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Homes include bathrooms for obvious reasons. We utilize them for important hygienic functions, all of which we must perform for our health and comfort. But if we can break free of the image of a bathroom as a necessity in the home and start thinking of it as the luxury it is (especially compared to our ancestors’ arrangements!), we can open a world of possibilities for helping make the bathroom one of the most uplifting and unique parts of our homes.

Homes are as varied as their occupants, but no matter what style of residence you have or what personal preferences you hold, you can make your bathroom look amazing and unique while still tying in its style with the rest of the house.


Small & Cozy

Small Bathroom Decorating ideas. Bring personality to a small bathroom with a bold wallpaper, Quadrille Sigourney, and classic penny round tile in blue. #SmallBathroom #Smallbathroomdesign #Smallbathroomdecor #SmallBathroomDecoratingtips #SmallBathroomDecoratingIdeas #SmallBathroomIdeas #SmallBathroomDesignerTips #SmallBathroom MuseInteriors for Zhush.

They say that less is more, and a compact bathroom is the only option for a compact home. Getting all the functional parts into a smaller bathroom can be challenging, but the end result will be beautiful if you plan carefully. Big-house options like garden tubs and oversized showers are off the table, of course, so you have to focus on style and beauty over bulk.

You don’t have to sacrifice style in a smaller room! You can find a beautiful and modern small bathroom vanity built to be efficient, small units that fit into the room as effectively as your linens fit into the vanity. These models have crisp, modern lines in striking colors and finishes.

Now swing the pendulum back the other way. Since older homes typically had smaller bathrooms, retro fixtures may be a good starting point. You will want to choose an ensemble with classic arched showerheads, footed tubs, and maybe even old-fashioned elevated tanks on the commodes.


Ultra Luxury

Spa like Bathroom. Spa like Bathroom Ideas. Create a Spa like feel in your bathroom with a light color palette and plenty of natural light. Spa like Bathroom #SpalikeBathroom Martha's Vineyard Interior Design.

Bathrooms are really all about getting ourselves ready to face the day’s challenges. We want to look and feel our best before we venture out into the world, so the bathroom should be a place from which we emerge rested, energized, and confident. They can also be our personal refuge at the end of a demanding day.

Bathroom shower window. Bathroom shower with Porthole Window. Porthole Shower Window. Authentic Porthole Shower Window. #PortholeWindow #BathroomWindow #ShowerPortholeWindow #Porthholeshowerwindow Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

Consequently, when space is available, there are lots of ways to build our strength with bathroom features. A large tub can provide for a decidedly non-cramping bathing experience, with legs and arms free to stretch out and relax. A spacious shower keeps us from bumping our elbows and head on the sides. A large vanity with bright lights and generous mirrors ensures our best appearance, and adequate electrical access helps keep dryers, curling irons, and other cosmetic appliances operable and accessible.


Fully Functional

Classic Bathroom Reno. Classic Bathroom Reno Ideas. Classic Bathroom Reno with new vanity, floor tile and half wall subway tiles. #ClassicBathroomReno #BathroomReno TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

For other homeowners, the focus may be on a more practical approach. That doesn’t mean the bathroom has to be plain! Sometimes outside factors like frequent droughts necessitate closer attention to water usage. In other situations, sewer systems or septic tanks may have limitations that require a more conservative use of water.

A fresh approach to classic style completely transformed this master bathroom. Soft gray walls, white subway tile and marble flooring exemplify the feeling of casual luxury. The large medicine cabinet and generous vanity with open shelf provide ample storage space. TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders.

Space may be at a premium for more than just aesthetic purposes. Depending on tax structures, zoning laws, and historic preservation regulations, you may have to go with a more standard bathroom size. Regardless of the space available and the functions undertaken, there are still plenty of amazing bathroom fixtures available. Some of them are specially designed to conserve water, save space, and cut back on hot water usage, so even the greenest renovator or builder can be satisfied with them.


Shower Reno

Shower. Bathroom Shower. Shower has a built-in bench, niche, and secondary hand-held shower. #Shower #ShowerBench #ShowerNiche #showerideas #ShowerReno TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

This recently renovated shower features a new built-in bench, niche, and secondary hand-held shower.


The Choice is Yours

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The most important thing to keep in mind is that bathrooms shouldn’t be an afterthought during a larger construction or renovation project. They are very heavily used by occupants and can prove equally pleasurable or frustrating depending on the design. Therefore, make sure to choose an interior designer that can accommodate what you want with what you need. Good judgment is key.

Sources: 1: Jodi Fleming Design. 2: MuseInteriors. 3 & 4: Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design. 5, 6 & 7: TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders. 8: Alison Lufkin Design – Sullivan & Company.

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a peaceful Sunday!

I spent yesterday designing a cottage bathroom for my wonderful clients and decided to put a post together to share my thoughts on bathroom design. I hope these tips come handy for you.

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