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How often do we see houses from the outside and try to imagine how it looks inside? We wonder if the interiors are as good as the exterior. That’s why I love finding beautiful houses for sale, so we can take the tour and seize our curiosity, right? Take for example this house; if you just looked at it, not knowing its location, how much would you think it would cost? Go ahead… look at the first picture. Pretend you’re driving and see a sign saying it’s for sale. How much would you guess? Well, would your jaw drop if I said $5 mil? What about about $27 million? You read it right. This house does cost $27 million dollars! Now, go back to the first picture again. It’s quite hard to believe, right?

If you know anything about real estate, you know that location is everything, or at least, it should be. This recently construct beach house is located in the exclusive gated Malibu Colony, where there’s more celebrities living than any other place. The house itself has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 6,000 Sq Ft. with views of the Pacific and beautiful mountains. It was designed by Richard Landry, one of the top 100 architects and designers in the world as listed by Architectural Digest, and I have to say that he has done a tremendous job here.

Take the tour and let me know if you’d spend $27 mil for this home.

Sweet Home

It’s beautiful and it feels just like a “sweet” family home, with its grassy front yard and colorful flowers, and maybe that’s exactly what they wanted to achieve here. Privacy is quite rare here and you can easily notice the neighbors on both sides. I’m sorry to say, but doesn’t it look too “average” for the price tag of $27 mil?


Inviting and cute.

The Main

It gets more “grown-up” inside. Bars are great for entertaining, but a turn-off for me when added in the main level. Bars are better in a entertaining area in the basement or outdoors, especially if you live in California. I’d use the bar space for a larger dining room or sitting area.


The living room is simply perfect! I love the comfortable yet elegant furniture, and you simply can’t miss the ocean views.

Dining Room

The dining area is inviting and I like the fact you can still see and hear the ocean, but I find it to be too small.


The colors here remind me of the sand and sunsets.


They played safe with this kitchen, choosing beautiful, classic elements and adding some freshness with the colorful China.


I really like the light fixture/pot rack.


Elegant barstools in leather. I love them!

The Show

We all know the best feature of this kitchen is that amazing view!

Oh, La La!

This makes up for the dining room, in fact this is where I’d have my dinner parties. I simply love everything here, including the chandelier and chairs. Talking about chairs, I just suggested these chairs to a client the other day. Love them too!

Master Bedroom

I really love the architecture of this room and that ocean is just something incredible, but I do not like the wall color. It’s warm, but too “peachy” and I find it’s to be “fighting with the blue of the ocean. I’d like a lighter color, to complement this view.


Can you imagine waking up to see and hear the waves?


The office was neatly done.

Say “Yes”!

Now, this is what might convince you to pay $27 mil for this house!


This bathroom alone is amazing, add the views and you might end up with a dreamy bathroom.

By the Trees

This guest bedroom feel as you’re in a treehouse.


Simple and light.


You should keep everything neutral when selling a house. Besides, it’s harder to get tired of a space when it has neutral elements.


Notice they added glass tiles on the wall where the vanity and shower are. This drives your eyes to those places and gives you the feeling the whole bathroom is tiled.


This guest bedroom feels more grown-up. I like what they did with the art on each side of the window.


My favorite of the guest bathrooms, although they’re all very similar to each other. The aqua tiles remind me of the ocean.

Family Room

The family/media room has a great built-in. I love when we can hide all the videos, cds and other things that aren’t so pretty.

At Night

A better view of the room.

Above It All

The reason you may break the bank to live here.

All Views

You can BBQ while enjoying the views of the beach, mountains and pier.

Sunny Day

A great place to work on your tan.



The Beach

Wouldn’t it be great to have this beach as a backyard?


Imagine going for afternoon walks and feel the warm sand on your feet…


… and come back home to have a relaxing time with some friends here.

Living by the sea is the ultimate dream. I live only a block from the beach and I already consider myself lucky, but waking up every day with this kind of view and hearing the waves breaking at the shore would be almost magical. Interesting enough, people that live on the beach often say that they get so used to the noise and view that they end up not noticing them as much as they did at first. I think that’s quite interesting and actually, quite true. Don’t we all get used to everything that involves our daily routine?

Life as it is, should always be seen with new eyes, new forms, so we never take for granted where we live and who we share our lives with.

I hope you guys have a really great week ahead of you! And thank you all for your comments and emails. I read every single one of them because I really like hearing from you and knowing your opinion.

