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Actress Kirstie Alley is selling her beautiful cottage in Isleboro, ME for an asking price of $2,350,000. The house was built in 1993, the same year Kirstie bought it for 1,150,000. The 3,371 square feet, 5 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home is decorated in a very girly way and it feels even more special and enchanting for that reason. I particularly think this is a perfect place to live or vacation if you love to enjoy the ocean and still have some privacy with its 16 acres of land. Who else lives by? John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston own a beautiful property on this island, which can only be accessed by ferry, private boat or plane.

According to published reports, Alley worked for an interior design firm in her hometown of Wichita, Kan., before her Hollywood career took off and there’s rumors that the actress decorated the cottage herself.

Take a look and tell me if you like this cottage.


Home & Land

So much space to enjoy the warm days in beautiful Maine.

Cottage Sweet Cottage

The property has lush gardens.

Front Door


Living Room

Sweet and dramatic at the same time.

Old Charmer

This cottage was built in 1993 but has an old-charm feel.

Family Room

The pink and soft greens add a feminine touch to the family room.


The room has beautiful architectural details.

Reading Room

Totally cozy and perfect for your favorite novel.


The kitchen is so adorable! Sure, it’s not for everyone because it’s very girly, but if you dream with a sweet cottage, this one is perfect!


I love the round table and the chairs in the middle of the kitchen.


I’d like to change that black sink. It’s too much for this kitchen.



Flowers & Plants

The place to make your flower arrangements.

Master Bedroom

This is a bit too much for me but I think it’s adorable for a cottage.

Master Bathroom

I love the chandeliers in this house, including the one in this bathroom.

Guest Bedroom

This room is dreamy!


The bedding are also really pretty.

Covered Patio

Cozy and great with that fireplace.




Enjoy the views!


So relaxing…

Source: Legacy Properties.

Judging by what you know about Kirstie Alley, did you ever imagine her having a super girlie place like this one? I think she would be a fun person to talk to and I’d love to know what inspired her to decorate this cottage.

Are you guys enjoying September yet? Life is definitely busier now. We’re getting ready for my baby’s arrival in November and I’ll have my second ultrasound tomorrow. I’m very excited about it!

I hope you guys have a fantastic day! Thank you for stopping by!


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29 Comments to 'Kirstie Alley’s House For Sale'

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  1. The cottage is very cute and looks very East coast to me. What a luxury to have a room dedicated to preparing flowers.

    Greetings from Paris!

  2. Very charming, not my taste as its a bit frou frou and frilly and shabby chic but I think its well done for that style and the setting is beautiful…love all the outdoor spaces!

  3. It’s also a bit too frou frou for me but that location looks incredible!

  4. Cheryl said,

    I love the building and the location but I would have to un-sweeten it a lot! The bones are good though, so much potential.
    Hope all is well with you Lucianne!

  5. I love everything about the exterior, but the interior is too ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ for me. It’s definitely sweet, and pretty, and girlie with a lot of charm, but it’s these very things that take away from the great elements of this cottage. I’d like to see some of it stripped away, and I’d be up for the challenge 😉 , because overall I think this cottage has what it takes!
    Happy Tuesday Luciane!
    xo Sheila

  6. very shabby chic. my favorites are the outdoor areas and the location!

    thanks for the kind words and support. i am always happiest when i’m creating, and the stenciling projects were easy peasy and FUN.


  7. It’s awesome, Luciana and if I had the money I would buy it in a second. The chandys in almost every room are divine, vaulted ceilings, feminine touches, gardens and views….heavenly :O)

  8. It’s very sweet and charming. The chandeliers are different and funky. Nice to see different unique spaces.

  9. Querida, mas que coisa mais linda, Lu!!!
    obrigada pela visitinha! Estou saindo agora e só volto…nem sei a que horas volto rsrsrs

  10. Nichole@40daysof said,

    I love the outside. I think the inside is too girly and pastel for me. I’m surprised she is selling since her good friends have a home there as well.

