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(Hello my sweet readers! How are you guys doing today? As you all know I just delivered my baby Matthew and if you have kids you know how beautiful yet busy the first weeks are, right? Sleep is a word from a distant past and you’re doing your best to feed your baby on his demand. I have to say that having Matthew finally at home is a precious gift that we’ve received from God, which not only I feel grateful for, but also my other two kids and my husband. We’re all know how blessed we are.

But as I was saying, I’m really busy these days and I had to ask for some help with the blog. I simply couldn’t leave you guys without a post for weeks. I care too much about you to just “disappear” for a while. So, I asked some close friends to help me out with posts, the results will impress you. First of all, you guys will get to know some truly amazing bloggers around here. I just invited people I know are passionate about what they do and they do it well. I felt so impressed by the gorgeous posts my friends prepared for us and I feel so grateful they came to help me. All of them were happy to give me a hand and this really touched my heart, because I felt how much they really cared about me and were doing their best to find a minute on their busy schedule. I’ll always be grateful to every single of these friends.

And talking about friends, I want to start with a real wonderful friend of mine: Tina from “The Enchanted Home”. If you read and post comments on my blog you’ve probably read her wise comments here. She never misses a post and she’s that kind of friend: supportive and kind and she knows how much I appreciate her. Tina is a woman that does it all. She’s not only have one of the most interesting blogs but also is finalizing one of her biggest dreams: build her home, which is being featured everywhere on the blogland. Her house is so majestically beautiful that has inspiring so many of us. Yes, we all love her home, but more than that we all love her fun personality, her honesty and her approach to life.)


Good morning! It is so nice to be over here at Home Bunch, one of my favorite blogs in all of blogland and a regular morning stop for me. Can I just tell you how much I adore Luciane? Is she not the sweetest gem in all of blogland? Her kind and bubbly personality just radiates from every post and her comments and if Canada were not so far away I would so go up there and see her and that darling little new baby she is about to have ( one look at her and you know the baby will be a doll)!!

So when she asked me to be her very first guest poster, I was sooo honored and thrilled to oblige. It is with pleasure that I put together this post. As scary as it is to think the holidays are upon us, it literally makes me tremble just thinking of it, it is time to accept the inevitable, the good, the bad and the beautiful! I love all the rich holiday colors, the beautiful and rich gem tones but along with those rich hues I also just love winter white. What is it about winter white especially in the winter? It reminds me of being a fairy living in a winter white ice palace wearing a winter white ballgown trimmed in white mink, eating winter white macaroons on my winter white velvet sofa, well you get the picture, guess I am getting a little carried away ( you know me and my dreaming). I love winter white, and white is just not for summer. No no no! So lets have a look shall we at how stunning winter white is, its like the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Take a look at these stunning winter white rooms. Could you possibly pick a fave? Tell me which is your absolute favorite if you could narrow it down! Do you or would you want an all white room?

1. Its only fitting I start out with a holiday-ish picture in winter white….Better Home Gardens

2. Love this fabulous room awash in creamy white, Jan Showers

3. Fabulously elegant in subtle tones of creams and winter white, Eclectic Revisited

4. Love the vibe/feeling in this cozy and super elegant living room, AD

5. This elegant entry gets a subtle dose of color from the antique tapestry

6. The rich woods on the ceiling give this fabulous living room an elegantly rustic appeal

7. Creamy whites always work in a great kitchen space like this one, Phoebe Howard.

8. Mixed in with pale greys and winter white, this is a beautiful oasis! Traditional Home

9. Even in the simplest rooms, winter white can be be startlingly beautiful, Belclaire House

10. How about this stunner of a bedroom? Pieces’ Lee Kleinhelter

11. Whats prettier than a creamy white butlers pantry? Gorgeous!

12. This room awash in regal winter white gets the color from the fabulous antique textiles on the pillows, Timothy Corrigan

13. Love this winter white living room, and how the only contrast is the metal paned windows, Summeour

14. Love the subtle touches of gold leaf that Palm Designs used in this otherwise winter white room

15. This cheery and bright living room done predominately in winter white gets subtle touches of color in the rug and tapestry

16. Whats dreamier than a winter white canopy bed? NOTHING! Phoebe Howard

17. I love the look of this tailored but sophisticated room with pops of black

18. Never met a winter white bathroom I didn’t love, Ashley Whittaker

19. This eclectic space done in a monochromatic winter white is fabulous, HB

20. Love this winter white bedroom, with the only subtle color coming from the blue drapes, Jan Showers

21. Even in smaller spaces, winter white is spectacular!!

22. Sarah Richardson strikes gold with this beautiful ivory room with touches of gold!

23. Creamy white in a kitchen and seating is perfection! DeCesare

24. Winter white looks so rich in a room with a rich chocolate brown wall, Beth Webb

25. In this beautiful winter white room, the addition of two beautiful sapphire blue chairs adds a perfect dose of color, Palm Design Group

26.Winter white in a bath? I will take two! M Elle

27. This fabulous room decked out in winter white gets a thumbs up from me!

28. Few know how to rock winter white as well as legend Barbara Barry!

29.How about a winter white bedroom? Something so ethereal about it.