Enjoy your day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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14 Comments to 'Malibu Colony Beach House'

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  1. Acquired Objects said,

    The outside is very unassuming but once inside…. WOW, knock your socks off gorgeousness! I still wouldn’t have guessed $25 million but then again I think I skimmed over the Malibu thing. It’s a gorgeous home shame it will never be mine.

    I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

  2. Gloria said,

    House/Furnishings: $1 million. Beach/Views: $26 million. But it’s SO CLOSE to the other homes next door! I think I’d take my $27 million and find another house right on the beach somewhere else. 🙂

  3. Karen said,

    Hmmmm. That backyard feels similar to the one I grew up on the east coast without the proximity to the next door neighbour! 🙂 You commented on those chairs. I have been looking for the same and came across this Canadian website/retailer wholesaler…. http://www.artefac.com/ Looking at purchasing some dining and occasional chairs from them!

  4. designchic said,

    Wow, wow, wow…such an amazing home with great views. Love the way that the dining area opens to the gorgeous outdoors along with the master bedroom…beautiful home!

  5. Greet said,

    This is heavenly! And that bedroom! To die for! It looks as if the sea is coming in into the bedroom! Imagine!!

  6. Lana Waller said,

    I agree, most of the price tag is for the views. I also do not like the colour of the master bedroom walls. They do fight with the Ocean view, and for 27 Million I would not want to be so close to the neighbors. I would look for something else. Look at me talking like I actually have 27 million, I must be caught up in a day dream.

  7. eddielicious said,

    Honestly, i lived near there for many years, and i think the ocean views shown in some of the rooms are photshopped in. The water is never that blue and clear, especially if Santa Ana’s are blowing which is how the sky gets so clear in these pics. Anyone else thinking that? I Know theres a short stretch along PCH where the homes are right on the water in the colony, but given this location closer to the lagoon in Malibu and the amount of trees and grass this property has, I don’t think this home is one of them. So yes its on the water but not coming up to your deck like the one photo makes it look like. But if i had $27 mil this would be on my list. Except salt air and wind, oh the maintenance on those shingles!

  8. Hi there!

    You’ve made so many great points here! I hear you about the salt air… I have the same problem here at home! Everything gets rusty and I’m constantly changing things around the house. About pictures being photoshop-ed (?), I notice that at time on certain websites. I see that some realtors do that and I couldn’t disagree more. I can see magazines doing that, but realtors shouldn’t. I’m not saying these photos are photoshop-ed for sure, but I really think realtors shouldn’t be allowed to “faked” it. It creates a bigger expectation and a deception when you go see the place.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Loved reading it!

    Have a great week!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  9. Karen said,

    If I had a billion, I’d spend that amount! The what the rooms are photographed makes each room look like its setting on water’s edge. Very pretty from curb side to inside.

  10. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane

    Nossa, mas esta casa surpreende! quem olha a fachada da rua não imagina a riqueza do sei interior e sua vista magnifica. Além do barulho das ondas o cheiro do mar é uma maravilha… ela é simplesmente fantastica!
    Tenho um apê na praia dos ingleses em Florianopolis, mas fica 300 metros da praia, como seria bom se ele fosse bem pertinho, tipo só atravessar a rua, agora imagino ter um quintal assim, é realmente um sonho.
    Com bem menos dinheiro deveria achar uma agradável casa em Floripa, rs
    Amiga, andei quase de ferias, pouco tempo e poucas visitas, mas agora estou voltando. Saudades de vir aqui, bjoooooo

  11. Erin said,

    WOW, those views are incredible!!! I adore the outdoor areas…pretty sure I’d be out there constantly!

  12. Kristin said,

    Dear Luciane, I fell in love after the first interior photo. What a gorgeous house and place!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


  13. SizzleandZoom said,

    I’ve moved in(in my mind). Beautiful.

  14. Judy said,

    Looks like a strip of homes right on the water in Malibu where Ryan O’Neal, Marvin Hamlisch and the late Johnny Carson lived. The homes were very close together, private from one another with courtyard walls and lots of greenery planted around them and, yes, right on the water. All the homes had street level entrance from the front, but the rear had decks with steps taking you right onto the sand of the beach, the water very near by. I’ve visited Marvin Hamlisch’s Malibu home to know this. I agree the water, in all it’s beauty, didn’t look quite that blue… but it was blue and the beach was private, quiet and gorgeous. These photos are beautiful and inspiring. Yes, to wake up to the views every morning and live life with the ocean staring at you all day long would be amazing. To sip a glass of wine on the deck and watch the sunset. Ahh! I live in CA on the SF bay water and it’s grand; but, if I had $27M, I would be there right on the ocean! Thanks for sharing!!

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