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I must admit, my heart started beating a bit faster the moment I saw this Scandinavian farmhouse. Do you know when you see a place and you really wish you could live there? I love Scandinavian homes but I never really saw one that I’d really want to move right into. I’ve seen many I’d love to spend some time at, but this one is such a keeper. I’d be jumping every time I entered this house. Yes, I’d look silly, but the happiness would speak louder than sense.

This is truly a magnificent residence, where every detail, every nook, has its unique design with a common theme of tastefulness expressed in stone, white-painted wood, brick and iron. The present owners have taken equal measures of love and skill, and mixed in plenty of delight and vigor to create a unique lifestyle home. The house comes with a huge bonus room that feels almost like a chic barn that’s actually connected to it.

Imagine yourself in this place and get your pinterest account ready. You’ll want to share this place with the world!



Farm Foyer

What else can be more charming than this foyer? The antique bench, the windows and the brick are just a few of the elements that make this space look timeless.

Living Room

Is your heart beating a little faster too? This is one of the most charming living room I’ve seen in quite some time. I love that fireplace! Imagine staying in this place on a cold winter day and feeling the warmth from the wood being burned.


Perfectly done.


The living room shares this beautiful ambiance with the dining room.

Dining Room

Gorgeously white and serene. I adore the chandelier. Color is added with the beautiful rug.


Imagine having a dinner party at this place.


The ceilings of this place are incredibly beautiful and simple at the same time.


This kitchen is very inspiring and so is the that rug.

To View

The family room sits to the side of the beautiful staircase.


Take a good look at this kitchen. The rug goes perfectly with the blue range, the brick and timber adds some warmth and yet everything is kept to a minimum. Very Scandinavian.


Interesting ironwork by the sink.


Lovely color for this range.


Stunningly done.

Lounge Area

This is the lounge area you find as you arrive upstairs.


So much space! Notice how high the ceilings are and the painted walls. The hallway leads you to the bedrooms.

Master Bedroom

I really like these doors.


Antiques bring some charm to this master bedroom.

Master Bathroom

This bathroom is dreamy! I can’t stop looking at the beauty of this place.

Vanity & Shower

This vanity is just the perfect fit for this bathroom.


So charming!

Guest Bedroom

I like the architectural details in this bedroom.

Lucky Little Girl

Sweet as cotton candy!


The stone floor of this bathroom are so beautiful.

To the Outdoors





This house is beautiful inside-out!


Take a look at this place!


See that turquoise door? See where it leads you…


That door leads you to this huge barn-like building. Take a look:

The Place

What would you do with all of this space? I think I’d have my office upstairs and downstairs would be perfect to have as many different living areas.


More space to fill with dreams.


Isn’t it an amazing place?

Take a Seat

Have you fallen in love?

I can’t wait to know what you think of this place! All I have to say is “I want it”! This house is extraordinary in style, elegance, simplicity and architecture. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did.

Did you had a good weekend? I ate during this weekend. I will be honest with you, I’m being very healthy during this pregnancy and even though I ate a lot of ice cream during the summer, I try to never skip my veggies and fruits, but I’m also not feeling guilty if I want to eat something extra, like a cupcake. Yum! So, during this weekend I has some fun with my deliberate eating cravings and I don’t feel like apologizing for that. Isn’t it great to eat something without any guilt? I’m enjoying life! 🙂 Besides, I had 5 people this week telling me I look so tiny. Guess what I did? I laughed! I’m mean, I know it’s just my belly, but I told them I feel huge! I roll to get in and out of the bed, my friends! And if anything falls on the floor I make a sad face. Do I really need to get it? Oh, what about putting my shoes on? Not fun! Yes, this is how we all feel when there’s only 8 weeks left to give birth. Have I mentioned I’m very anxious? 🙂

Wishing you a super, duper great week!


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Source: Skeppsholmen.

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  1. Josie said said,

    I am very impressed of the interiors.
    it looks so spacious and cozy….this is my dream house….

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