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Foundation Repair. Things to Do After Foundation Repair. John Kraemer & Sons.


The job of a homeowner is never done. Getting routine repairs on various parts of a home is normal, but still stressful for a newcomer to the world of home ownership. The mark of a great homeowner is knowing when to call in professionals for help. Among the most serious repairs that will require help from a professional is an issue with the foundation. Once the repairs are finished, there are a number of things that the homeowner will need to remember in order to make the foundation repairs last. The following are some of the things that a homeowner needs to do following a foundation repair.

Avoid Cosmetic Work for Around Six Weeks

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The first thing that the homeowner will need to make sure of after having foundation repair is that they avoid cosmetic work to the home for around six weeks. The foundation will need time to settle back in once it has been repaired and jerking and jarring the materials around it can prohibit this problem from happening. By avoiding these repairs for the allotted amount of time, a homeowner will be able to get the last repairs they are after.


Have Gutters Installed

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One of the best things a homeowner can do in regards to keeping their foundation healthy is installing gutters. The gutters will allow for the moisture from precipitation to be carried away from the home and its foundation. The more moisture that is allowed to rest around the foundation, the more issues the homeowner will ultimately have to deal with. The price that is paid for the gutters will be worth it due to the protection that it can offer a home and its foundation. Be sure to do some thorough research to find the right company for this job in your area.


Keep an Eye on the Home’s Plumbing

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Another very common cause of damage to a recently repaired foundation is plumbing leaks. If the home has experienced these types of leaks before, then it will be wise for the homeowner to get the system inspected following foundation repairs. The plumbers will be able to inspect every inch of plumbing in the home and find any leaks that may be present. Paying plumbers for this type of work will actually allow a homeowner to save money in the long run.


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Choosing a foundation repair company that uses quality materials, like those found at smr supplies, will more than pay off in the end. Getting professional repairs to a home’s foundation is the only way to ensure they are done the right way.


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