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Nicolas Cage is sadly having financial problems and this is not a secret anymore. We all heard of him trying to sell many of his mansions and some, including this one in Las Vegas, went to foreclosure. Many news outlets are saying that he’s in a very difficult situation and owing around $6.3 million in taxes “with no funds available to pay them.” Nicolas Cage blames his financial manager for this situation.

This beautiful mansion in Las Vegas was once owned by Nicolas Cage and it was on the market for $ 9.95 million then lowered it to $ 9.49 million and finally sold it as a foreclosure for $4.95 mil. Nicolas bought this Las Vegas house back in 2006 for $8.5 million.

Now the new owner had the brilliant idea (or so he thinks) to spend millions to renovate many things around the house like putting in new floors, electric shades/drapes and saunas. He’s definitely trying to make it more appealing to the future buyer, but he also is trying to make some money with it, of course! The house was first listed at $8.9 mil but just dropped to $7,910,000 and I wonder if this price will continue to come down.

The house itself is massive with 14,000-square-foot, 7 bedrooms, 8 & 1/2 bathrooms, marble floors, professional movie theatre, elevator, games room, a 2,000 square-foot master suite, 16+ car garage, infinity-edge pool, gorgeous views and it comes fully furnished.

Compare the “Before (when Nicolas Cage owned this Las Vegas House) and the After” pictures:


Beautiful curb-appeal.


Some changes in the landscaping.


Not staged, maybe a little bit “messy” but it shows that somebody actually lives here. But remember, buyers don’t want to “see” that you live there, they want to see them living there.


Minor changes, like painting the staircase, changing the decor. Do you want to know what have changed the most? The quality of the picture. You’ll attract more buyers (or viewers) if the picture is well taken.


Ok, it’s not bad, but it’s too much of the same color and that’s why I find it boring. The light fixtures are a little bit too “mars” for me.


You can still see the dining room and I don’t see much change besides the furniture. The lighting is still there!


Lovely views. Not a huge fan of carpet by the kitchen, I’d prefer hardwood, especially at this price!


A newer carpet looks better, but I’d prefer hardwood still. I like the low furniture, so you get a better view.


Huge couches. I know, this is an interior designer blog and I should say this is a huge “no-no, Mr. Cage”, but I look at it and even though I don’t like it, I see how comfortable it would be and how fun it would be to have the whole family there. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t too brown.


Of course this looks better and more spacious and I guess you can still have everybody there.


I like how open this house feels.


I don’t have the kitchen’s picture from “before” (besides the one you see with the grand piano) but by looking at it I don’t see many changes besides the appliances.


Oh, I so wish I had double washer & dryer too! I have way too much laundry! 🙂


This is Nicolas Cage’s bedroom. Do you like it or hate it? Wait, I’ll show you more:


Nicola’s cage bed. Who designed Nicholas Cage house? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? In this case I really hope so! 🙂


This is much better! No”puffy” walls!


This closet is huge! Having a washer/dryer there would be very handy but a little bit too noisy. Yes, I hear what you’re saying… use it just during the day. Good point!


A sauna would be fun!


It’s a beautiful bathroom, not very “now” but still beautiful. Do you think that red slippers on the left are Nicolas’s? 🙂


I love the design on the floor that they added. It looks much better and more interesting than before.


Gorgeous shower.

More of the “After” Pictures:

This is my favorite picture. I love it!

Guest Bedroom

The white chair and side table are my favorite things in this room.

Other Guest Bedroom

Good if you like beige and brown.


I love the art on the wall. This is a very nice bathroom.

The House

Fun spot to have some coffee, read a book or just chat.


This is amazing!


Las Vegas from your backyard!

Source: Luxe Estates Collection, Luxist.


What do you think of this house? What do you think of Nicolas Cage’s taste?

Leave a comment telling me your thoughts about Nicolas Cage’s house and his situation now. Do you think this house is worth this much?

Have a great weekend!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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28 Comments to 'Nicolas Cage’s Former House For Sale'

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  1. While it’s a lovely house, it’s way too much for my taste. Very over the top. But then, Vegas is over the top.

    Have a great weekend, Luciane!

  2. MELISSA lee said,



  3. Hey Melissa!

    Yeah, I get it! You didn’t like at all, eh? lol 🙂

    Nicolas Cage is known for having, well.. let’s say, a very “unique” taste when it comes to houses/decor. This is not my particular taste neither, so I can understand you! But isn’t it fun to see celebrity houses sometimes? I’m curious about that.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  4. Views are nice, but the house is a bit bland. Gaudy. Feels like a oversized hotel room, that hasn’t been updated since the early 90’s. I do love that pool, though.

