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I know you’re thinking as you see this first picture: “Cool”, right? Well… don’t say it too soon. Wait until you get to the interiors. Oh, and talking about interiors, this house was decorated by Thomas Britt, a famed decorator frequently published in magazines and books. This house is for sale so if you really think it’s “cool” and have $ 12.5 mil you can just move in! And while you’re at it maybe you’d like to do some little changes inside.

Here is a great example of when hiring a decorator, you really should be on the same page, knowing and respecting the each others’ limits. I believe it’s okay to take some risk and try something new — even exotic — with our decor. But is there a limit? Is there a line that we should not cross? Is there a possibility that sometimes we try so hard to impress or be impressed that we end up living in a circus?

Take a look and let me know if you think the decor is “Cool or Fool”…




Busy? Dizzy!

Now I get why Home Depot had no more nails for sale.


Wallpaper lover? Well, I bet if they could, they’d sleep rolled in wallpaper. Notice there’s wallpaper on the ceiling, cabinets doors and even on the fridge.

The realtor of this house says at the end of his listing: “This elegant estate will take your breath away.” He wasn’t kidding!

Now, tell me… Is this place “Cool or Fool”? Really!

Have a wonderful, peaceful and a colorful weekend, everyone! 🙂


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* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

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18 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Expect the Unexpected'

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  1. Nichole@40daysof said,

    I think cool if we are talking about the empty house. Since the really upsetting stuff will go with them when they move. And it’s not like their stuff is that bad, it’s just the volume of it seems very overwhelming.

  2. Michele said,

    the listing should read ‘will take your appetite away.’ the grounds are lovely though.

    have a great weekend, L.


  3. Sandra said,

    this house is cool… amazing architectural features… stuff can be changed… the gardens are gorgeous

  4. SizzleandZoom said,

    I laughed out loud at your comments. I couldn’t do
    anything in the kitchen-so that was foolish. The bright
    yellow in the library was a little restless instead of
    restful so that too was foolish. Today I will vote ‘fool’
    for the first time.

  5. Tereza said,

    Completely fool in my opinion.
    Beijos e um ótimo final de semana

  6. Modern Country Style said,

    I vote fool. But my reason is that it’s on the market. Those colours are such personal choices that I’m sure it will devalue the house a little.

    What do you think?


  7. Sheila Zeller said,

    Where is the calm? This one’s not for me, so I think ‘fool’…

  8. Brenda said,

    Fool, maybe. Different stokes et al. I love the grounds; in my opinion, the inside does not mesh with the outside, and I for one, would become very dizzy living in this house. The architecture of the buildings gets an A+.

  9. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Oi, Lu
    Tudo bem??
    It’s busy for me. However, I like the last space. I like the colors in that room and the patterns…

    I hope you have a fun weekend.

  10. Donnie said,

    Not my taste at all. Even though I love Blue Willow I don’t want it on the walls and fridge. Definitely not a cool place


    my dear Lucieane It must have been the dexter design which made you ill OR looking at the interiors in this house ??????? i like busy BUT

    i had better not say what im thinking speak soon Love fayxxx

  12. designchic said,

    hmmm…having to vote with fool on this one…thinking it could have really good bones, but hard to get past all the stuff!!! Have a great, relaxing weekend, Lucianne!!

  13. The enchanted home said,

    How about “bool” ( BOTH cool and fool..lol) I think the exterior and grounds are pretty fabulous..some of the interior spaces are interesting, but overdone and not very soothing but this can be easily changed, these are asthetics. Its not my personal taste and is very eclectic but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? It doesn’t feel cohesive at all and thats what would bother me the most.

  14. Cole@LavishProperty said,

    Fool — ugly as far as I’m concerned. Love the exterior and beautiful landscaping, hate the interior. Where is this located?

  15. joni webb said,

    the house was published in arch digesdt – years ago. i still like it, sorry to say!!!! hehe. over the top, but i don’t know – it has some appeal?!!!!

    thanks for your comment today.

  16. Meera @ firstsense said,

    My goodness, the decor is overwhelming! Your comments are very entertaining to read 🙂

    I’m all for people decorating as they like, but the wallpaper on the kitchen cabinets and fridge is bordering on crazy…

    Absolutely love the grounds and architectural elements of the rooms but they really should’ve toned down the decor before putting it up for sale!

    I vote fool.

    Meera xx

  17. Rê Werneck said,

    So chic ! Impressive 🙂
    Many kisses !

  18. monica said,

    OMG! fool!

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