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I have a confession I’d like to make: I’m tired of winter and feeling my hands frozen all the time! Do you feel the same way? Lucky are the ones under the sun, right?! Since not all of us can be in Mexico today (oh, beautiful sunshine!) I’ll try to bring some warmth to our homes through this post. This shabby chic cottage is perfect to spend the weekends away yet stay close to the city. Located in Stinson Beach, only 20 minutes from San Francisco this cottage has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a very open concept. All rooms feel really large and summery.

But let’s forget about the weather outside. Right now, everything is sunshine!


I would sit here and let my feet touch the warm water… Don’t you miss summer?


Some houses speak to our soul. This cottage does that by embracing the views.

Living Room

White walls and ceilings make this cottage feel very large.


This is my kind of living room: beautiful and relaxed.


The kitchen was kept simple but it’s perfect for entertaining. I can see lots of people outside on the deck and coming inside to grab some tapas on the countertop. Summer parties, BBQs… I’m missing all of that!

Eating Area

Simple is always best. I love the artwork.

Master Bedroom

Such a stunning bedroom and gorgeous ceiling.


This master has a very natural feel to it.

Guest Bedroom

I would position this beautiful bed differently, but I still adore this bedroom.


The front yard feels very zen.


I really could have some fun in the sun right here!

At The Table

Dinning al fresco is always great when you’re by the water.


A reminder that life is beautiful and it’s a gift you receive every morning when you open your eyes.

I hope you also liked seeing this place with me today.


I just want to let you guys know that our little Matthew is turning TWO months old today! I can’t believe it! Times is going by so fast. I was even a bit woried last night, asking myself if I’m doing all I can to enjoy every minute with him. As you guys know, I have two older kids, and I know how much I miss them being this small. I’m doing my best to register everything! I’m taking tons of pictures and I love looking at them. He has changed so much already and he smiles all the time. Matthew is really a Gift from God… He’s calm, sweet and I can feel how much he loves us already.

My husband took this picture yesterday and I wanted to show him to you, guys. Yes, I’m a very proud mom!!! 🙂

Have a fun day, stay warm and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


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24 Comments to 'Cottage of the Week: Shabby Chic & Matthew!'

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  1. he’s beautiful! the cottage aint so bad either.

    blogging is a convenient way to keep those memories stored!

    smiles and hugs.


  2. Congratulations on your lovely baby boy. Matthew is gorgeous – just like his mama!!

    I’m five months pregnant with a GIRL!! I’m so excited!!


  3. Erin said,

    This cottage is fabulous, but seeing Matthew completely made my day!!! Thank you so much for sharing! He looks so happy!! Hugs to you!

  4. Margo said,

    Thank you (!) for sharing that beautiful picture of Matthew! Brought back so many wonderful memories for me – he totally delicious!

  5. Awww….I love when they start to show those sweet smiles! He is adorable! So glad I came over today to see what you posted!

  6. Matthew is so cute! Seeing his big bright eyes and smiling little face brought a smile to mine! He is the sunshine in this day 🙂

    Oh, loved the cottage too, but Matthew’s pic trumps the cottage, hands-down!

    xo Sheila

  7. He’s soooo beautiful! A little angel. And WHAT a smile! Sorry, I can’t get past him to comment on the house 🙂

  8. Forget the house.. That is the cutest baby ever!

  9. Gloria said,

    Beautiful home but, more importantly, beautiful baby! I can’t believe that he’s two months old already. Lord, I remember when you first shared you were pregnant with him. Doesn’t time fly???? Well, he looks very alert and happy, that is the best thing to see. 🙂
    P.S. You made such a effort on this post finding this house and showing us, and I can see everyone is commenting on MATTHEW! Ha-ha! So I will throw you a crumb on your post. 🙂 –This house is gorgeous. Don’t you love when people call a nice big house like this a “cottage?” The colors they used are so pretty too. Great post!

