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The wall of this bathroom is built with nearly 1,000 Ikea vases, called the “Rektangel”. Each vase was painted inside to give a sense of privacy to the bathroom. It was then glued with a very strong transparent glue and two different sizes of vases were used to form an interesting pattern.

I think we can’t argue how creative this is, but I wonder if it’s actually a good idea to use vases as glass blocks. Since they’re vases and not glass blocks, every single vase is open on one side, right? Just imagine the dust that will accumulate inside of it,! And what about mold? How do you clean it?

The bathroom is said to be “the central element in the house situated at the intersection of public and private”. Did you get that? This semi-transparent bathroom is the central element of this place. Sexy? Well, that really depends who’s inside of it and what they’re doing in there! After all, it is a bathroom, right?

What do you really think? Is it Cool or Fool to use almost 1000 Ikea vases as a wall?

Cracking me Up

I wouldn’t recommend anyone kicking this wall. Well, any wall really, but just picture someone getting mad and getting their feet stuck in one of these vases. How do you explain that to the doctor? 🙂


Overall, this bathroom has some great elements.


This apartment is located in Amsterdam. Notice there’s no doors to this bathroom, only the “vase wall”.

Knock, Knock… Who’s There?

Now, take a really good look at this photo and tell me, is it “Cool or Fool”???

Huge thanks to my dear reader “Jessica T.” for sending this “Cool or Fool” to me! Great find, Jessica!

If you ever find something you want to share (like a nice interior, houses or even “Cool or Fool” ideas), you’re always welcome to send them in via the Contact Form.

Enjoy your weekend, try to relax and be with the people that matter to you, doing what makes you all happy!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: Ikea Hackers.

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30 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: IKEA Vases Becomes A Wall'

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  1. my dear Lucieane What a good way to start my day LAUGHING !! mmmm seems like a FUN idea !! joke but as much as I love a bath i think this is cray ! to put it kindly . Im so fed up with ” blogger ” its deletd virtually ALL the text and explanation of the Unification on my post !and all the captions grrrrrrrrrrrr so its was so good to enjoy this joke see you soon love fay xxx

  2. Well, I don’t think it is very practical, but I do think it is kind of cool. Would I want a vase wall in my own home? No, but I do think it works well in this space.

  3. Tereza said,

    Oi, Luciane!
    Interessante, mas nada prática nem segura esta idéia.
    Uma ótima sexta feira para você.

  4. Michele said,

    a vase wall…hmmmmm…my first inclination is THAT IS INSANE CUZ LIKE VASES ARE FRAGILE AND STUFF…also there is that dust issue you refer to and with the wood floors it’s not like you can just hose everything down, right?

    so i’m not feeling a vase wall. i’m too practical i guess. but i’m not calling anybody a fool except for myself.

    good stuff again on your fun fridays, L. you never fail to make me smile and laugh when you visit me so come over soon, lovely!


  5. Nichole@40daysof said,

    Cool, until a little boy finds it…

  6. Erin said,

    Lol this is so strange!! Reminds me of being inside an igloo, which is kind of cool, but for the most part I’d say “fool”!

    I hope you have a great weekend Luciane!

  7. Sheila Zeller said,

    Fool, definitely, for 2 key points you made (1) the dusting (2) potential mould; aesthetically it’s kind of fun, but I’d stick to the real thing! xo Sheila

  8. SizzleandZoom said,

    I laughed out loud at your comments. This is cool.
    BUT I wouldn’t want it. It’s for someone with ocd
    about cleaning.

  9. Eddie Ross said,

    What an interesting option to create a wall. Wow!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Cole@LavishProperty said,

    Fool! There are many other more practical and tasteful ways to create a private bathroom. Sorry, this looks terrible — but I did have a good laugh!

  11. I like it on thes images, Luciane. It’s not practical but on the images combined with that dark floor looks more cool for me 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Meera @ firstsense said,

    Hello gorgeous! I love this segment of yours, you find such interesting and fun things!

    I applaud the creativity of whoever thought of this, but it’s not for me, firstly because of the cleaning aspect and secondly just how robust would it be?!

    Thank you very much for your comment on ‘new look’… it’s still a work in progress, I just fancied a fresher, more colourful look!

    Happy weekend, my lovely!

