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Cottages should be just like our home, they should always reflect our personality and have only things we love. Living or in this case, vacationing where we display things we care about can make the environment much more pleasant and comfortable.

This100-year old summer cottage perches up on a hill overlooking a large lively duck pond and is located near Kraków, Malopolska, Poland. I’ve never been to Poland but this little place makes me want to visit the country. Take a look at this cottage and you’ll find so many interesting elements. For example, the kitchen “cabinets” are made of cow hide. How unique is that?! If it wasn’t located in a country cottage, I might’ve had put it on a “Cool or Fool” post, but it actually fits this spot perfectly. The cottage has a cabin-chic feel with its wooden walls and surroundings. Talking about “surroundings”, you’ll fall in love with the hot tub outside. It’s just so romantic and inviting!



Let’s go fishing, anyone?


The cottage is located up a hill. Isn’t it charming?

Only Friends

Beautiful and peaceful.

Snowy Day

The beauty of winter.


This cottage has a good vibe. Take a look at the cow hide cabinets.

Cook a Cow

Cow hide cabinets: Not for every kitchen but really cool in a country cottage.


The cow hide cabinets have such a great color and texture, but they’re not very hygienic for kitchens or bathrooms. I think it would be fabulous as a built-in (small scale) in a den/office.

Dining Area

Interesting contrast with the modern furniture and the rustic walls.


Old photos of the cottage become art on the wall.

Hide Me

More cow hide on the wall (as a room divider) and on pillows.



Be Transparent

Nicely done.


This cottage feels very sexy. It’s not the “cute, sweet” cottages that we usually love. This one is more masculine, more contemporary and more dramatic.

Two Friends

To the master bedroom.


I love this bedroom for a cottage! The light makes this room feel so cozy and again, sexy. Take a look at the gorgeous beams surrounding the bed.


I also like the colors used in here. Take a look behind the bed and you’ll find the little office area displayed on the picture below.


Very cool. I’d prepare my posts here.


A cozy seating area by the master.


I’m loving this rustic bathroom.

Guest Bedroom

I’m not sure if I love this bed, but surely is very unique.

Guest Bathroom

The earthy tones continue here.

Cottage Love

Can you imagine how peaceful it would be to be in this place right now?

Flowers Awaiting



I want to do the same at the entrance of my house. So beautiful!


A winter day.

Old Times

Stunning… simply stunning!

Hot & Cold

Is there a better place to be in this cottage?



For Two

Who would you invite to come here with you?


This is the best “selling” point of this place.


Perfect moment? Have a glass of wine in this hot tub while you admire the stars. No noise, just a silent night.

What do you think of this place? Doesn’t it make you want to be in that hot tub? It’s pretty cold here today and a hot tub would make me very happy right now. 🙂

There’s something so beautiful about winter and snowy days. I love seeing everything white outside, especially where I live because everything seems to remain untouched. We live by a river and the river freezes at this time of the year which is amazing because we can go for walks there and it’s really fun. Our area is completely private and all we see from our house is the river and the forest that is covered with snow at this moment. I honestly don’t do very well with cold, even though I go outside I prefer to admire the beauty through the windows of my house. So, seeing the surroundings of this cottage reminded me a little of where I live and it made me feel grateful for the peacefulness we have here. It’s not always easy to live in the country, but there’s something very poetic about it. I think you’re more in touch with real beauty and the energy that nature brings to this world.

I hope you find beauty wherever you are today. Look closely.

Have a happy day!


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14 Comments to 'Cottage of the Week: Poland'

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  1. Nichole@40daysof said,

    Good morning, Luciane! The thing I love about this cottage are the huge white frames on the windows, both inside and out. You don’t see that very often on log cabins. Love the contrast!

  2. Kristin said,

    Dear Luciane, ooh, how I want a cottage by the water like this! I love this post and I absolutely love your words in the end about your river…Wish I could walk there, too! Hope you are having a lovely time with your little one! We got snow here yesterday and I really hope it will stay this time. Have a beautiful day!


  3. The enchanted home said,

    What a surprise!! I love it…its so sophisticated and glamorous inside, and I can see its not that big but boy they did it up big and its gorgeous!! Love the palette, and what a setting, how spectacular. I would love a little place like that to get away to on weekends! Hope you, the baby and family are well Luciane!!

  4. Vera Moraes said,

    Hi Luciane!

    I meet you on Achados de Decoração blog and I came here knowing your blog. This house is a dream. Beautiful images. Hugs ! Vera Moraes – http://www.veramoraes.com.br – AQUI TEM DE TUDO

  5. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    i could soooo live here. i’ll skip the hot tub. it’s pretty with the candles but not a fan.

    i’m so glad you are savoring the season and the beauty of winter!


  6. designchic said,

    I just love it…such a wonderful juxtaposition between the rustic cottage and the lucite pieces inside, and how fun is the cowhide?! Hope you are doing well and having a great day!!

  7. Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said,

    Happy New Year Luciane!
    Beautiful post…I used to live near a river too and we would walk on it when it froze…someone always fell in!
    Hugs and hope you are enjoying that beautiful baby.

  8. Taylor Greenwalt said,

    What a great rustic home with enough sophistication to make it a creative place to live..

  9. Karen said,

    I so love the wide window framing, and the lighting around the hot tub at night. But, bring me here in summer not winter, please! lol

  10. Barbara Bussey said,

    I always enjoy a surprise! I would have never expected the interior to be so contemporary. Love the cow hide chair and beautiful wood, stainless counters…the list goes on!

  11. Manderley said,

    Very nice and cool!


  12. Carolyn said,

    I always love seeing rustic log cabins, especially Old World ones, as we have a log cabin in the mountains. Very interesting mix here with the contemporary fittings and furnishings. Paring the furnishings down to simple and sleek does show off the beauty of the old wood construction, though it’s really not ‘my style.’ Not sure about the cow hides – maybe on a separate console, but not the kitchen cabinets. How would you ever clean it (my husband is a messy cook)? I thought the under eave exterior lighting was really dramatic and surprising on a cabin. Fun post!

  13. Carolyn said,

    P. S. It sounds like you live in a lovely area. What could be more serene than looking out a window of snow-covered forest and river? It’s such a blessing to be able to experience the beauty of Nature from your home. It’s a gray, rainy day here, no snow, but the bare trees against the gray are still lovely in their intricate silhouettes.

  14. Cottage Coastal Store, Inc ~ Kim said,

    I missed this one yesterday and just catching it now…love the hot tub…that would be lovely right about now 😉

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