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Have you ever dreamed of staying in a cottage located in a tropical location? What about Brazil? Yes, a cottage by the beach in Brazil sounds pretty good. Many people think “Rio de Janeiro” when someone says “Brazil” and even though Rio is a gorgeous city to visit, the real great places to vacation in Brazil are located in remote areas. One such place is Arraial d’Ajuda, Bahia, Brazil. That’s a place I’d really recommend anyone to go. I personally haven’t gone there yet, but my sister had her honeymoon there and swears by it. Arraial d’Ajuda is a very small town with unspoiled beaches, very friendly people and super fresh food. The weather is also amazing! Very warm, but the ocean breeze and the warm waters are always there to cool you down.

When I first saw this place in Brazil I thought about sharing it right away. I think it has so many great qualities you can find in a Brazilian home. It has exotic woods, color, openness. The views of the forest are just beautiful. It’s almost as if you’re in a tree house.

Take a look and let me know if you’d like to take some days off in this place!



This is how a tropical cottage should feel in Brazil.

Ocean Breeze

The house is very close to the beach.


Everything is really colorful in this cottage.


A good look at the place.


Local art can be found in many rooms of this cottage.


Simple and sleek.

More Art

These light fixtures are hand painted. Aren’t they beautiful?


Everything has a very relaxed feel in this cottage.




I love this window.


I love seeing the deep green of these leaves.

Brazilian Soul

All these colors make me feel happy.


The staircase is made of local wood.


Talking about wood, take a good look at this magnificent carved wooden chair. It’s a piece of art.

Keep Calm And Carry On

Open to the outdoors.

Master Bedroom

Imagine yourself in this bed, feeling the breeze coming in…


This is the view from the bed.

Alegria! Alegria!

Sure, this is not for everyone or everywhere, but it brings happiness to a Brazilian cottage.


Tiles inside the shower.


Just outside the master bedroom.


Hammocks are huge in Brazil. I love them!

All of Us

I could enjoy this place!


A fun place for a Brazilian drink: Caipirinha.


Imagine yourself relaxing here, under the sun and with this view.


Outdoor shower? Yes, please!


Aren’t these chairs very unique?

Why Brazil?

And this is the reason you go to Brazil.


And yes, the food is pretty amazing too!

The Village

The tiny town feels safe and welcoming.


A little house.


Some stores around the town. Local shopping, anyone?

Buy Color

Wouldn’t it be fun to bring home some of these vibrant colors?


While there, why not learn some “lambada” moves? Lambada is a fun and fast dance. I have to say this; lambada is great to make you burn some calories, be in shape and feel happy!

Look Up!

Do you see the light green plants? They’re orchids. People put their orchids in their trees and they grow beautifully there. My grandmother has some orchids on the tree in front of her house in Brazil.

The Reason

The cottage is great, the shopping is fun, but we all want go to the beach!


So nice!

Walk On

Miles and miles of warm sand.


This is the kind of beach that would make me take a plane to go to! This one is worthy!


You can call it heaven, paradise or simply, Brazil.


You’d find me in one of these daybeds.


They say “paz” which means “peace”.

Warm Up

I love hearing the waves breaking on the shore.

I’m wishing I was in this place right now. I woke up to a very cold and windy morning today. Even though I’m enjoying Fall, I must say I’m already missing the sun! It gets cold here very quickly. Seeing all this sunshine and the beach is just what I needed today.

How’s your day going so far? Many plans for today? If you’re going to have a busy day, try to keep a positive attitude. I say that for myself, too. It seems that I’m running around too much lately and forgetting to breathe. Sometimes we need to focus on that, on just slowing down. We have to remind ourselves of how precious life is and try to find gratefulness in every day.

Please, make sure to come back tomorrow. I’ve prepared a post which I can’t wait to share with you.

Have a blessed day!


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Source: Casa do Dean.