30.Betty Burgess created a warm and inviting living room using all creamy white upholstery

So there you have it….white in all its many beautiful and majestic shades. Would love to know if you have a personal favorite, I would be hard pressed to pick just one but could probably narrow it down to three or four. How do you like to use winter white, in small doses or as an all over palette? Would love to know! Wishing you all a wonderful day and hope you are feeling great Luciane..thanks so much for having me!

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38 Comments to 'Guest Post: Tina from The Enchanted Home'

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  1. I love these images – so inspiring!
    The kitchens and bathrooms (that metal bath is amazing) ar by far my favorit. Something to calm and soothing about a white kitchen, it seems to slow the hustle and bustle down.

  2. I like the entry hall best~what a statement!! Second choice is that steel tub surrounded by the white draperies…yum.

  3. Karen T. said,

    Timothy Corrigan’s room (#12) is by far my absolute favorite space! Betty Burgess’ room (#30) is also quite nice. Great post, Tina.

  4. chic coles said,

    We are crazy about the winter white kitchens.Great post.

  5. Hello, my darling friend. You are so lucky to have our friend Tina with you today!
    Wow, these rooms certainly put me in the white Christmas mood! Loving everything I see here. You know I love Timothy Corrigan and I adore the ceiling and the room in 6.
    Fabulous post Tina, and Luciane – I am so happy for you and your family! Hurry back.

  6. OMG the #16 Phoebe Hoard bedroom is a dream! Every winter, I get temped to paint my whole house winter white, and these photos show why! Great post!

  7. kathysue said,

    I love love to look at an all white room and I love to use lots of white, but I have to throw in a bit of color. The family room with the blue plaid rug and touches of black really spoke to me!! No surprise there!! Nice to see you here to day Tina and Lucianne so glad you are taking time to enjoy sweet little Matthew,

  8. I love your winter white rooms Tina and that room with the deep blue from the Palm Group added is fabulous. I hope you and Matthew and your whole family are doing well Luciane!

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Shelly Gregory said,

    Congratulations on the new baby Lucianne! And, congratulations to you too Tina, for being her honored first guest post! I LOVE WHITE, ANY SEASON! Love the pics of white!!!!

  10. Nicole said,

    Oh, I’m swooning over here!! These are just fabulous and right up my alley! I promptly saved the bathroom pic for my inspiration file. And I love the Sarah Richardson living room. All that creamy goodness is so serene, I find things don’t compete. Well done, Tina!

    Luciane, congrats on your new little bundle. I’m now a new follower. And if Tina does get in her car to come visit, be sure to include me!

  11. Donna in Potomac said,

    You’ve opened my eyes, and I’m totally re-thinking white. I’d be happy in living room #13….BUT, #16 is my choice. Slipping into that perfectly winter white bed would be like falling asleep on a cloud, and if it were really snowing outside, well that would be like bringing the outdoors in.

  12. Barbara@HausDesign said,

    I love how you showed how beautiful it can be in so many parts of the home! I really love this look – accents can be added on a whim if/when desired but the base is so soothing and sophisticated! Beautiful post Tina and all the best to you Luciane! 🙂

  13. Kim from 3 peanuts said,

    It is my first time here. First, congratulations on your new baby. There is nothing more exciting:) Secondly, I adore Tina too and these winter white rooms are to die for. Sigh…love them.

  14. Jane in Stratford, Ontario said,

    Luciane, Congrats on the new baby!!!

    Tina, the winter whites are wonderful!! – love them, especially with a little hit of colours as accents- also with great light from windows and doors – also with moulding (can you do a post on mouldings? – just love mouldings) – that being said my favourites are #12, then #3 and of course being so close to Christmas #1.

    Oh, Tina, Canada is not so far away 🙂

  15. Jennifer said,

    Fabulous post as always Tina! All of the images are breathtaking! Love the soft, dreamy and sophisticated feel of an all white room- it is my absolute favorite!!!

  16. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    my fav is def that tiny white paris apartment, tina. omg that image never fails to take my breath away and make me long for such a space. man, i could have that place sparkling clean every day, all day, and have time left over!

    everything about white (summer, winter, whatev) is delightful, and you have proven it here.



