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It’s Friday everyone! Let’s laugh a little with Cool or Fool?

Do you feel so passionate about something that you wish you could be in it at all times? Well, maybe this talented architect Markus Voglreiter loves cars so much that he decided to live in an “auto house”. Situated in Gnigl near Salzburg, Austria, this house took some courage to built. It was originally a 70’s style house and was, structurally speaking, totally transformed into a house car. This may not be for everyone, but it’s the dream for this architect and his family.

Now, I’m here just wondering what the neighbors think about this house… What do you say? Cool or Fool?

Living Room

Suspension? Well… Not to worry with earthquakes.

Fasten your seatbelt, everyone!


So, who do you call if you have a problem with the pipe? A mechanic?

I must say that I admire this architect, but what do you think? Building and living in a house that looks like a car in a normal neighborhood is Cool or Fool?*

Would be okay having the “auto house” as your neighbor? 😉

Have a fantastic weekend, and maybe feel inspired by this architect that had a dream and made it reality, regardless of anything.

See you back here on Monday!

By the way, I simply love the fact that tomorrow I will not have to wake up at 6 am! 🙂 Gotta Love Fridays! 🙂

Just a thought: “My story will be of success, not failure.”


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* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!


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27 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Auto Residence'

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  1. Carmen said,

    Hello, my darling! passei para te dar um oi e desejar ótimo fim de semana! beijinhos

  2. Good Morning, Lu

    I hope you’re doing well.
    I love to come here every day, but fridays are fun because you always surprise us.
    Let’s say that this is too modern for my taste.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh my goodness! Is this taking a car obsession a little too far?

    While I really do admire the skill and talent that went into building this, I think it belongs in a gallery / home show / some other kind of attraction rather than a conventional neighbourhood. Can’t say that it looks very homely either.

    Maybe I am more conventional than I thought!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Meera xx

  4. Michele said,

    it lacks cool but maybe the owner is crazy about toys too. why not just park some sexy drives out front if you’re way into cars? glad the interior is not as theme park-y as the exterior though.

    enjoy the weekend, L.


  5. Renee said,

    I would live there in a Mercedes Minute! Totally love it, but I’m funky that way lol

  6. Victoria said,

    This is fun, maybe not for a family but perhaps for a bachelor or bachelorette with a knack for cars? There should be plenty out there!!!
    The place is great inside, modern, lots of light!
    I wonder how the neighbors feel! This must get a lot of traffic…

  7. Cheryl said,

    This is a bit foolish but the architect is creative and innovative and those are my favourite types of fools. I can appreciate the concept and the execution but I wouldn’t want to live there. Having said that, if this car/house were located on a lovely stretch of beach with water views from every window I would probably reconsider.
    Hope you havea great weekend. Enjoy sleeping in!!


    ok for boys !!! Imafaid I neeeeed a whole lot of stuff around me !!!
    Love the porch and sitting room of yeaterdays hoisee we could have a good old chat in comfort there Not sura about the loo ???? looks rather unloved and basic for such a home
    Enjoy the weekend Lucieane Fay xxxx


    its a deal Lucieane come here anytime you want a presto Love Fay xx

  10. Nichole@40daysof said,

    Inside – cool
    Outside – fool

  11. Modern Country Style said,

    Oh, cool, cool. Definitely!! I love it. It’s so fun and frolicsome. But I thought they would have put in a bit more effort to the inside which looks a bit ordinary after the brilliant design of the outside.


  12. Cole@LavishProperty said,

    Wow, beautiful interior, but the exterior is tacky. Going to say fool… sorry!

  13. Kristin said,

    Hi Luciane!!! How wonderful to visit your blog again! Finally I have some time for blogging again…so NICE! First of April I’ll start working a little less again and I’m so looking forward to that 🙂 I am surprised how good that house looks inside! But I would prefer a little bit more normal! HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND!!!

    Hugs, Kristin

  14. SizzleandZoom said,

    Not for me. But not fool. I wouldn’t mind having it
    as a neighboring home. It would remind me to think
    outside of the box.

  15. Sheila Zeller said,

    I it’s cool… but it’s not for me. And I don’t think I’d like to see it in my neighbour, but I would love to see it parked in a reserved spot for unique and interesting structures! The engineering behind this is phenominal. Have a great weekend Luciane 🙂 xo Sheila

  16. Elizabeth@themustardceiling said,

    I think in the right setting it could be cool, not in a traditional subdivision. I love the modern interior/hate the exterior. Where did you find this?! Thanks for following me. Have a great weekend.

  17. designchic said,

    OK Lucianne, I think this may be a little too out there for my taste, but fun to look at it as long as it’s not my neighbor!! Hope your weekend is wonderful, my friend!!

  18. Splendid Sass said,

    I feel the same as designchic, Luciane. As long as I don’t have to live near it, I think it is hilarious.
    See, you make me laugh. Never fails, friend.

  19. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    I’m happy for someone who followed their dream – and I love a good sense of humor! Honestly, can you even imagine having an argument in that house? I think you would just start laughing half way through …but saying that, it’s not for me … and I don’t think I’d love if it was my neighbors either! It did make me smile today though and for that… I say… cool! xo

  20. slim paley said,

    So glad I’m not their neighbour.
    I’d much prefer a house shaped like a SHOE 🙂

  21. Donnie said,

    Cool, but I think it would have a very limited market for resale. I love whimsy though. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. The enchanted home said,

    Wow is all I say…don’t know if I hate it or am totally amused…think somewhere in between. I just know I wouldnt’ want to be neighbors with “that”. I hope whoever built it realized their dream and is happy there because at the end of the day, thats all that counts!

  23. classiccasualhome.com said,

    This man must be a child at heart. Have to admire that.
    Mary Ann

  24. Jacqueline said,

    Foolishly cool, but don’t build it next to me please!

    Thanks for your sweet condolences. It was seriously so hard to come back, but I am glad that I am back and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of the lovely comments from my blog friends. I really would miss this experience! We don’t know what affect some sweet comments might have on us do we?

  25. Kendall Boggs said,

    Hi Lucianne! Found your website from Slim’s. I love it!!! Keep up the good work girl! and I love the Southern Living home. (I’m from the deeeeeeep south)!

  26. Heidi @ Show Some Decor said,

    Hi Lucianne! First of all, love your name. Thanks for stopping by Show Some Decor last week… hope you come back for more.
    Ok, I’m with you that I admire this architect– I think he thought of everything… except what the neighbors would think. 🙂 It’s a little bit of cool, but a lotta fool, I’m afraid. Maybe I’m a little too traditional to fully appreciate.
    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  27. Tereza said,

    Interessante, um projeto bastante artístico e divertido, mas acho que comercialmente falando, o proprietário vai ter alguma dificuldade em negociar a casa.

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