  10. Matthew is so cute!!! Miss that little age. Fun to see this home too. Looks like where we live. Actually Stinson is not too far from us. Ok, my little one & I have been a little under the weather since Monday so going to get some rest. Have a great evening/day!! Kim

  11. Karen said,

    Greetings from Vancouver! Awwww, i love the picture of Matthew! Thanks for sharing this with all of us! Hard to believe he is 2 months already.

  12. Thank-you for sharing Matthew with us. What a happy, handsome boy he is.

  13. Manderley said,

    Ohh Luciane, Matthew is a doll! So cute! So pretty boy! You are a good and proud mom, I’m sure.
    The cottage is gorgeous and harmonious.


  14. fay said,

    Buongiorno Luciane HES LOVELY ,you must be having such a great time with him and the cottage looks like a sweet place to be. the pale blues are pretty by the water Sunny here too Love fay xxxx

  15. OMG FORGET THE HOUSE, THAT IS THE CUTEST LITTLE GUY!!!!!!!! He is soooooo adorable and cherubic! Give him a giant hug and kiss, you must be enjoying him so much Luciane!!
    Now onto this cottage, so decieving, it looks so small from the outside but looks so roomy and open in the inside, great space, beautiful light and what a setting!

  16. designchic said,

    Oh, Luciane, he is BEAUTIFUL!! I know you are having the best time and enjoying every second with your precious child…boys are wonderful – it’s hard to believer he’s already 2 months. Love the house – my favorite beachy colors, and the ceilings in the bedroom are gorgeous!!

  17. Victoria Athens said,

    Hi, Luciane. I live in Florida so I am not missing warm weather. Nonetheless, the cottage is charming…but Matthew!!! What a beautiful boy he is. You have every reason to be proud and you are right to try to absorb every minute. My boys are in their forties and I can tell you the time goes much too fast.
    Have a great day.
    All the best…Victoria

  18. Carolyn said,

    Aww, Matthew’s so cute! Love that smile.

    The cottage looks like a total re-do of a 50’s house. Love what they did to it. Wonderful patio and the views are great in every direction. My only quibble – how are you supposed to watch TV? It’s stuck off by itself.

  19. Matthew is just the cutest! Wow, two months old already?! Adorable!

  20. Calico Child said,

    Luciane he is soooo adorable I bet you cannot stop looking at him don’t they grow up so fast enjoy all your precious moments 🙂
    Yes I love this little cottage on the river so tranquil I have so many of your post to catch up on, have a lovely day & I hope you warm up before you know it it will be spring its baking hot in QLD at the moment luckily for us we didn’t get the down pour & flooding that some in south QLD got we always seem to miss it (phew)

  21. Kathy said,

    Oh I hurried through the adorable cottage because i knew I find a beautiful little man to look at…what a doll, and those eyes….i just so love this age and so glad to see you are enjoying every second too..it seems with the first baby we can’t wait for them to do the next thing and with our 2nd and 3rd we want time to stand still..you are so blessed!

  22. Matthew is just divine – love that big smile! Can’t believe it’s been two months, wow.

    I love the home but I really like it’s location. I grew up in California and my mom & I use to go to Stinson Beach for day trips…great memories.

    Big hugs,

  23. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane

    Olhando o lado de fora, diria que a casa é muito baixinha,rs
    mas o lado interno é maravilhoso!
    Esse chão clarinho parece ser tão gostoso, que tiraria o calçado na hora, a madeira clara, pardes brancas, azulzinho aqui e ali, passa muita tranquilidade e paz, deve ser muito gostoso morar ali, sem falar do espaço enorme!!!!
    Ah, seu menino está muito lindo que continue assim abençoado, sempre feliz e sorrindo. aaahh, qdo a gente ver vc estra fazendo festinha de 1 aninho dele. esse ano é o que mais demora a passar, no meu caso foi o mais trabalhoso, meu filho mais velho chorava muito tadinho, deveria ter alguma dor ou desconforto, tinha uma hernia no umbigo, que depois fechou.
    Já com a filha foi mais fácil e eu estava mais tranquila. O terceiro filho vc deve estar mais do que preparada!

    bjus amiga

  24. Hey, Luciane! How are you? Thanks so much for sharing a picture of your cutie pie!

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