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Cool or Fool is always filled with really “crazy” decor and sometimes we will find hideous interiors in this series. Why, you ask? Because I love knowing your opinion on many different kinds of places and seeing how many people agree or disagree with the pictures seen here. It keeps things fun and we even laugh a little when we find certain things.

I’ll keep this Cool or Fool a bit short today. I wish I had found more pictures, but I want to share this home office with you regardless of that because I think it’s very unique. Have you seen anything like this before?

This totally customized home office has a place for everything! From large drawers to tiny ones. The “desk” is made of stainless steal and the stools are a bit strange and I wonder for how long one can stay seated on them.

Take a look and tell me if you think this home office is Cool or Fool. Would you have it at home?



Can you promise me one thing? Promise you’ll take care of yourself during this weekend. I’m a big believer that the more we love ourselves, the more loved we will be. It’s so important for us to value who we are and everything we’ve achieved in this life so far. Have confidence and trust in yourself. We need to believe we’re capable of achieving our biggest goals in life and most importantly, that we’re deserving of that.

Sometimes we can be our worst enemy because we keep judging ourselves, seeing all of our faults and rarely appreciating our efforts. If we stop for a minute and realize we’ve done more right things than committed mistakes, then we can understand that life is where we learn to grow and every day is a new chance given to us. Don’t always try to be extraordinary. Don’t always expect more. Relax a little and watch life exceed your expectations.

Have a blessed weekend!


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* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

Posted in: Colorful Interiors

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15 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Home Office'

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  1. Oh I say fool. Those drawes would make me nuttier than I already am! I hope all is well with you Luciane…thanks for stopping by the other day and I WILL take care of myself this weekend. Hope you do too!

  2. Hands down- FOOL! Can you imagine having to live with that?

  3. Fool for me, has ZERO appeal factor but to each his own, if its making someone happy…thats what counts!
    So agree about taking care of ourselves, and how true it is, hence my break I am taking right now…so wiped out, cannot move another muscle. Hope alls well with you!

  4. I don’t love this office at all, or the look of the stools, but I’d be curious about the ergonomics behind them. My back gets so sore when I am at my desk for too long – which often happens when I’m sourcing images and content for my blog. I bet there’s a prettier option for an ergonomic stool!

    I hope you have a great weekend, Luciane!
    xo Sheila

  5. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane, saudades de te visitar.
    Olha, tirando aquelas banquetas desconforta´veis, talvez colocando algo em madeira ou fibra e colocando um vasinho de planta na mesa de inox acho que o ambiente já aqueceria muito. tá muito interessante aquela gavetada toda!rs

    amei sua dica pro findi!
    bjus querida, que o frio não esteja muito grande por aí!

  6. Kind of interesting, but I wouldn’t want it. I guess I have to say fool (but not early as bad as some of them you find!)

  7. Karen said,

    Cool. We are home office people, and while I would change some elements of this place, I would use many I see before me. In our next place we will organize a special home office for the two of us, one that incorporates some of the elements in this space. Home office is becoming a frequent feature of homes today. Thanks for sharing this one with us. xooxo

  8. slim paley said,

    Hi Luciane
    Life’s too short to sit on a stool that looks like a orthodontic appliance!

  9. Marilee said,

    I wrote a story on this house for a local magazine. The owner wanted everything to have its place. Some are filled with gift wrap, others with work files. During parties, the desk is turned and set up as a bar. To the left of the photo is a wall of windows. Very cool house that’s currently on the market in Nashville, TN.

  10. I know I say this every time, but where in the world do you find these?! So fascinating. To each his own, I’m not sure I could sit on those chairs for very long – I guess it’s a great way to limit your computer time! Have a great weekend. M.

  11. total fool……there used to be a game show, something about “which door is it behind?” that would be my constant routing in this space!

  12. It’s not me. I couldn’t live without my art surrounding me nor could I sit on those stools. I won’t say it’s fool because it’s very organizing and that has it’s appeal. I could live without my clutter.

  13. Manderley said,

    I don’t like this office, nothing!.
    This weekend I was in Madrid, I had a very good, I hope your weekend was good too.


  14. Tamara said,

    I kind of like it because I can see how useful all the different sized spaces could be.

    Showed it to 15yo son and he coined a new word to describe he thought it was a little of each …it’s cfool. He didn’t think much of the color.

  15. Honestly, I think it’s kinda funky. If you were in a totally modern space, this would certainly be able to make a major statement in a big way. Personally, it’s not my style WHATSOEVER,but I can absolutely appreciate it’s funkiness!

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