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Unless you live in a very warm place, you’re always waiting for the best season of the year: summer! Why is it the best time of the year? Simply because not only is the sun shinning outside but you also have more free time to enjoy it and to enjoy your family. It’s that great time of the year that most of us take some time off to be outdoors, to get some fresh air and to enjoy life in a much more relaxed way. Not to mention the food. I’m not sure about you, but I always think everything taste better and fresher during summer. All the fruits, the seafood, the vegetables… everything is freshly picked to be enjoyed. Yes, summers are so fun and there’s nothing better than being in a place where everything reminds you of a summer day. This place is just like that. You can feel how airy and light the rooms are. The colors are added with fun accessories and they’re easy to change. The walls are kept white and the outdoors are just as inviting as the indoors.

I hope you really like this one!


Living Room

Simple and delightful. This space is fairly small and the furniture is perfectly placed.

Pretty Pink

I love how feminine this space feels, but nothing too sweet.

Fresh Air

This room feels really comfortable and the French doors add so much charm to it.

Cute & Cozy

This is a very small house and I love how cozy it feels. Isn’t it a perfect place to spend your summers?

Almost There

I simply love this table! It’s so pretty, actually the whole kitchen is adorable, but to be really honest, I’m not a huge fan of the light fixture. What about you?


Perfect for a summer house.


I love the arches of the staircase. Isn’t it so unique and beautiful?


Very charming.

The Blues

My favorite color is blue and nothing looks more beautiful than blue accessories in a simple and white bedroom. That always reminds me of summer.


I adore how clean and simply, yet charming this bathroom feels. We always love big bathrooms, but small ones are also so beautiful. This mirror and light fixture are great!

Summer Shade

Find a place to relax by the sun…

A summer house is just fantastic. You can pack your things and spend great days just enjoying the season. Even if you don’t have a summer house to go to during this summer, remember that nothing is better than transforming our own loved house into the place we want to spend the best days and seasons of our lives. I hope this place has inspired you and maybe could give you some ideas of how to bring some color into your home.

Have a fun day, talk to someone you’ve being missing and eat something that makes you feel good. 🙂


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Source: Mi casa.

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16 Comments to 'Summer House'

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    sweetpie glad all going well with you and that you re better now Love the Blue angle poise lamp too with white its very striking Having dinner with french friend ce soir you will be on my mind !! Lots of love fay x

  2. The enchanted home said,

    How wonderfully cozy and charming! That looks like the kind of place I would love to get away to for a long weekend, with a few good books and a few friends and just “chill”, love the soft sunlit rooms and all the light airy spaces. Beautiful!

  3. Tiffany @ Savor Home said,

    Lovely space. I wish I could take my mom there for a Mother’s Day weekend so we could just hang out, talk and play Scrabble.

    I’m seeing some lovely spaces in blogland today, too! (Saw your tweet:))

    Have a great day!

  4. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    don’t the words SUMMER HOUSE just send your blood pressure right down?

    this one’s dreamy and so casually chic. i can’t wait for summer to arrive and to make adjustments here that shout SUMMER. if i was a season, i would def be summer.

    hugs, mama.


  5. Design Elements said,

    glad to hear you are feeling good, Luciane! Lovely home and this time my fav location 🙂 Spain. Many hugs to you

  6. traci zeller designs said,

    What a cozy, lovely home! I just want to curl up with a magazine and nod off into a delightful nap!!! Love it!

  7. SizzleandZOom said,

    Hope this finds you feeling well. This home is perfect summer, winter, fall or spring. Just the right size for
    a small family.

  8. Sheila Zeller said,

    I’m seeing lots of accenting with pink! Fresh, fun, cheerful… and great use of Pantone’s colour of the year 🙂 Really nice.

  9. Jacqueline said,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so exciting. Do you have other children? I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling yucky. I can’t believe I ever had more than one with how sick I would get, but in the end it is all worth it.

    Loved the summer house. I love the touches of pink, but I agree that kitchen light is distracting. So pretty.

  10. Rachel said,

    Oh, I like it! I agree with you – EVERYTHING tastes so much fresher in the summer. I start to crave fruits, which never happens any other time of year! 🙂

  11. Gloria said,

    Yes, I REALLY like this one! Normally, I don’t go for a kind-of ‘modernish’ house like this, believe it or not. I go more for the cottage-y, chinzy feel… But THIS house! I just feel like I can walk in and I would be SO comfortable. I don’t know what it is. The color accents are nice, and I guess there is a little bit of a cottage-y feel, in addition to the ‘modern’ look of it. Thanks for sharing, I loved it!

  12. Achados de Decoração said,

    Lu, querida, eu já lhe disse que o nome do meu irmã é Luciano? Olha que legal!!

    Agora, eu preciso lhe dizer outra coisa: já postei esta casinha no achados porque eu simplesmente AMEI, AMEI, AMEI, AMEI tudo dentro dela. Para não restar dúvidas, vou dizer mais uma vez AMEEEEEEEEEEI esta casa hehehe Eu amo cor de rosa, Lu!

  13. Marianne {Style For Living} said,

    Charming and cozy! Can’t wait for summer to get here!

  14. Greet said,

    Hi Luciane,
    This is a cute summerhouse!! Love that beautiful staircase!! And the bedroom with the lovely bedlinen!
    Luciane, sorry for not visiting your blog since a few days! I am so busy an do not have time to read blogs!!
    Big hug,

  15. designchic said,

    Can hardly wait for summer vacation and warm cozy beach houses!! Love the pops of pink in the first images – so hope you are feeling better and having a good week!

  16. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said,

    This is a perfect summer home! I would love to be there right now.

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