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Mark Wahlberg is selling his Beverly Hills house and for a good reason. He and his wife are finishing building their 33,000 square foot dream home according to The Wall Street Journal. Mark had his house on the market about two years ago for $15.9 million, but it seems that the real estate market is not that strong even for the rich and famous and he decided to bring it down to $13.95 million. Honestly speaking, I don’t think that the difference in the asking price will hurt his bank account anyways.

This house seems to have his personality stamped everywhere, especially the outdoors. There’s a gym that can make any pro gym feel like a joke. It has 2,500 square feet and a boxing ring (that’s where he trained there for his starring role in The Fighter). With 1.75 acres of land, the house seems to offer good privacy and lots of room to have fun, including a fantastic swimming pool with grotto. There are also waterfalls, a putting green and a sports court.

The interiors are also huge. My personal opinion? I was expecting more. It’s a great house, don’t get me wrong, but some rooms lack personality and the master bathroom needs a good professional helper! The lighting fixtures are almost scary… at least for a bathroom!

Well, take a good look and tell me what your thoughts are.



Privacy and security is always essential to any celebrity but most of us can appreciate that too, right?

Living Room

The formal living room has a country comfy vibe.


Do you like the color scheme in this room?

Dining Room

I feel there’s something missing here, but if you think that “less is more”, this room should feel just right. I really like the chairs and their curves.


The kitchen feels a bit too cold, maybe too “industrial” because of that giant range hood. But I wouldn’t complain if I had this kitchen in my house.

Counter Space

This kitchen has great countertop space, but I’d add an island to make it feel cozier and even more practical.

Family Room

The family room seems to be a great place to relax and talk.

Media Room

I simply love this media room. It’s perfect! Very comfortable and spacious.

Master Bedroom

I like the sitting area, but I’m not crazy about this bedroom. It needs a better rug and some artwork. The curtains should be updated also, too much of the “same” blue.


The master bedroom is equipped not only with a TV but also with a projector!

Master Bathroom

Yes, I get the message! They love the “blue” in this house. But do we really need to use these light fixtures in a bathroom? Maybe (I said “maybe”!) above a kitchen island, but above the tub is way too much!


This is a great part of the house.


Really nice views!

Guest House

Mark’s office is located in the guest house.


This pool is fantastic!


This is the best part of this house.

Putting Green


Sports Court

This is where Mark comes to play. You can see the gym behind the court.

The Gym

Mark Walhberg is very serious about his workouts. Take a look at this gym and the boxing ring.


The view above the pool’s waterfall. Impressive!

Source: Business Insider, Chad Rogers.

What are you thoughts of Mark’s house? I really like the backyard. I think it’s the selling point of this property and if you love to work out, that gym is just amazing. Can’t wait to know your thoughts on this one!

Wishing you all a very blessed week!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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20 Comments to 'Mark Wahlberg’s New House For Sale'

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  1. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane

    Acho a casa fantástica, mas um decorador daria alguns toques pra que ficasse mais eclética, aí os ambientes seriam mais surpreendentes.
    vamos aguardar a nova casa deles!!! se achar mostre pra gente!

    bjuuuu amiga

  2. Modern Country Style said,

    I really have surprised myself by loving this house! Who’d have thought Mark Wahlberg would live here!!!

    I love all the cosy seating, and it somehow looks lived in, even though it’s super-tidy!!

    What a great find!


  3. Amanda Eck said,

    wow! that is some house! Love all the outdoor areas.

    Thanks for the sweet comment today on my dresser. Have a great day!

  4. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    i can totally imagine living here with marky mark.

    wait. wha?

    i’m in too silly of a mood to analyze and write anything halfway smart.

    have a wonderful week, lovely.


  5. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    Hi Luciane! Thank you so much for your very sweet comments today – you are such a lovely lady! I can’t believe that you are only ten weeks away – wow how time flies! I am enjoying this waiting time … relaxing, catching up with my blogging friends and spending the last days with my daughter before she becomes a mother!
    I agreed with all your comments on this house – it was just “so-so” for me. I was impressed that it was a comfortable living space and not over the top but it isn’t ‘my taste’.
    So great to hear from you today! xo Sherri

  6. Nichole@40daysof said,

    Wow! That gym is insane! I would think that decorating such a large house wold be a nightmare. And now they will have an even bigger house! At least he has a great reason – he has a lot of kids and comes from a large family.

  7. Hi Luciane!
    How has your day been going?
    I agree with everything you said about this home… for me it felt like there was something missing and the colours along with the decor had a tinge of that dated feeling… Something was needed to create flow throughout and really pull the home together. But I’d take the al fresco area and the views any day!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post 🙂
    xo Sheila

  8. Hi Sheila!

    I agree with you!

    Oh, I think you’ll LOVE tomorrow’s post! 😉


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  9. The Single Nester said,

    That house and that pool are stunning. So 33,000 square feet? He is going to need a railroad to get from one end to the other.

  10. classic • casual • home said,

    No we know why Mark looks so good…what a home gym!

  11. Splendid Market said,

    I concur, the view and the pool are superb. But the rest of the house….not my style. It looks like a case of a decorator left to to interpret …oh well, to each his own.

  12. Jacqueline said,

    Gorgeous pool and gym. WOW!
    Come join my giveaway for a hammered copper pot from Williams Sonoma.

  13. SizzleandZoom said,

    The exteriors are beautiful. Amazing. I’d love it. But it has this manly feel to the interior spaces.

  14. Greet said,

    Some rooms are beautiful, others are not my style! I would replace all the chimney pieces, they are too eclectic to me.
    But that garden and outdoor buildings are just superb!!

  15. Barbara@HausDesign said,

    Such odd interiors that don’t seem to match what I would expect of him…but I’d still be able to work with it if I could live there. 🙂

  16. The enchanted home said,

    I like Mark so I want to like this house and there are things I like about it, loove the media room what a cozy and comfy room! The outdoors is gorgous, my boys would be in heaven in that backyard. Some of the rooms feel a little tired/dated and I agree blue overload in the master bedroom and bath. This house actually surprised me belonging to him…I expected something else, don’t know why. Maybe something more modern and edgy to live up to his “bad boy

  17. Alexandra Brooks said,

    Hey there Little Mama! ~ I have to say I find MW’s house to be boring. It’s typical of people with “new money” and absolutely no taste. I feel you are either born with taste or have troubled yourself to aquire it. That being said. I did a Reading for Mark years ago. He is the sweetest guy ever. And he has the most beautiful auqa-blue eyes I have ever seen. Lovely chap… needs a designer.

  18. Calico Child said,

    Why would you want to sell that!!!! loving the Media room & pool :))

  19. Dawn Sanchez said,

    I get more of a feeling that the house was ‘staged’ and he is not even living there anymore. At this price range, it wouldn’t be unusual to have it staged this thoroughly but still giving off that ‘impersonal’ touch.

  20. Dennis said,

    Dawn, it is not “Staged” I have been there recently and the house has a nice feel to it.
    Wait for breaking news!!!

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