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This is a place that I wish was mine! Really! I love how simple, small and cute it is! This house was built for a family to spend their summer vacations in. I simply love how simple they kept it, without adding things that they didn’t really need to have. As you can see, they kept only the things that make sense in a small space. They didn’t add luxury items, they just added things that make this place feel like a comfortable retreat. Just like summer should be: simple, relaxed and fun.

I really hope you enjoy this little adorable cottage in Spain.

Open and Cozy

Yes, it’s tiny and perfect! I love the comfy furniture and the fact they kept it neutral. It feels airy and even bigger than it actually is.


Gorgeous windows. Very typical of Spain.

Living Room

You can always have a beautiful house no matter what its square footage is. When living in a small space, you should always opt for furniture that offers storage space.


They chose not to add wall cabinets which created some visual space and made this kitchen feel bigger. Notice the charming door, isn’t it pretty?


I love the fact it’s very compact. I think it would be very sweet to have dinner here with my family.

By the Fire

For those chilly nights when you want a cozy fire.

Master Bedroom

There’s space for no more than a bed and a side table, but what they got here is really charming.

The Reason

This patio is really adorable. The only thing missing is a hammock somewhere in that backyard. Siesta, anyone? πŸ™‚

Where’s your favorite place to spend summer? Mine is always by the beach. I can’t imagine being away from the ocean in the warm months. I love the sunshine and the sand. What about you?

See you back here tomorrow and thank you for stopping by! Having you here is what keeps me inspired!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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14 Comments to 'A Little Piece of Spain'

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  1. Cheryl said,

    I love it, so quaint. The house has everything you need in a summer place. My Dad always said our cottage didn’t need to be fancy because we were supposed to be outside anyway enjoying nature’s beauty.
    To answer your question, my favourite place to spend time in the summer is Sauble Beach in Ontario. Sauble has 11 km of golden sand and is one of the largest fresh water beaches in the world. Clean water, beautiful weather, and breath taking sunsets have made this one of my all time favourite places. We live close enough for day trips but the week I spend there with my daughter is the week I most look forward to all year – we call it our “other” Christmas. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend you visit and I would be all too happy to play tour guide.
    Now I’m dreaming of sand and sun and we’re expecting 15cm of snow today!

  2. Cheryl,

    I didn’t know you’re in Canada! Did you know I also live in Canada? Well.. I love traveling around this beautiful country. When we used to live in BC we drove cross-country and our kids were still wearing diapers! LOL
    That was an amazing experience! I haven’t been to Sauble Beach but it sounds so perfect! If I ever decide to visit I’ll let you know and I’d love to have you as my tour guide. How nice would that be, eh? πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!

    I just took a little break and I’m painting all the trims/crown molding in my house. Geee… my arms are sore! πŸ™‚


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  3. SizzleandZoom said,

    Very nice. Comfortable. That’s all I need for a
    summer vacation.

  4. Michele said,

    how incredibly charming. i’ll take a little quaint cottage over a sprawling showoffy manse anyday. i don’t live near the beach (sigh) but summers are my favorite spending time with my children, parking myself on a chaise on my screen porch, and joining friends at the pool. cannot WAIT.

    come visit soon.


  5. Rachel said,

    The simplicity of this place is just perfect!

  6. Donnie said,

    Now that is more for me. I loved looking at how they utilized their space since mine is so small too.

  7. Cole@LavishProperty said,

    Ah, selling your house, very cool! Hope the process goes smooth for you!

    Wow, love this place in Spain! Small, but very practical. Charming design with a lot of character.

  8. Claudia said,

    omg you just made me miss Spain so much. that is one adorable cottage.

  9. Splendid Sass said,

    Not only is this home beautiful, it is charming! I love hte warm colors and textures, Luciane.
    Hope your day has been wonderful.

  10. Nichole@40daysof said,

    I don’t have a favorite summer place. How sad is that? I really need to come up with one.

  11. Tereza said,

    Luciane, adorei, simplicidade cheia de estilo.

  12. the enchanted home said,

    Quaint, charming, elegant and inviting are how I would sum this up…..anything thats in Spain gets a few extra bonus points:)
    Have an amazing weekend, Luciane!

  13. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Only you! You have just showed me the most beautiful interior ever! Ans I mean it. This is truly what I want for my dream home…. so delicate, so charming, sho white….
    Thank you,

  14. laura @ {Γ©clat} event design said,

    I am starting to feel home sick. This reminds me so much of my parents summer house back in Spain.

    Beautiful blog!

    Laura xox

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