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I’d love you guys to meet my friend Barbara from HausDesign. Honestly, I can’t get enough of this post. You guys know how much I love when I find a stunning house for sale and guess what Barbara just did for us? She found an amazing place for our delight. One of my favorite part of this house is the dining room. It’s just incredible. Take a look and tell me if you like it too.

I hope you all enjoy this gorgeous home. By the way, you really can’t miss to visit Barbara’s great blog! Please, drop by and say “hello” for me!


Hi Everyone! I’m Barbara from HausDesign. I was honored when Luciane asked me to guest post for her while she is taking care of her sweet little addition to her family, Matthew. 🙂 I enjoy Luciane’s blog very much, but more importantly I adore her! She has been so kind to me and I have enjoyed getting to know her and her great sense of style, as well as her appreciation for life, via our mutual blogs! So here goes…

Today I bring you a house in one of the prettiest towns I know – Mill Valley, CA. Mill Valley is a great little town north of San Francisco with beautiful boutiques and amazing restaurants. (It’s where Tyler Florence has his beautiful cooking store, for example). This newly constructed home has just been sold, and is a beautiful addition to the area. Let’s take a look together:

The views from the back of the house all face beautiful rolling green hills…
The house has a unique entrance going down the hill and they made the most of it with this wonderful courtyard.
North of the city, the decor becomes much more laid back and it’s very apparent in this home. Accessible, earthy and classy are the words that come to mind.
This room is very neutral without being boring and lets the views do the talking!
The beautiful mix of chairs and gorgeous lighting really stand out in the dining room and again the views are incredible!
Clean lines make for a timeless kitchen and that seating area is ideal for a family…
I don’t know how much work I’d get done with a view like that, but maybe it would be inspiring.
I like the large workspace, too.
The rumpled linens add to the casual, easy-going feel.
A perfectly classy, yet casual, game room.
Don’t miss that great stool in front of the TV and the art on the far wall…
The house also comes with a one bedroom guest house, complete with kitchen, for those long term guests!

My favorite room in the house!

I hope you liked this California home. Please stop by my blog to say hello if you have a minute.

Thanks so much for having me Luciane!


Thank you so much, Barbara for this delightful post! It was a truly pleasure having you here!

Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine was calm, we just stayed home since I can’t really go to places because of my c-section. We had our fireplace roaring and making everything feel so Christmassy. A little secret? I could finally color my hair. I waited the whole pregnancy to do that! But let’s keep this to ourselves, ok? Nobody needs to know my hair isn’t as blond as I wish it was! LOL 🙂

Have a very blessed week, my friends and keep thinking positively! Miracles only happens when we believe.


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15 Comments to 'Guest Post: Barbara from Haus Design'

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  1. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    views and simplicity! stunning.

    you know what they say about (us) blondes…and it’s ALL TRUE.


  2. designchic said,

    What a wonderful house, Barbara. I cannot get over the dining room ceiling and lanterns…fabulous!! And Luciane, I so hope everything is going well with little Matthew ~

  3. Barbara@HausDesign said,

    Thanks so much for having me Luciane! Glad you enjoyed a family weekend of rest…keep up the good work and I’m sure your hair looks fab. 🙂

  4. Linda in AZ * said,

    *** Wise choice, choosing Barbara to host for you today… she always has, and finds, the greatest things, as witnessed here. This is sooooo much more along the lines Jim & I prefer, and for us, it’s ALWAYS “about the VIEWS, & an open-to nature -feeling”, which this home certainly has!!!

    It sounds like you had such a lovely time by the fire, & I can only IMAGINE how you & your husband are soooo enjoying, and appreciating, this special time while Mathew is so small… What a CHRISTMAS BLESSING for the whole family!!!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with all those you love,

    Linda in AZ *

  5. The enchanted home said,

    Love this house, I felt my stress o meter instantly go down a few notches just seeing all the soft natural light stream in, the natural woods, the elegant but inviting decor…its really fabulous in every way AND its in Northern Cali!!!!!! SOLD. Great choice Barabara but I expected nothing less:)
    Luciane, continue to rest and feel better, I bet now that you are blonder, you are feeling a wee bit uplifted…give that cutie a little hug!!

  6. Thouhgts on Design said,

    Gorgeous home! With a site like that, it’s all about the view, which the photographs show so eloquently. I’d LOVE to have that home office!


  7. eclectic revisited said,

    oh my, can you get over all of that natural sunlight and large windows to let it all in?..simply stunning..am loving the dining room ceiling as well..very unique and warms the space up a bit…beautiful subdued colors..
    simply gorgeous!

  8. pretty pink tulips said,

    Love Barbara and love this home!!! I used to live in San Fran and always loved how the sun shone on the other side of the bridge in Mill Valley!!!

    Gorgeous, warm and welcoming!
    Happy Monday!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. Sharon@ Roses and Rust said,

    What a beautiful home, Barabara. It has a simple and relaxed look which I love. I particularly love the rumpled linen on the bed and sofa and those wonderful lanterns in the dining room. x Sharon

  10. Tereza said,

    que casa linda e que vista, não?
    E o bebê, como vai?

  11. Barbara Bussey said,

    Barbara finds the most beautiful rooms in the world! Plus, she’s an America, living in Germany, which to me, is very cool!

    Love this home…especially the fab dining room!

  12. Barbara Bussey said,

    I meant of course, she’s an American! I’d love to live in Europe for a short while!

  13. Mona Thompson said,

    Lovely post , Barbara…what gorgeous views..all the light would be wonderful, and the beautiful neutral palette…

  14. Taylor Greenwalt said,

    What a gorgeous view. It is just stunning. I love the dinning room ceiling. The natural wood just warms the whole room up.

  15. Kendra said,

    I am visiting from Barbara’s Haus Design blog!
    I just love the spacious workspace with a great view and the outdoor entertaining space. Makes after work drinks alot closer and easy to get to!

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