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Dreaming of living by the sea is something that many of us do and this gorgeous house in Malibu makes me wish to be right there, feeling the sand… wait! Feeling the sand?! It’s true, can you imagine how much sand ends up everywhere in the house? What about on that rug in the picture above? Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that living in this house wouldn’t be just perfect. The truth is, I think this house is simply stunning and it’s really well decorated. It’s relaxed yet stylish and it feels “airy”, light and completely welcoming.

Just come in and feel the breeze…

Morning Walk

Nothing feels more relaxing than walking barefoot on the sand.


Pretty views and interiors.


How can you not love this room? The beams makes this place feel open and very spacious. I love the decor.


Gorgeous mirror and it goes perfectly with the fireplace and ceilings.

Dining Room

All the furniture here is a very light pallet and it looks great because it flows well to the most important element here: the view!

Family Room

This is a more tailored room but still feels very relaxed.


This room will look great for years to come because the furniture has very classic lines. When buying new furniture think about that.


I personally think this kitchen is missing some color and some light fixtures; It’s beautiful, but it can look better.

Master Bedroom Delight


Seating Area

I like all the white furniture in this house. It can become boring sometimes, but you always have the choice of changing your pillows, which will easily change the look.

Guest Bedroom

I adore this room and the “By the Sea” pillow. Really cute!


This is the amazing view from the master. Not only is the beach beautiful but so are the trees.


A perfect place to have all the people you love with you. Toasted marshmallows, anyone?


A perfect house inside and out.

I’m not sure if you feel this way, but sometimes I see certain houses and I just get a great feeling about them. Maybe it’s about the energy of the space, how everything flows together or even because of its surroundings.

Enjoy your day and I hope you live in a place where you feel as good as it gets!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: Irene Darzzan-Palmer.

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25 Comments to 'A House in Malibu'

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  1. Hi Luciane, What a gorgeous Beach House! I love all the glass and the views are amazing. You are so right about the sand. You cannot keep it out of the house or car. I’ll be posting about our beach house in a couple of days. Of course, It is no where near as grand as this one.

  2. Donnie said,

    Wouldn’t that be lovely but I didn’t see the maids room. Someone has to vacuum up all that sand.

  3. Karen said,

    Going to bed shortly to dream about a place like this one, ocean side, where I can fall asleep to the sound of the water lapping or thrashing the shoreline. ahhhhhh. I guess I really can’t complain about the view I have but I do miss the sound of the water lulling me to sleep. Sweet dreams my friend. 🙂

  4. Luciane, I concur!! When the view is the focal point, the rooms should blend seamlessly. The outside should come in. Great post.

  5. How lovely. I can smell the ocean!
    Mary Ann

  6. Dr Alexandra Brooks said,

    Very typical of homes there. I don’t miss much about LA but I do miss The Bu!Lovely homes and the beach is gorg.


    Hi Lucieane you have convinced me ! its very relaxing , love the idea of the trees close by too Fay xx

  8. Tereza said,

    Oi, Luciane!
    Estas janelas estão maravilhosas, a arquitetura da casa é fantástica, adorei.
    Acordar com este entorno é uma verdadeira benção.
    Uma ótima semana prá você.

  9. Cole@LavishProperty said,

    Love the house, so open and airy. The light materials and furnishings capture the deep blue of the water, the makings of a gorgeous design.

  10. Sheila Zeller said,

    Love, LOVE this! I am an ocean girl, born and raised on the very remote Queen Charlotte Islands, and no matter where I go the ocean is in my soul… It inspires me, grounds me, and brings me back to center when center feels like it doesn’t exist. Thank you so much for sharing this one Luciane – what a great way to start a Monday 🙂

  11. Sheila,

    Just you know, I’m so glad to see you back here! Thank you so much for you comment and RT at Twitter! 🙂

    Have a wonderful week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  12. Slim Paley said,

    Hi Luciane
    I really like your new template! It’s very clean looking- c’est tres chic 🙂

  13. Nichole@40daysof said,

    What a setting. That house looks like it gets great light all the time.

    Is it just me, or does the furniture in the TV room scream 80’s? I guess the eighties are here to stay. 🙂

  14. Splendid Sass said,

    Wow, Luciane! Soooo beautiful!
    My sister lives at the beach, but across the street.
    Can you imagine waking up and looking out at the water?
    All of that sand does get tracked into the house though. I could live with on vacation!
    I loved the tailored room. The kitchen is so pretty!
    Have a wonderful day.

  15. designchic said,

    Luciane, this house is fabulous, but with outdoor spaces and views like this, I’d never go inside!! Dreaming of summer, warm weather and a beach house ~ Happy Monday xoxo

  16. Kristin said,

    It is gorgeous, Luciane!! I love the colors throughout the whole house! But I agree with you about the sand though 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend, my friend and I’m wishing you a wonderful new week!

    Hug, Kristin

  17. Michele said,

    a storm’s coming–let’s head to the ‘Bu, Lu!

    beachy is so peachy with me. totally up for roasting marshmallows and settling in for a long chat. we once vacationed at a surf shack right on the Pacific and there was no keeping the sand out!

    had a great weekend and started our big re-do of the basement so pretty PSYCHED.

    send sunshine!


  18. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Is that my house in Malibu??

    Hi, Lu
    A lot of white here, love it! I also noticed that it has plenty of sofas…. great for parties!!!
    I hope you had a great weekend.


    Dear beautiful lady
    thankyou for your commnents your spoil me !
    please can i ask you if you are experiencing any difficulties with either duplication or size alteringof photographs and text ? as it appaers that some people are and the pix are arriving 6 times the size !! and in the wrong order – wondering if they have a vey firece anti virus or firewall which is upsetting the format it must be vert scary to get 25 duplicates of an enormous size !!! Thans Lucieane Love Fay xxx need to relax in your house now !


    ps lucieane MY blog is going crazy !!

  21. Carolina M. said,

    this is such a lovely house.. I would move there today even if someone asked me to. hahha. It is so true what you said about the “feeling” of the house, the first thing I thought when i saw the pictures was “this is a house with a huge happy family” hahaha. There is just so much space and it is so welcoming and calm. Im in love with the balcony and the master bedroom..
    Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it (:


    H Lucieane as you can se i cant sleep ! The blog Dr is going to look at my blog this week but I was just trying to see how many people may have been getting duplicates or strange size pictures .Hopefully you werent
    toes crossed that it will be well soon ! buonna notte love Fay xx

  23. Carmen Achados de Decoração said,

    Hi darling!! how are you? I´m fine, dear but I´m very tired….I loved this house! I think it´s not a house, it´s a dream!! the colors are simply amazing!

    kisses for you, Lu

  24. Kathysue said,

    Absolute perfection in every way. This is my dream come true!!! Still dreaming!!!! Kathysue

  25. Amanda said,

    Oh to have the money to buy a house like this! I know they say “money can’t buy you happiness”, but it can buy you a house like this and that WOULD make me happy:)

    Hope you’re doing good.

    The Cheeky Cafe

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