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Do you remember your mother saying to not judge a book by its cover? I remember mine saying that and the more I live, the more I understand it. Actually, that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this place!

How often we see a place and we think we would never like it? Well, this might be one of those places we would drive by and not pay any attention to it, but for some, maybe its charm would make you look at it and just imagine how the interiors are. No more guessing. I’ll show you how impressive this 16th century Tudor house located in Exeter, UK is! The house actually is one of the oldest in the city and it has been totally restored by the owners. Good news? It’s on the market now for £775,000.

Some of my favorite things about this house are the cobbled entrance hall, oak beams and flagstone floor.

Old Charmer

This place looks like a movie set!

By the Door

Take a good look at that door! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Beautiful Window

This is the kind of living room where you simply don’t need much. The architectural details of the space are there to impress, so keep the rest simple.


A cozy place to sit by the dining room. Lovely floral pillow.


Light and sweet.

Master Bedroom

This master is unforgettable. Imagine waking up to see this space every day. Dreamy and very romantic!

Guest Bedroom

Yet another room with the gorgeous oak beams.

Would you like to live in a charming and historic place like this? I think everything is special in this place… the beams, the walls, the floors. everything tells you a story.

Let me know your thoughts on this place, ok?

How are you guys doing today? It’s so cold here and we’re expecting a snow storm! Do you know what this means? I can’t really go into labor today! I mean, I could, but driving to the hospital would be an adventure in itself! I’m trying to relax today, I just prepare posts, take care of the kids, house and try to take it easy. I’m going to bed so early lately which I think is the right thing at this point. But even though I still have some contractions, I must say I’m very calm, more than I thought I would. I know that God already has planned the right moment for my son to come to this world and I know that he’s okay and safe inside of my womb. So, instead of complaining about contractions, false alarms and such, I much prefer enjoying these last moments/days I can feel my baby in my belly. I remember missing this feeling before when I thought I wouldn’t have more kids. They do grow up fast, these kicks and little movements are soon gone and we miss all of this. I’m not going to miss the discomfort that I feel many times, but I know they will be gone from my memory soon and only the beauty of having my baby will remain.

Wishing you all a very nice day!


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14 Comments to 'Impressive 16th Century Tudor House'

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  1. designchic said,

    What a gorgeous place…love the beautiful wood and the floors in the entrance are amazing!! Kristy’s baby was 8 days late and after the first few days of worrying and fretting that he wasn’t here, she decided he would come when he was ready, and indeed he did!! Thinking of you and loving your beautiful, as always, attitude…

  2. Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said,

    Beautiful Luciane! I love the lightness of the beams…I am thinking of you every day as you move closer to the birth of your baby…it is such a blessed and wonderful time and I know you will get through it beautifully.
    God Bless your Thanksgiving and you and your baby and your family…

  3. The enchanted home said,

    A snow storm? I hope you don’t get it!! I cannot wait to hear the great news about you having the baby. Best of luck and maybe he will be a Thanksgiving baby!!
    This house is AMAMZING I was sooo shocked to see how gorgeous it was inside, totally dreamy, I could happily be there all winter long and never leave…lol.

  4. Teresa @ Splendid Sass said,

    Such a cozy home, Luciane!
    Take care of yourself. We don’t want a snow baby, haha!
    Keep us posted.

  5. carole said,

    cet endroit est romantique à souhait; j’adore votre blog! les photos me font rêver…J’aime les choses ou les endroits qui ont une histoire,un passé; c’est sublime!!!Je suis française et les traditions me tiennent particulièrement à coeur!!! bravo pour ces doux moments de rêve..douce soirée. Carole

  6. Merci, Carole!!!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  7. Acquired Objects said,

    While a fabulous home I can’t believe you’re still blogging Luciane. We’re getting snow here in New Hampshire as I type but at least it’s light. Take care of yourself and rest!


  8. Taylor Greenwalt said,

    My Mother also taught us to not judge things by the cover and this house is a jewel. You would never know it by the outside.
    I am glade you are taking it easy. I also loved feeling those tiny movements when I was pregnant.. It is incredible and you will never have that feeling again. As hard as it is in those last days, but enjoy this time.

  9. Taylor Greenwalt said,

    I just realized i spelled glad with a e at the end. Dah!

  10. Greet said,

    Just a fabulous home! That entry hall and cobbled floor!!! Oh my dear!

  11. fay said,

    Buongiorno Lucieane Hope that you are ok thinking about you especillly in thes next few days ! LOVE the house ,bedroom and dining room what a pity that its on a road lets hope its a quiet one but I could sleep in there very well I think Happy Pumpkin pie Love Fay xx

  12. kathy said,

    This home looks like it could be hansel and gretals…thinking of you and sending best wishes my friend

  13. Victoria Athens said,

    A lovely home, Luciane. Relaxing right now is a good idea while you can. You have a wonderful attitude and any day now you will be holding your beautiful new baby boy. Be well.

  14. Manderley said,

    A house sooo cute and romantic, I like it.
    I hope you a good and happy weekend my sweet friend!


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