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Hello my lovely readers! Enjoying your weekend so far? Can you believe this is the last weekend before Christmas? Just imagine how busy everything will be! Thank goodness I’m basically ready for Christmas, I just need to finish wrapping some gifts. I simply can’t wait! I’m extra excited for Christmas this year and I hope we all have an amazing time.

Talking about amazing, I’d like to introduce you to an amazing friend of mine: Nichole from 40 Days of. I read her blog for more than a year now and she’s just incredibly entertaining. I have laughed so many times while reading her blog. She shares her life there and so many interesting and funny stories. I love her sense of humor and that’s why I asked her to prepare a “Cool or Fool” for us. You just take a look at what she found and you can’t help but laughing! I mean, who on earth could find something as hilarious as this?

Please, take a look, laugh a little and go visit her blog. You will find a down-to-earth person, full of real life beauty.



Hi! I’m Nichole and I have a blog called 40 Days of. Luciane is one of the nicest people I have met online, and I was thrilled that she asked me to help out during her maternity leave.

Furniture to fight zombies. We all know the zombie apocalypse is coming, so why not have a night stand that helps you beat them off when they invade in the middle of the night? 😉 I’ve seen this table a couple of different times over the last year. I think it’s hilarious. Not only do I have a bit of a warped sense of humor, but I found out a few years ago that one of my husband’s secret fears is a zombie apocalypse. So of course, I had to show him!



photo found here

What do you think? Is it cool or fool? I’m going with cool, but I’m sure there will be those of you who think this is one of the stupidest things ever. Oh well! I hope you at least get a chuckle out of it.

Thanks for having me, Luciane! I hope you are having a ball with your newest addition.


Thank you for making me laugh, Nichole! This is so crazy! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this Cool or Fool by Nichole. Make sure to drop by her blog today.

By the way, try to have a really fun weekend and don’t worry too much about getting everything “perfectly” done. Enjoy this time of the year and enjoy spending some time with the people that really matters to you. After all, we never know what tomorrow will bring and according to Nichole, there will be a “zombie” apocalypse some day. Now, we just need to find out how much alcohol she’s putting on her eggnog! 😉

Have a cozy weekend, everyone!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: 40 Days of.

PS: Expect next week to see posts filled with “Christmas Love”!

* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

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8 Comments to 'Guest Post: Cool or Fool By Nichole'

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  1. Teresa @ Splendid Sass said,

    I hope that you and family are doing great! I know that you are busy.
    Thank you for sharing this blogger! I am headed over now.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. The enchanted home said,

    Wow have never seen anything quite like this, think my boys would LOVE it! Hope you are well Luciane, and not working too hard as “Santas elf”!! Wishing you the most joyous holiday imaginable….and take care of yourself.
    Thanks for the intro to another wonderful blogger!

  3. SizzleandZoom said,

    Another thing to wonder about. Would never consider it. If I had boys it might be a good gift. I don’t know. It might provoke. Hope you are enjoying your holiday with Matthew.

  4. fay said,

    the perfect gift for BOYS i think
    enjoy the weekend !! all of you

  5. Acquired Objects said,

    These items would be great for a boys room and they made me smile. I hope you’re enjoying your time with your family Luciane.

  6. Taylor Greenwalt said,

    It would be great for a boys room. My boys would of used it in their room and a ball would of gone through the window. I think with that in mind it is a fool! Hope your doing well. Best wishes…

  7. classic • casual • home said,

    My son would like this table and defense system 🙂

  8. designchic said,

    Never seen anything quite like this…heading over to visit a new to me blog!! Hope you are doing well and enjoy some time with your precious family ~

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