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Ben Stiller is selling his beautiful house in Outpost Estates for $11, 495,000. What do you get for that kind of money? Well, not one, but two lavish yet comfortable homes. Located on almost an acre of land, the estate has 10 bedrooms, 11 baths, really stunning kitchens, a pool, outdoor dining and living areas, grassy yards and a romantic fountain. The main house is a 1929 authentic Spanish house that has been totally restored to mint condition. The second house is a stunning Mediterranean redefined with from contemporary point of view. If that’s not enough space, you also get a one bedroom guesthouse.

It has been said that Ben Stiller and his wife are planning to move to New York and that’s the reason they’re selling. If that’s true, I must say that they’ll miss their garden, because you simply cannot get this tropical feel in NYC.

Would you pay almost $12 mil for Ben Siller’s house? Take a look and let me know…






Calling Home

This place feels like home. Love the idea of having a play area for the kids. Perfect for Ben’s kids.




Beautiful from the start.


Some Spanish homes have this really welcoming feel to it, don’t you think?


Take a look at the details of the stairs. Amazing!

Living Room

The living room has gorgeous arches and wood beams.


It’s cozy and beautiful.

Dining Room

I like the furniture chosen here. Great size and form. The oval table imitates the arch and balances the room.


This kitchen is a beauty! I love everything about this kitchen. It’s Spanish, has its Spanish charm but it’s not too “loud”. Its white cabinets bring some serenity to this room and the dark stained beams compliment the countertops.


The lightning is also gorgeous in this kitchen.


I like the details here. It’s definitely an interesting kitchen. Nothing boring about.


This one is worthy of a picture!

Eating Area

I’m always been a fan of having a table in the kitchen. This is just perfect!

Family Room

Interesting artwork. I really like the furnishing in this room.

Media Room

It’s interesting. I’m not sure if I really like, though. It feels a little outdated to me. What do you think?

Ben’s Bedroom

It’s a very simple but comfortable bedroom.

By The Fire

Beautiful fireplace!

Master Bathroom

I really like this bathroom! Love all the old charm in it.

His & Hers

Beautiful sinks and the great thing is they have extra storage with the built-ins. A must when having this type of sink.

Girl’s Bedroom

Really sweet.

Boy’s Bedroom

It feels fun.

Kids’ Bathroom

I like the color of this bathroom.


Oh, this place has stolen my heart! I’d love to have a place just like this one, and yes, give me the Californian weather too!

Chit- Chat

Love the decor and the whole space. It’s really inviting.

Lush Gardens



A nice spot to hide from the sun and read a book.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to dine here surrounded by color?


Just beautiful!


The more I see this garden, the more I fall in love with this place.

Warming Up

Cozy nights by the fire.


This is a very special home.

Pool at Night

This photo makes me feel the wonderful breeze of a summer night. Gorgeous!

Now I understand why Ben Stiller is always in a great mood. How can you be in a bad mood with all these beautiful colors surrounding you, right? I think this house is very special for all of its charm and especially because of the garden. Definitely feels like a great place to live.

Did you like Ben Stiller’s home? Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on it. 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you have time to relax for a brand new week? I finally relaxed a little. Last week was so busy and I really hope to take it easy this week. If you’re wondering, I had my first doctor’s appointment last week and I’m 6 weeks pregnant now (I thought I was 5, but I guess not! lol). Everything is great, thank God, but I feel tired all the time, which is pretty normal, right?

I want to wish you a super-duper happy and colorful week! That your week have so many beautiful surprises, that you can feel fulfilled with your life, and that you remember that even if you don’t have a “perfect” day today, tomorrow will bring new opportunities and chances.


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: The Real Estalker, Jonah Wilson.

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27 Comments to 'Ben Stiller’s House For Sale'

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  1. lila Braga said,

    to be honest,i find his house masculine,sad and boring…I would never feel at home here.

  2. Wow its a lot to see! I am personally not the biggest fan of Mediterranean but appreciate some of the qualities here, it looks like a great family home. My favorite room is the kitchen hands down, it has a vintage but really elegant look to it, it has a lot of interesting elements and looks like a great kitchen to cook in, some of the outdoor spaces are quite nice too..perfect for entertaining. Most of the other rooms however I find either boring or dated looking, especially the bedrooms. I wish him luck selling, maybe in CA. the market is stronger but I know most markets are still hurting…..thank you for sharing!!

  3. Joni Webb said,

    gorgeous. i really love the kitchen and the property!!!
    can’t imagine moving from here!!!

