interrupt by anyone (expect when Matthew needs to be fed_yes, we bring him with us, but he usually sleeps). 

Relationships are so complicated at times because it involves so many things, but if I know one thing about it, it is the fact that the best remedy for any problem is laughter. If you can spend some time together and laugh together, than you’re in the right path for feeling good about sharing your life with the person that stands beside you.

Have a great day and thank you for being here today.


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