  5. Maria Killam said,

    This was so fun to see, it’s so rare to see the inside of such a huge mansion! It’s like hotel. I don’t think I’d like the master to be that big if you can’t furnish it properly. No one needs serious living room furniture in a master bedroom but that’s what it would take so it would look ‘furnished’ Great post thanks!

  6. Michele said,

    everything is brown. i could get very depressed in such a place. but the sauna! i like the sauna!


    p.s. i’ve never been to Vegas.

  7. Jessica Tibbits said,

    OMG the beige, the brown, the orange lights. Yikes. I’m not a huge fan of every room being a different shape either. I don’t mind a bit of creativity but thats a bit ridiculous lol. When I’m on a roll, is the dining room like, right next to the front door???

  8. Jacqueline said,

    Maybe I am the odd man out here, but when you have multiple homes and now you have a Vegas one, this is a lot of fun. I could stay there for a fun week! I loved the ceiling detail and the niches and the new couches in the family room. This is a fantasy house and I could live the fantasy on vacation – no problem!

  9. Dovecote Decor said,

    It looks like a hotel. I suppose it is. It doesn’t look like anybody’s home, and I suppose it is just a grand landing pad. Surely, he has a home somewhere.

  10. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    I just scrolled through the images before reading your post and my thought was ‘Vegas’ … so I guess he hit the mark. Way to much for my minimal tastes 😉

  11. Tereza said,

    A casa é bastante extravagante, concordo com quem diz que mais parece um hotel.
    Acabamentos em materiais nobres, dimensões exageradas, mas sem passar aquela sensação de aconchego.
    A piscina é de tirar o fôlego.
    Pena, um ator fantástico passando por uma situação tão difícil, ter que vender os bens abaixo do que valem.


    OH Luciane WHAT can I say unfit for human habitation( fortunately your chums have said it first !! ) It looks like a super market to me and the landing down to a Mall ! with as much character as a out of date toolbox! at least the water in the pool was a FANTASTIC shade of blue !!! heeeeeeeeeeelp

    have a great weekend luiane lol Fay xxx

  13. Donnie said,

    I rather have the same taste in the fact I only live amid things I love. Maybe that’s his style too. I didn’t care for the poster bed -to King Henry for me. Lovely photos as always.

  14. Hey Cole!

    Thank you for that! You definitely can find better homes with a more “realistic” price in Vegas! I like the one you chose, it’s beautiful. But what they really try to do is sell it with a higher price “just” because it was owned by a celebrity and you’ll find people that you’d pay extra $$$ just for that fact. Honestly, NOT a smart move.

    You too have a good weekend, Cole! Thanks again!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  15. Slim Paley said,

    Yikes! I hate to be negative, but I would hang myself from one of the bannisters (if I could find one that had enough room between all the ornamentation) if I had to live in a house like this. It’s my every nightmare of home design (and scale) and affectation.

  16. Slim,

    I am LOL right now! Only you, girl.. only you… 🙂


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  17. Dr Alexandra Brooks said,

    Me no likey…good luck Nick!! Have a splendid day Luciane. xxx

  18. Al,

    So nice to see you here!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  19. Ida Morel said,

    Horrid,horrid unloved & all those hard surfaces!!!!!
    His house in Bath UK is also for sale or maybe sold now!!
    Enjoy your blog. Ida

  20. Sandra said,

    How many washers & dryers does 1 person need ?

  21. Petronella said,

    This house reminds me of the huge cruise-ships that sail between Finland and Sweden….

  22. Kristin said,

    Those look like the cheapest kitchen cabinets.

  23. Todd Burmeister said,

    How much more can a person do? Cover everything in gold or something but you still have to live there. White furniture in the movie room looks great and open but the old one looked fun. i might be too practical to critique such a place hahaha.

  24. Shawn (Property Sales) said,

    WOW! What a house! It was really really big and I was really amazed with its greet luxury design structure. This house is everybody’s dream house.

  25. brad seds said,

    nice house cowboy

  26. elaine akanbi said,

    please can you send me more info and floor plans

  27. Margaret kennedy said,

    Hate it….both versions! Looks like a casino! Just needs roulette tables to complete the awfulness….this does not feel like a home….just a status symbol. Ugh! shows having money does not equate to having good taste!..

  28. CINDY HUXTABLE said,

    Loved it the way Nicholas had it. He is one cool guy.

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