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Dick Clark’s Malibu house is for sale and it couldn’t be more unique! I looked at this house and I couldn’t help but imagine “The Flinstones” running around . Dick Clark owns at least two more properties in California, but this is where he went to feel secluded. The mountain-top property has 22.89 acres of land, two bathrooms, one bedroom, extremely unique architecture and views that will probably make you feel relaxed 24/7.

Dick Clark’s house is located on the border between Los Angeles and Ventura counties, California and it’s on the market for $3,500,000.

Take a look and tell me, is Dick Clark’s Malibu house, Cool or Fool?



The house and its gardens.


Living Room

Unique in every detail.


Even the glass are “curved”.

Dine or Dino

Nothing is conventional in this place. Notice the table and chairs.


Another view of the dining room and you also can see the entrance of the house through the window. There’s a fireplace and a bar area in the middle of the house.


This is where Wilma, I mean… Dick cooks.

All in One

The house is open and there’s no doors to the only bedroom of the house.


Can you see a scary “face” in this room? Take a look at the corner, where the chaise is. 🙂


A big “window” above the bed keeps everything even more open.


This is the only place I can see myself at. Love the views!


The bathrooms has pebbles floors and feels very large, but with little privacy also.


The house during the night.

Hold your Jaw

The views of this house is something hard to describe!


Beautiful mountain views.


It makes you want to move to California, if you aren’t there yet.


Can you imagine laying down on the grass and just take all of this energy in?


The garden of the house.


Feeling loved by the Universe.


The rolling hills and the ocean.

The Artist

Admire the paintings God give to your eyes to see every day.


The perspective of being so small is so relative. We just become better when we transform any energy given to us into a good one.

It’s hard to say this place is “Fool” after seeing these views, huh? But, tell me… Is Dick Clark’s house Cool or Fool? Can’t wait to hear from you!


I want to thank all of you for being so nice on your comments and for being so patience this week. I simply couldn’t get out of the bed until yesterday and if you knew me personally, you’d know that’s a big deal for me. Not only my daughter and I got this flu, but also my husband and it has been a crazy week to say the least. But, I’m getting better and could prepare this post for you guys. I hope you really enjoy it!

Talking about enjoying, make sure to have fun this weekend. I’ll try to get stronger and take care of my family and my house.

Chicken noodle soup, anyone? 🙂

Wishing you a blessed weekend!


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Source: Willian Raveis via Pricey Pads.

* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!
Posted in: Celebrity Houses

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23 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Dick Clark’s House For Sale'

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  1. Teresa S. said,

    I Love it! I don’t want to own it, but it would be great for a fun weekend away!

  2. The views are cool but the house is fool. 😉

  3. Lillian Amplo said,

    So sorry to hear of your flu…my hubby had it this week also and it was a “doosy”!
    I’d have to say FOOL in capital letters and since my husbands in the construction business, when I saw the awe inspiring views, all I could think of was “BULLDOSE”!!
    Someone will have to have a “do-over” on that little slice of heaven.

  4. maria said,

    I’ve no idea who Dick Clark is, but he must be a quite an individual! This is not a home, it’s a film set. I’m sure there was something similar in a Star Wars film – but your comment about Wilma cooking in that kitchen really made me laugh out loud!

  5. You poor thing hope you are feeling better…..stinks to feel sick! I have been crazy busy so apologize for no being around as much as usual! This house is so unusal now i know what it feels like to feel like Betty Flinestone..haha! The views are crazy beautiful but the house is way too “bedrock for my taste”!

  6. Lynn said,

    I wouldn’t want this house, but I certainly would want the views! Absolutely stunning.

  7. Kathy said,

    My daughter and grandaughter sound they have the same thing you do…I am so sorry for you..get well my friend…btw FOOL!!!

  8. Victoria Athens said,

    The views are spectacular, but live in that house??? No, a thousand times no.

  9. LOL, the creepy face in the bedroom! did you see the green claws coming over a ledge?!

    for california pricing, the asking price sounds like a steal with all that acreage & those views……so picture this lucianne; fred flinstone in that crane of his with a wrecking ball attached!
    glad to hear you are on the mend

  10. Lana Waller said,

    This reminds me of the Flinstones house. Why would he do this. Beautiful views though.

  11. I’m with debra: The price sounds amazing for the acreage.Oh, and for the youngster that doesn’t know who Dick Clark is (was), he mc’d American Band Stand.

  12. I wouldn’t mind a vacation there, but I hate to live in it!

  13. Virginia Hummell said,

    This is absolutely the coolest house I have EVER seen!

  14. We had the same reaction… definitely a Flinstone house.


  15. Maria Killam said,

    The one good thing about it is that its not trendy in the slightest, haha. Maria

  16. Sarah said,

    I guess I’m strange! But I love this house. So unique. From all the comments, it appears I’m unusual. If I had 3,000,000 to spend, I would get this house.

  17. designchic said,

    I am so sorry you have all been so sick and with a baby to look after too…ugh! Going to have to say fool for me…a little too cavernous but wonderful views. Feel better soon!!!

  18. So sorry you have been sick. Hopefully your better and up and about. Hands down this house is ugly! I can see Barnie and Fred walking out the door. It would be perfect for a movie set filming the Flintstones.

  19. A man and his cave! I’m glad Dick Clark has other homes to go to, because I can’t imagine living in this one 24-7. But for a retreat and soul escape, maybe this is the key – he lost me at the bedroom though. I can’t imagine feeling more claustrophobic than sleeping in a cave-like setting. I won’t go so far as to say ‘fool’, but this one is not for me! Hope your weekend has proved to be the restful healing time that you need to be back on your feet!
    xo Sheila

  20. Feels like the Flintstones ( you are too young to remember the cartoon show) but the view is COOL.

    Feel better soon.

  21. Jcorn said,

    Love it and would be delighted t live there but could you imagine the maintenance or trying to get someone to clean it?

  22. Louise said,

    I absolutely love this house! It’s unique – and the views are glorious! Of-course I might change my mind if I were to see it in person!

  23. Charisse said,

    This home is for me… He was too cool like this home!
    Miss Dick not bring in our New Years count down.

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