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16 Comments to 'Cottage of the Week: Brazil'

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  1. Mona Thompson said,

    This really makes me want a vacation. So fabulous! thanks for your encouragement. I just took a deep breath and plan to enjoy every busy moment of this day. I’m blessed to be experiencing all that I am. XO Mona

  2. The enchanted home said,

    Can almost feel those tropical breezes and hear the ocean, feels like the ultimate tree house…love that bathroom, so cool!! This is wonderful and its in Brazil so it makes it extra special.

  3. maria said,

    Such a beautiful place! I love the hand painted lamp shades above the breakfast bar – Brazilian people are obviously not afraid of colour. I can see myself in the orange hammock with a glass of something cool and refreshing, enjoying the fabulous views….I can dream anyway!

  4. kristin said,

    Hi sweet Luciane, this is a wonderful post! I can’t get that beach out of my head now. I just saw the movie Rio with my kids, also from beautiful Brazil, so now I really WANT to go. I’ll see you in that daybed!!!

    Kristin xoxoxoxo

  5. Carmen - Achados de Decoração said,

    Lu minha querida!
    olha eu aqui depois de uns dias sumidinha!
    agora estou na reta final para a inauguração da loja, dia 31, então, correria dobrada, mas felicidade em dose quádrupla hehehe menina, bem que eu gostaria de um Cottage desse, hein? colorido, gostoso, minha cara! e amanhã? que surpresa você tem para nós? bjs

  6. Acquired Objects said,

    I could be very happy in Brazil it’s beautiful and looks so tranquil and peaceful. I need a vacation!

  7. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Hello Lu,

    I’m so glad to see this beautiful cottage. Thanks for sharing. The house is very airy and colorful. THat bathroom is something else! The tiles… a work of art.
    I’ve been to a unspoiled beach in Bahia called Mangue Seco. Have you heard about it? It felt like I was in heaven, seriously.

    Nice week to you!

  8. SizzleandZoom said,

    This is a wow post. Wonderful. Love the handpainted glass bar lights. They are so hard to find. And loving the wooden chair. The whole post is heaven-from home to beach.

  9. Kate @ Travelmoon said,

    This post is getting me very excited for my beach vacation next week! That cottage looks so serene and amazing! I have had the opportunity to go to a small beach town in Bahia and it was an unforgettable experience!

  10. Lynne said,

    I really like the casual comfy-ness of this beautiful house. I can’t bring myself to call it a cottage. It doesn’t fit my perception of a cottage at all. 🙂

  11. Barbara said,

    Really lovely. Great wood, wide open windows, gorgeous beaches and food…what else is there. You could be our travel guide! Sign me up!

  12. Barbara@HausDesign said,

    This has all of the elements that I think of when I think of a home in Brazil – vibrant colors, hammocks, great food, lush surrounding and the beach! Beautiful!

  13. Kathy said,

    Great colorful post…very happy..and yes my day is crazzzzzyyyy and I will keep that in mind!!! xxooK

  14. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane

    Ai, que lugar maravilhoso!!!!
    Ano passado fui em Salvador, mas só na capital e também acho que uns 50 k da capital a praia do forte. è muito linda, com coqueiros também, sempre queria ver uma praia com coqueiros…rs
    Hoje é feriado e fomos pra nosso ap na praia, mas estava nublado e ventando.
    Adoro te visitar, tuas postagens são tão bem feitas e vc é muito receptiva!!!O mundo dos blogs é incrível, porque não vemos apenas as imagens,sentimos as pessoas!
    Ah, sempre quero saber onde moravas aqui no Brasil , outro dia vc me conta qdo passar no blog.

    bjo querida

  15. Sheila Zeller said,

    Oh my, stop already! This is just so inviting, way too tempting… and… when can we go? I LOVE IT!

    xo Sheila

  16. Carla said,

    Oh…I miss Brazil right now and especially the North East where I am from (and as you stated some of the best beaches are). Love the House…I want take a nap at a hammock and hear the sound of the waves …


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