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Don’t you love Tuesdays? I get excited about Tuesdays now that we have our Cottage of the Week featured here. I love the simplicity of the cottages I find. I read a comment the other day where this lovely reader said she enjoyed seeing and dreaming with the big houses I post here, but she gets even more inspired with the cottages because they have realistic size and decor. I couldn’t agree more! I totally understand that. I love seeing houses that make us dream, the kitchens that make us want to demolish the ones we have and start all over again, but nothing speaks more to my heart than cozy places where everything feels so uncomplicated.

This one’s location? Sweden. It’s amazing how many gorgeous cottages you can find in that country! Enjoy this Cottage of the Week!


The Red Roof

I love the surroundings and the cottage-y red roof.


Inside you’ll find bright interiors and this unique fireplace.


I really like the floral fabrics and the bird cage.


This room is very bright with all the white on the floors and walls, but I don’t think anyone should block that view.


It’s always a great idea to add some lightly scented candles, preferably white.

Much Better

Beautiful dining area with a lake view. I really like the windows and the light fixture in this room.

Cooking & Eating

Lovely space.

Swedish Kitchen

Simple, compact. Ideal for a cottage.


The wooden countertops add some warmth to the kitchen. Nice lake view from this sweet window.


A classic look.


A tiny but well-organized mudroom.

Adding You

Display things you love around your house. Show your personality with decor.


If I ever have a cottage, I know I’ll do something like this. Just perfect!!!

Master Bedroom

This is a very cozy master bedroom. It feels very delicate.


Vintage feel.

Comfort and Light

The master’s seating area is my favorite part.


I’d love to have a cup of coffee here and enjoy the lake view.


I always love seeing ladders in bathrooms. Hang your towels with charm.


A more modern feel.


The sink.


Fluffy white towels are a must in any bathroom.

To Outside

Sunny entrances always bring a good feel to the rest of the house.

Outdoor Shower

Don’t we all love an outdoor shower?

Sunny Room

This is a small but great sunroom.




The back of the cottage.


Boating, anyone?

Water & Woods

The cottage is surrounded by nature. Everything feels so peaceful.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this cottage. These places keep reminding me to slow down a bit and to create a cottage-y-like spot in my own house, where everything feels simple and very cozy.

Have a wonderful day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: Behrer.

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24 Comments to 'Cottage of the Week: By the Lake'

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  1. What a perfect getaway house Luciane!! I loooove the setting, its like a story book! And that all white dining room with the views I would sit there eating for hours and hours…beautiful!

  2. Tereza said,

    adoro o estilo escandinavo, este chalé é puro aconchego, claro e super relaxante.
    Beijos e uma ótima semana prá você e sua família

  3. Oh I would love to be here, Luciane! Perfect.
    I love the casual interior, and the roof is to die for!
    One thing I can tell you about labor; you have no choice. When I went into labor with my first child I tried to get the nurses to stop it because I wasn’t ready, haha! They laughed of course!
    Have a great day, friend.

  4. Dear Luciane,

    Did you write this post just for me? (: My Swedish heart beats extra fast!

    Swedes crave and love natural light (the country is dark for many months of the year!) and they always salute Mother Nature. Just look at all these beautiful rooms!

    Hope all is well with lovely Mama!

    ox, Mon

  5. Taylor Greenwalt said,

    What a charming home. Perfect for getting away. Love all the white with floral pillows.

  6. The Buzz Blog said,

    Something about the all white decor makes the lake views from all those windows pop. Just finished the Stieg Larsson series and can imagine what the lake cottage must look like!

  7. Stacy said,

    How cool is that sink!? And I agree with you about the sheers on the windows…almost a sin 🙂

  8. Slim Paley said,

    I agree-so charming.
    You had me at the Red Roof ( I have a Red Roof post in the works 🙂 )
    I LOVE the straw hats against the white wall. Lovely!

  9. Meera @ firstsense said,

    Hello lovely! Ahhhh this is SOOOO lovely. The setting, the interiors, everything. Some might say some of the furnishings are rather kitsch but the style is so perfect here. I LOVE everything about it.

    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway, darling. But you addressed the comment to Karena… um, not sure who that is :-~

    Meera xx

  10. Karena said,

    Lucianne I could move right in! I would love to be there to recover from my upcoming hip surgery!! You are the best!

    Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway! I hope you will join! ( a great source as well)

    Art by Karena

  11. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    i love every little bit of this lake house. (and ohhhh, don’t you love how the sheer curtains are tacked up so casually?). the light, the water nearby, the charm, the ease. it’s all my kinda thing. plus you had me at ‘swedish.’ and i am not going to fight you if you decide to change your name to COTTAGEbunch and feature only liveable properties such as this. they ARE my favorite and make mcmansions look plain ridiculous. just a thought.



  12. SizzleandZoom said,

    I love the fireplace room. This is quite charming and very comfortable looking. Would have no problem moving in for the summer.

  13. designchic said,

    Oh Luciane, you know how I love a cottage and this one is perfect!! Love the adorable display of hats and the views…fabulous!!

  14. Sheila Zeller said,

    This is such a sweet cottage, Luciane. There are so many moments in it that deserve a comment, a pause for reflection. I love the sunny entrance- I had to look twice because the way the doorway framed that view, it almost looked like a stunning piece of artwork… but then the doormat gave it away 😉 Loved the image with the candle in it – muscles, Luciane! And the shot of the sink was so beautiful. I think my favorite room was the kitchen, and design element, its countertops.
    Love this cottage!
    Can’t wait to check in again tomorrow.
    xo Sheila

  15. Carolyn said,

    Another favorite!

  16. Cottage Coastal Store, Inc ~ Kim said,

    Thank you…loved it 🙂 xo Kim

  17. Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea said,

    Love the wall of hats. Well, I pretty much love everything about this home…it’s perfecto! The light that streams through the sheer curtains makes my heart swoon…

    Hope you’re enjoying your week.


  18. Valerie Kilpatrick said,

    Brazil was, I thought, the ultimate cottage of the week. Now I’m not so sure! I love this too! Lovely.

  19. Barbara said,

    The natural light in this home is wonderful! It looks very comfy! Love it!

  20. Barbara@HausDesign said,

    I think “quaint” is the right word to sum up this beautiful cottage! I loved several of the details – the sink, the hats on the wall and the open shelving in the kitchen – so pretty!

  21. connie wright stanley said,

    love this. our cottage is much more modest but we used some of the same principles…lots of white, wood counters, uncovered sunporch windows, and happy colors for happy feelings.

  22. Alexandra Brooks said,


  23. Tee of Vinnord said,

    just LOVE it of course… I never really liked the huge houses. I dont think I would change my cottage for much. Maybe, MAYBE, I would concider an old farm, with a slightly bigger house. But never ever a mansion. I love my wee cottage with it’s tiny rooms. Filled to the brim with charm 😀

  24. Dona said,

    Peaceful! The way life should be!


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