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What’s your dream place to live? The style of the house? What about the surroundings? I’m sure most of us have an idea of how our dream home would look like, right? Some of us, including me, know all the details and seeing homes like this one gives us even more interesting ideas that we slowly add to what one day could be our “ultimate” dream home.

This house got my attention because it’s the style I love and it’s in a perfect location. I have to say that I’m becoming a huge fan of shingled style homes. There’s this charm about them that’s hard to find anywhere else. Also, I really wanted to post this house because the kitchen inspired me so much. You’ve got to see it!


Living Room

I really like rooms that feels spacious yet cozy. This one has distinctive seating areas, you can have many people here or just a couple sitting by the fireplace. It’s really well designed.

From Above

The beams add a very natural feel to the room.


This is a “look-and-learn” kind of kitchen. Everyone seems to want a white kitchen now and this is a great example of white. Not a sterile, hospital-like white. A creamy one is much easier on the eyes and looks fantastic in any kind of light. Also, take a good look at the islands. Instead of using a huge one and blocking its way from the fridge to stove, the island was wisely divided in two. It’s a perfect solution for a slightly narrow kitchen. You still have lots of space to work, but you don’t need to be going around a giant island to get something on the other side. Also, don’t miss the elegant light fixtures and the blue hues. This kitchen is really inspirational.

Master Bedroom

This is the kind of master bedroom I love. It’s has a big, comfy bed, a very soft color on the wall. It also got a fireplace!


Gorgeous grounds.


Pool House

I adore the pool house and the view of the house from the pool. So beautiful!

Don’t you love seeing houses that can inspire you somehow? If I had to add a detail, an idea from this house to my own house it would be that kitchen, actually, that island to be more specific. What about you? Is there something here you’d love to have in your own place?

How is your day going so far? I’m missing a cup of coffee today. I’ve gave up on coffee since I found out I’m pregnant and that’s the part that I’m missing the most. You know some people can’t wait to have that glass of wine after giving birth, right? I’m like that about coffee. I know where I’m sending my husband after giving birth: to the nearest Starbucks!

Have a lovely day and enjoy a cup of coffee for me! 🙂


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Source: Elliman.

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19 Comments to 'East Hampton Shingled Home'

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  1. Barbara@HausDesign said,

    Wow, I agree how it feels spacious yet cozy…it’s a beautiful home overall but the exterior, back yard/grounds and the living room really got my attention! Beautiful! I also loved your Fall decor post from yesterday – sorry I didn’t get to commenting about it. Funny that we were on the same wavelength yesterday. 🙂

  2. PriscilaPetersDecor said,


    I would add those high ceiling to my home. Pretty home.

    How are you?? No cafe… that must be hard, but for a good cause. I love coffee, too. Hope you’re doing well, Lu.
    Today, I have a guest post. It’s about kid’s room. See ya

  3. Carolyn@Sweet Chaos said,

    Love this home, Luciane! The pool and grounds are incredible. I also really love that soothing master bedroom.

    I had two cups of coffee this morning… one for me and one for you 🙂

  4. The enchanted home said,

    Of course I love it..its in the Hamptons. I love the grounds, kitchen and master, feel the living room could use some help in warming it up, its a great space but could be improved upon in my humble opinion. Overall however its a fabulous home!

  5. Carmen - Achados de Decoração said,

    oi Lu! td bem por aí?
    aqui tudo ótimo!!!

  6. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    those islands are stunning, L. and i think my favorite element is how they constructed the pool. so understated and gorgeous. maybe someday!


  7. Sharon said,

    Hello Luciane!! I love this home…but, give me more, more, more. I would’ve love to have seen the bathroom(s) and bedrooms. As large as this home appears, I am sure they have more than just the one Master bedroom. Great posting!

  8. Hi Sharon!

    You know me! I never have “short” posts when I can provide long ones! 🙂 Unfortunately they had only these pictures on the listing. I’m also wishing I could see the rest of it!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  9. Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said,

    YES PLEASE! Gorgeous.
    Hey sweetie…I KNOW how much you miss your cafe…I couldn’t wait to start guzzling it the minute Beans was born. Soon enough my friend…

  10. Brenda said,

    I also love the idea of an island broken in two, very ingenious. In my opinion, why shove the living room furniture against the walls with such a large space? Not cozy looking at all. Love the grounds though. Take care.

  11. SizzleandZoom said,

    I love this home. Comfortable enough for me. I like the dining and kitchen area and what is that bed-love it. Is it two queens together or two full beds? I don’t surface for the day until I have my coffee so I know how you feel. I would be in hiebernation.

  12. designchic said,

    It’s a wonderful home. Love the kitchen, but the pool area…amazing!! Not too much longer before you get that Starbucks. I’ll drink an extra pumpkin spice latte tomorrow – just for you!!

  13. classic • casual • home said,

    I’d like that pool and pool house!

  14. Barbara said,


  15. Mandi Smith T said,

    love! That family room, although huge, seems cozy!! M.

  16. Taylor Greenwalt said,

    Boy, it would be so wonderful to have two islands… Love the kitchen

  17. Calico Child said,

    Ohh Luciane my dream house gosh its just so perfect I need to get that lottery ticket on & dream & keep dreaming I feel HEE x

  18. Kathy said,

    That pool looks so inviting right now, cold and rainy here this weekend….now you’ve got me thinking I need a starbucks this dreary morning to pick me up!

  19. Manderley said,

    Ohh ohh it’s wonderful! The barckyard and the pool are amaizing.

    Have a good week!!


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