  4. Hi Luciane, how are you in the 5th week? hope you had a lovely and relaxin wekkend. lovely images, especially the 3rd one with the front door. hugs to you

  5. Hello Maria,

    I’m actually on my 6th week. I thought I was on my 5th, but my doctors says I’m on my 6th! 🙂

    I’m doing great, just feeling a bit nauseous at times. I already can see a little belly growing!!! 🙂


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. so glad you’re doing great 🙂 I remember being in the 6-7 weeks and even later I loved to sleep much too 🙂 3 kids is great! simply great. hugs

  7. Lovely home. I feel bad that he has to leave all this behind and I wonder what his NY home will be like. If I had the cash, I’d make an offer!
    Glad to hear that your appt went well 🙂

  8. Michele said,

    omg i remember seeing their home in a magazine and just drooling. that arched door! yes, the color of that bathroom is PERFECT. i cannot imagine being able to walk away from this breathtaking estate.

    never fret if you can’t visit everyday, believe me i get it, and you need your rest. i’ve been easing up on the blogging (no rule says i have to do it every single day) and commenting because it should be fun and not just something to cross off the list, right?

    so excited for you and the dreams that must be floating in your little head about the new addition. thank you for your kind comments, they really mean a lot. hugs to you.


  9. Sheila Zeller said,

    This home feels very welcoming – maybe that’s some of Ben Stiller’s good energy shining through 🙂 I surprised myself because this style isn’t usually one I navigate to, but I really do like the feel of this place. I am glad you’re feeling well… xo Sheila

  10. Splendid Sass said,

    Oh, Oh, my! So beautiful. Love the greatroom and the oven but the door is perfect. I want that door.
    Let me run to the bank and get some change to buy this one, haha.
    Thank you for sharing sweet Luciane.
    Have a great day, friend.

  11. SizzleandZoom said,

    Hands down with everyone else on the kitchen. Yes.
    I clicked to see the guest house. What a guest house!
    So if you ask me if I could have a guest house like that
    to hide my mother-in-law, yes I would pay 11million(if I had it).

  12. Kate @ Travelmoon said,

    Wow, their home is spectacular! I can’t believe they are selling it…I love a Spanish/Mediterranean feel home in LA, I think it fits the context of the city so well! There are so many amazing touches here!

  13. Tereza said,


    a casa é muito bonita, talvez a decoração pudesse ser mais leve em alguns dos espaços, me encantei particularmente com a porta de entrada e com a family room.
    Obrigada pelos seus comentários em nosso blog, fazem o meu dia.

  14. Manderley said,

    This house is wonderful! I love the kitchen and the garden
    all them.


  15. Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said,

    I hope your week gets better doll!
    Great post. I love the stairs, the kitchen and the girl’s bedroom is delightful. Wonder why they are selling?

  16. designchic said,

    Such a beautiful home…love the bathrooms!! Hope you’re having a great day ~

  17. Carmen ACHADOS DE DECORAÇÃO said,

    Oi Lu! tudo bem? como estão as coisas por aí? tá passando muito mal com enjôos? ai, meu Deus! obrigada pela visitinha.

    Menina, dessa casa aí, podes mandar me entregar somente a área externa como brinde? hehehehe bjs

  18. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Hi, Lu

    I hope you have a relaxing week.
    I love Ben Stiller. What I like the most in his home is the incredible outdoor space. That’s something! And the kitchen is just like the one in my dreams.
    He’ll not have anything like this in NYC.

  19. Rachel said,

    Oh, I like it! Especially all the outdoor spots and pool. The second photo reminds me of the movie, A Secret Garden!

  20. Kathy said,

    Wow, I think one would feel like they were on vacation every day…it’s spectacular!

  21. classiccasualhome.com said,

    Feels like it has a history. I love it.

  22. Greet said,

    Hi Luciane,
    When I red the title of this post, I was pretty curious to see this house! I love the Spanish influence and I love his kitchen a lot. Some other rooms look a bit cold to me.
    Thanks for sharing this Luciane!!

  23. Meera @ firstsense said,

    I was won over by just the outside space! So utterly charming! The inside is really cute too, although I’d have to change some of the decor but that’s no biggie. The character in the place is just lovely.

    Have a great week, my lovely!

    Meera xx

  24. Cameron(House Sale) said,

    Ben Stiller’s house looks amazing. I really love the design. I love it coz there are so many trees and plants. That contribute a cool wind and a shade when the weather is hot.

  25. Nina Steinberg said,

    Would anyone know or remember the wall color used in the living room of Ben Stiller’s old home.(blue).I would truly like to know if possible.Thank you.

  26. candace said,

    This is classic old California. Spectacular. The interior decor does not match the exterior, but that is easily remedied. Wonderful restoration, makes me homesick.

  27. Joyce Anne said,

    Most of the home is very beautiful. I hated the tv room, loved the children’s rooms. Also liked the bathrooms. The outside areas/coloring are to die for.

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