  11. Meta Musings said,

    The gardens are just lovely!

  12. Timothy said,

    It’s not my taste, but I still love it – if nothing else, for Alley’s commitment to her vision! She obviously knew what she wanted and went all out. She seems to have that sort of personality.

    Thanks for the inspirational post yesterday! It’s a hybrid beat-poem & blog – loved it.

  13. Modern Country Style said,

    Hey honeypops,

    I find this house hard to look at because her taste is so strong. It shouts at me from every picture. Is that just me being weird? {Don’t answer that!!}

    By the way, I’m loving your new profile pic, you gorgeous girl!


  14. Conspicuous Style Interior Design Blog said,

    Hi love, I’m so sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately. First, poison ivy on my hands. Then back to school and football practice every night. NOW bronchitis. I’m hoping to be back up to speed soon. I miss having time and feeling well enough to read your posts and comment on them! Hope you are well,

  15. Mercedes said,

    Incredibly location!!! Too girly,no boys or men live there? The outside is amazing.
    Good luck tomorrow and congratulations!!
    Greetings from Buenos Aires

  16. Taylor Greenwalt said,

    I think it is charming. I appreciate her creativity and use of color. I like the fact it is not trendy, but describes the homeowner.

  17. Gloria said,

    Now this type of decorating is right up my alley!!! (Get it… “alley???” Sorry, I’m so lame! LOL!) I DO love this type of decorating, but even for me, it’s a little over the top. I think there’s TOO much girly ‘enchantedness’ in each room. Although if Kirstie would like to give me the house, I’ll take it.
    Good luck with your ultrasound!
    Gloria xxoo

  18. Ann said,

    Love it ♥

    Very girly, sweet and homey.

    I think this is where her doll collections are and that a wonderful doll house is here too.

  19. Kathy said,

    I am so happy for you to see your little Matthew Man again…take care sweetie I will be in D.C. with my littles tomorrow, I can’t wait!

  20. design elements said,

    although I’m a minimalistic girl I love to visit you, Luciane. Love cottages. Hope you are doing well. How many weeks are remaining? My kids have a new bike 🙂 Biggest hugs to you, dear friend

  21. Victoria Athens said,

    The cottage and setting are lovely for the right buyer — one who owns a boat or a plane. As for the interiors, I am sorry to say I would have to change everything, and I mean everything …well maybe with the exception of the lovely old porcelain sink in the bathroom. I agree with Sarah that the decor shouts at you. Good luck, Luciane with the sonogram.

  22. Manderley said,

    It’s nice but too much fabrics and flowers on the wall and chairs.


  23. Amy Belcher said,

    If you picture it with out the furniture (which I LOVE) it’s not too frou frou. The place is AMAZING and a treasure. Anyone would be lucky to own such an amazing home. I just wish I could afford it. I’d buy it and love it exactly the way it is.

  24. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Came to see the cottage of the week. Love cottages, as you know.
    Well, cottage + Maine = dream!
    I would change some decor here and there, but overall this home is adorable. The kitchen is great!!

  25. Alicia Brown said,

    This home is beautiful. Pink is my favorite color and I have a pink room in my house. I would just love to have an entire house that is pink and girlie. I just love it. If I were blessed to have money to afford a beautiful new house, this would be the one.

  26. Calico Child said,

    oh not long now until the baby is due, how exciting, I love this home but I would change all the furniture & colours I am not a flowery frilly kind of girl it is sweet but not my style would love to furnish it though!!

  27. kkathy said,

    I LOVE this house, inside & out. If I won the lottery this would be my first purchase.

  28. Dorothy said,

    Absolutely gorgeous, how could she bear to sell it? I couldn’t!

  29. Christina said,

    Too many colors and too many patterns.. In Denmark we would call it “style confused” i would have to clean up the clutter before i could live there

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