    Meera xx

  13. I can just imagine one of my littlies throwing something at that wall and chipping it. Even worse, visiting there house and chipping it while I was in the bathroom. How awful would that be? Would I own up? I hope so!!

    I say fool to this idea. It seems odd to me to have such a high spec house in other ways and choose an Ikea vase wall. Ikea’s not my idea of high spec, gorgeous though it is!


  14. designchic said,

    Hi Luciane, I think this looks cool, but practically…not so much!! Thanks for all of your sweet comments this week…I always look forward to seeing your name!! I published today’s post before my daughter had even added the writing to go with it (accidentally) and before we corrected it, you had already left a sweet message…it means alot!! Hope your weekend is fabulous ~

  15. FOOL! Luciane, while I think it is a different idea, I also think it is tacky!
    Haha, have a great evening, Luciane.

  16. Jessica Tibbits said,

    Your insights on this ¨fool” wall are great. Even though I think the wall is naff, those floorboards are awesome.

  17. Jessica,

    You ROCK for sending it to me!!! Thank you again!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  18. the gardeners cottage said,

    aren’t drugs legal in amsterdam? this may explain things.

    seriously i love the apt. and i think the wall looks great but functionally speaking, no, pretty foolish.


  19. lucianne,

    i cannot get your url to load correctly into my blog list. blogger won’t accept it as it is. you get on my list but it won’t update you when you have a new post. so you stay at the bottom of my list. that is so lame but i have tried a dozen different times and it won’t budge. don’t know what to do about that.


  20. Kate @ Travelmoon said,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…it is very nice to meet you too!

    I am completely amazed by this project and the work that must have gone into creating it– although when I think about it–maybe it’s not so different from purchasing anything else from Ikea. Items come in thousands of pieces and you have to put them together, haha. (This is coming from a big Ikea fan)

    I find it quite amazing that someone would think to do this, although I couldn’t live with it I find it very cool!

  21. Greet said,

    This is soooo cool!!! I admire people with such a creative mind!! Wonderful!
    Wish you a very nice weekend!

  22. the enchanted home said,

    I think its actually pretty neat. Would I want it in my own bathroom, no. But its a very interesting creative form of artisitic expression tha I appreciate. I like this a heck of a lot more than I did the “slaughtered look” of red paint thrown all over Kelly Weartslers foyer!!!! Amazing where the imagination can take you….thrown in with some natural talent of course!! Well done Luciane. Please visit me…I properly thanked you today for your stylish blogger award….thank you soooo much again!!
    Have a great Saturday.

  23. Elizabeth@themustardceiling said,

    I think it works well in the space, it creates the modern/chic look they’re going for. However, I agree with you…I cannot imagine the dust and mold build up over time. But I think it looks great in the space.

  24. beverley christenson said,

    Luciane thank you for your comment on my site ,love your blog and have added it to my favourites Beverley xx

  25. Bianca said,

    Artistic, beautiful, fun? Yes, and practical for a young, seldom home couple wanting to make a statement. As for dust, that’s what a cleaning service and vacuum is for. If they can afford that kind of apartment in Amsterdam, I doubt an uber-chic couple would be willing or capable of any serious cleaning chores. Since I didn’t see the toilet anywhere in the photo, I’m hoping it’s tucked away into a water closet. After all, there was a reason our ancestors walked discreetly away into the bush to perform their necessities some distance from the food and entertainment areas of their huts!

    P.S. Mould is not a problem…great ventilation in that little space!


  26. All I could think of was that it must have taken forever to paint inside each one of those vases and figure out how to glue them!
    I read the comment the gardeners cottage left about your blog staying at the bottom of the bloglist … if you figure how to change that let me know too because it is the same on my blog… yours just stays on the bottom and your new ones don’t load. I’ve also tried a lot of different ways to fix it and can’t. xo

  27. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    It looks cool.

  28. Irene Turner said,

    COOL! first of all, the opening for the vase should be on the bottom so no dust, no mold. Breakablity depends on the thickness of the glass, but the paint would help with that. and, it’s by the tub, not part of the high usage area. The sink and toilet are more private, so no problem there for me. Cleaning, use a swifter to dust! VERY COOL!

  29. Rachel said,

    Strange … but cool!!!

  30. Cameron (House Sale) said,

    This is kind of cool but would you really like to be haunted that when you’re going to the bathroom or the tub that somebody could have a sneak peak on what you’re doing?

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