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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are having a baby and I’m pretty sure you already knew this, right? I feel happy for them, actually I feel happy for anyone that are expecting because I know how great that feels. But trust me, I have no interest to discuss celebrities’ private life, what’s happening with them because it’s just something that doesn’t really interest me. But what really got my attention and made me want to make a “cool or fool” about it was the fact that Kelly Rowland, the former Destiny’s Child singer, just bought a very extravagant shower gift for her friend Beyoncé, a $7,000 glittering mini bathtub covered in thousands of pink Swarovski crystals.

I wonder if this is something you guys think is cool or fool. Would you pay that kind of money for a baby bath? Oh, don’t they know babies grow so fast that by the time the baby enjoys the sparkly bathtub he/she will be too big to fit in it? Or do you think that if you have that much of money you should buy only the “best” ignoring if it’s too much and even a bit ridiculous?

Take a look at the mini bathtub!





They also can take a bath here!

More Ideas?

Really? Well, they want to make sure to convince you that it’s worth it to spend that much money.

Loved the idea and want it for you? You can buy an adult Swarovski clawfoot bathtub for $45,000! Beyoncé’s baby bathtub sounds like a bargain now, huh?

Can’t wait to know what you guys think of this one? Is it Cool or Fool to spend $7,000 on a baby bathtub???

How are you guys are doing today? We’re spending some great time lately. My husband is just finishing building an ice rink for the kids and I feel so proud of him! I can’t believe he did it so well and it makes me happy to know he’s doing this so he can spend lots of fun time outdoors with our kids.

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend and have a great time with the important people in your life. I’ll be doing the same here!


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Source: Jezebel, Monika Inc.

* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

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24 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Beyoncé’s Pricey Baby Bath'

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  1. I would not want this, but I wouldn’t say it was fool. It just isn’t for me, and I definitely don’t have that kind of money to spend. I’m glad to at least see the options for its use once baby gets too big… and that would be the ice bucket idea!

    I hope you are doing well, Luciane. I am so happy to be getting your posts again 🙂

    Have a great weekend my friend! 🙂
    XO Sheila

  2. No, not for me. Money does not buy good taste. Period.

    Hope you and Matthew are well! xo

  3. I’m at a loss for words, except for one…. “fool!” 🙂

  4. I would not say no to this gift. It’s beautiful and as you pictured, you can use it for other things. It has a great vintage shabby chic look. I would keep it but I wouldn’t buy it for a gift.

  5. Cheryl F said,

    It’s very cute but I couldn’t handle having a $7000 novelty bathtub when there are so many people in need in the world. I’m sure they’re very charitable, it just seems like such an unnecessary extravagance. I won’t fault them all of their luxuries but this seems a bit much, even if it was a gift.

  6. Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said,

    SO FOOL! Hello Luciane!
    I’ve been thinking of you and hope you are enjoying your sweet baby,

  7. designchic said,

    Not for me, my friend. Hope you and your sweet boys are getting some much needed rest. Happy Friday!!

  8. Gloria said,

    I am so happy to see our Luciane blogging again! And I am so IMPRESSED! With little kids, PLUS a new baby, you are blogging more than I do! LOL! I’m glad to hear that the kids are getting an ice skating rink, good for your hubby. It will also “tucker them out” and they might go to sleep early. 😉
    As far as your post, I am of two minds: I think it’s FOOL because she could have gotten an extravagant gift for a thousand bucks, and given $6,000 to charity in Beyonce’s baby’s name. Wouldn’t THAT have been nice? On the other hand, $7,000 for celebrities is like $70 to us “regular folks” so it’s all relative and, therefore, it might be COOL to give a gift like that, and to receive it. Plus, I’m sure poor Kelly HAD to give something outrageous! JayZ might get after her otherwise! 😉

  9. Calico Child said,

    Fool why didn’t she buy a normal baby bath? There are some cute ones out there for us mere mortals & donate the rest of the cash to a charity for a baby hospital unit for premiture babys.

  10. Greet said,

    That is what celebs do isn’t it!!! Oh my goodness! But it is beautiful ofcourse and indeed it can be used as wine or champagne cooler!!
    Happy weekend my friend! Hope everything is ok with you and the little Matthew!

  11. Meredith said,

    How in the world did I miss this? It is pretty silly if you ask me I mean it just seems so over the top and unneccesary, don’t you think? I would rather see her take that money and give it to Charity water and let thousands of kids drink and bath in clean water for the price of this one ridiculous bling-y tub.

  12. Diana said,

    It’s natural to be so excited about your 1st born and wanting, for at the time doesn’t seem to be, a frivolous goody. And for these new parents … IT’S SO THEM! They can afford it even with the so many $ they give to charities …. I’m happy for them!

  13. debra phillips said,


    mom with all your children and a newborn still blogging…… cool

  14. fay said,

    Completely nuts i think ! hi Lucieane The ice rink sounds fun , its still very mild here have a great weekend Fay xx

  15. Meredith said,

    Holy moly…….a 7,000 crystal encrusted tub for a newborn? Ugh…fool if you ask me! I mean it is a lot of fun to receive beautiful fantasy type gifts but this seems a little over the top particularlly at a time when so many are suffering/out of work/hungry,etc……it just seems excessive. I mean we all know 7,000 could go a long long way towards a much more worthwhile cause than a baby being able to be bathed in a crystal tub. Geez……..what next, a 14kt gold high chair? LOL.
    Hope you are feeling great Luciane, kiss that little Matthew for us!

  16. Victoria Athens said,

    Definitely fool, Luciane. I would much rather have a hand-made ice rink; practical, useful, long-lasting, memory-inspiring.

  17. Manderley said,

    Hummm I like the bath, but very expensive, I think there are more important things in life to spend the money in a bathtub, Beyonce is crazy… hahaha


  18. The enchanted home said,

    I am back! Well…as I had already said its great to get something over the top and fun, BUT this is just too much in my opinion….I mean seriously it really seems very excessive. And thats A LOT of money!! It could go to so many fantastic causes that Beyonces baby will never ever have to worry about. Oh well……such is the life of the rich, famous and spoiled:)
    Hope you are feeling better and give baby M a big hug!

  19. Erin(that use to be with plushrugs.com) said,

    I love, love, love it! I want one.

  20. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane

    ahaha, será que todo este brilho não vai ofuscar os olhinhos do baby? Totalmente desnecessários, gostei mais com as garrafas, rs
    Eu não sabia que ela estava grávida!
    Que bacana vc conseguir um tempinho pra blogar,imagino que o Mattew esta sendo bonzinho com sua mamãe!!!!!
    uau, deve se lindo ter uma pista ade patinação, mais tarde fotografa e mostra pra gente, as brasileiras não conhecem isso!!!

    Bjo amiga, lindo início de semana pra você!

  21. ana maria said,

    ops, agora o blog é jeitodecasa.com!


  22. Karen T. said,


  23. Teresa @ Splendid Sass said,

    First, Luciane, how are you doing Mommie? The little Matthew is adorable. I know that all of you are so happy!
    Nothing some people waste money on surprises me. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. And it is tacky too! How many hungry mouths would that feed. A lovely gift would have been a donation to a charitable organization. Beyonce has enough money to buy her baby whatever she wants to buy.
    I saw this on some news page and got a little sick, so I will have to say FOOL!

  24. Careena said,

    Fool, a big old pink sparkly fool! (btw, I found this site a few days ago and am now working my way through all the pages. You should know I’m totally in love with you all!)

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