  17. The Buzz Blog said,

    Wonderful winter whites… too bad I share my home with teenage boys and active dogs! Something about the winter light that glows in these lovely images. Best to you and your family, Luciane, this holiday season and into 2012!

  18. Karena said,

    First of Lucianne Congratulations to you and your family I am so thrilled for you!! When you need a baby break….

    Please Come and enter in My 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways. There are so many exciting & special Gifts! Tis the Season!

    Tina this is a wonderful array of luscious, creamy designed rooms. I love them all. The very 1st image with that beautiful fireplace screen captured me immediately!

    Art by Karena

  19. Dawn said,

    Absolutely ADORE these rooms. Seriously, just makes me want to grab a paint brush and paint all my rooms a creamy white and slipcover everything.

  20. Sheila Zeller said,

    These rooms are just stunning! At first I was trying to pick may favorites to comment on, and by the end I just gave up because they are all so beautiful! If I had to commit to just a few, I think #9, 12, 13, and 22 would be my picks. Thank you so much for this post, Tina! And thank you, Luciane for sharing Tina with us on your blog!!!

    xo Sheila

  21. Splendid Willow said,

    2 of my favorite girls!!!!

    And white – so perfect for a Swedish soul (Swedes need lots of white and light to survive the long winter).

    I am with Tina, I have never met a white bathroom I did not love.

    Lovely images as always! 5 stars!

    Love to you both


  22. The enchanted home said,

    Thanks Luciane for putting together such a wonderful post and to everyone for stopping by. It was a fun post to put together! So happy everyone enjoyed it, and Luciane give that little cherub a big hug and kiss from all his adoring fans in blogland! XO

  23. SizzleandZoom said,

    I could live happily in all the rooms above that have a chandalier but my favorite room is the first photo of the golden Christmas tree and the beautiful fireplace screen. Thank-you Tina, you did a lovely job for Luciane. Have a blessed Christmas. Lucinane, many
    more blessings to you and your family.

  24. Mel @ Georgica Pond said,

    Gorgeous selection of inspiration as ever Tina, and although there are lots of favourites here, I have to pick the Christmas tree in the lounge room of image one, just because I need little Christmas!

  25. Desiree {CHIC COASTAL LIVING} said,

    Love this post! White rooms are usually on the top of my list and no better season than Christmas! Beautiful post!

  26. Keri Doolittle said,

    Love it, especially with French furniture and gilded accents! And I’m so happy to find this blog. Congratulations on your new little one!


  27. Renae Moore said,

    Tina has done it again with her inspiring images. Honestly, I don’t know how she fits all into her day that she does. Most excellent.

  28. Stacey said,

    stunning interiors and of course i thoroughly enjoyed this post by Tina!

  29. fay said,

    Hi Luciane and Tina
    great post The winter whites are really lovely Ill take
    12 16 26 and 29 please ! The Corrigan room is elegant and full of exquisite textiles I could relax in there very nicely . Enjoy matthew and thankyou Tina
    fay da Firenze xxx

  30. Pearl said,

    Number 4 for me!

  31. classic • casual • home said,

    I am a big fan of all shades of white. You are two of the hardest working women in blogland…what a team!!!
    Luciane: how do you feel about all this white with three kids now? 🙂 I hope you are resting and taking care of yourself.

  32. Meredith said,

    Hi- what a wonderful post. Seeing all this wonderful winter white is such a nice change after seeing so much color. I love winter white but with 2 dogs, 1 cat and 3 messy little kids would not dare have a room like that (but I can can dream)! My favorite is #4 that is such a beautiful room! It is also very cozy. Congratulations on your baby how sweet and Tina great job here.

  33. Dovecote Decor said,

    I’m a big color girl, but you almost have me converted. Great guest post and happy baby, again.

  34. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    What a fantastic post by Tina! – of course I love it all – how can you go wrong with WHITE?!! I love that bathroom and the brown wall with the white the best. xo

  35. Marianne {Style For Living} said,

    How on earth did I miss this? Stunning!

  36. Jan said,

    Thank you Tina, what a wonderful post! I love all 30 rooms…what can I say, I’m mad for white. Something about #17- must be the contrast. (Would appreciate the source of that if possible. )
    Lucianne- best wishes to you and the family- hope you are all enjoying those baby toes!

  37. Whitney Heavey said,

    Gorgeous rooms! I’m a painter and would love to know who the artist is in #9.

  38. Debbie said,

    I would like to know about 4 post bed curtain and valence to purchase

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