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What a beautiful couple! Not to mention, lucky! I’m always happy to see people who love each other getting married. It’s one of the most important moments of their lives. Truly unforgettable. But we all know that if you a royal, getting married isn’t that simple or even that romantic. It’s also a show, and what a show! The whole world wants to see Kate and William get married today. They’re everywhere and every channel is talking about them. Sure, it should be like this, after all it’s a royal weeding and this kind of wedding doesn’t happen every day, right?

What I can’t really understand is the massive production of souvenirs being made which will end up in people’s homes and in many cases, their tables! Really, I’m not sure about you, but I can’t really picture myself drinking my cup of coffee looking at these two people smiling. That’s just odd… but we all know that if there’s a massive production of something, it’s probably because there’s a massive demand for it.

So, after seeing some weird things around the internet and on news, I got wondering…. what’s the deal with this? Really? Sure, they’re royal, loved and all, but should we buy things to celebrate their wedding or is that a bit too much?

Here’s the ultimate question: Are Royal wedding souvenirs Cool or Fool?


Royal China

The official range of commemorative wedding china to mark William and Kate’s upcoming nuptials has gone on sale.

(Husband’s take: “How classy! With a set like this, it’s almost like you’re part of the royal family… but not really.”)

Cup of Royal Tea, Please

Definitely a beautiful piece, but should you spend money to buy something like this? Maybe collect it?

(Husband’s take: “Your kid has a Winnie The Pooh mug, you have a Kate & Will wedding mug. Who’s got the cooler mug, you ask? Your kid.”)

Pass the Duck, Darling!

Each piece is decorated with the couple’s entwined initials.

(Husband’s take: “If you really want to experience life as a royal, try smashing this plate against the wall in a fit of rage because your tea was served ‘hot’ instead of ‘really hot’.”)

Royal Pill

Hand painted pill box. This collection was approved by the royal couple.

(Husband’s take: “A pill box, huh? I’m not even touching this joke.”)

Celebrating an Engagement

I don’t know what to say about this one, but if you invite me over for dinner, please don’t serve me with these plates, ok?

(Husband’s take: “Imagine taking the last bite of your shrimp scampi and then gazing down on that beautiful plate. You’ll be warm and fuzzy all over!”)

Carefully Cared

I wonder what these women are thinking as they see these plates…

(Husband’s take: “What’s she thinking? Probably: ‘Junk to the west, money to the east, make china rich country!'”)

Faking It

Wish you had a engagement ring as pretty as Kate’s? Here’s an option. The engagement ring replica.

(Husband’s take: “If you get engaged using this ring, I’m pretty sure your marriage will last only as long as the hype surrounding this event. On the bright side though, there’s always frivolous things happening in the world so you can just keep swapping the ring!”)


If having a replica of the ring isn’t enough, you can also have a 6’ft tall “Kate and William” by the entrance of your house to greet your guests.

(Husband’s take: “Y’know, just in case you weren’t totally sure your house was the creepiest one on the block.”)

Yes, You Can!

Oh, if a 6’ft tall “Kate” isn’t enough, you can become one! Don’t you just love the hairdo? No teeth whitening needed.

(Husband’s take: “If you want to rob a bank with class, here you are.”)


If you still dream of being with a prince, but just meet “frogs”, you can always make them wear one of these masks.

(Husband’s take: “Zombie royal wedding!”)

Flavored Tea

Oh, and the prince and princess can always soak in your mug too. Extra hot?

(Husband’s take: “For all those women out there who want to get a feel of William’s teabag, your dream can become reality.”)

Wife’s Take: What? I hope NO ONE gets this! Way too rude! 🙂

Almost There

This one is for those that are a big fan, but want to keep it “quiet”.

(Husband’s take: “Closet royal wedding fans? Isn’t that an oxymoron? On one hand their smart enough to keep it quiet, but on the other they’re still ‘fans’ of this nonsense.”)


Keeping dishes dry with love.

(Husband’s take “Of course royals do not do dishes so this is strictly a decoration piece, just in case your home lacks in the tacky decoration department.”)

Mugs and More Mugs!

I love mugs… but not all mugs.

(Husband’s take: “If you draw them holding guns, you can transform this mug into a James Bond-esque piece after someone laughs at you for having a ‘Will & Kate’ mug.”)

It’s a Joke!

No, they’re not kidding you! Or are they?

(Husband’s take: “If your neighbor bought the 6’ft cutout shown earlier above and you fear their house just became the creepiest one on the block, getting a roomful of these dolls is simply a must to regain the crown.”)



(Husband’s take: “This flavor is based on some ancient recipe that is no longer relevant to today’s taste buds, but lots of people seem to like it.”)

Last But Not Least

No, I’m not kidding! GE really made this fridge to celebrate the royal wedding. Can you imagine seeing this in a kitchen? That would make me laugh… I wouldn’t be able to control myself!

(Husband’s take: “It would make me cry.”)

I simply can’t wait to hear what you think about royal wedding souvenirs. Is this such a special moment that we should celebrate or this is just another way to make some people waste their money?

Tell me… Cool or Fool*?

Have a blessed weekend, my dear friends. It’s always so wonderful to finish my week having fun with you and I can’t wait to be back on Monday.


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* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

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